Friday, December 30, 2005

podcast95 - The One Year Anniversary Show

MP3 Download here.

It has been a year since my first podcast, can you believe it?

This show explores some of the events from last year, I was exhausted just listening to it all! What a fun, packed year it was.

Many thanks for the email and audio contributions. I'd like to thank the following for audio clips / ripped audio:

Adam Curry - DSC Podcast
Brad Penderghast (whole Lot of Nonsense Podcast)
Geoff (Stupod - podcast listener)
Richard Vobes - The Richard Vobes Radio Show
Up All Night (BBC Radio 5)
Paul Hopkins -
Grant - Three from Leith Podcast
Rowley Cutler - podcast
Skinny White Boy - Skinny White Boy Kast Pod
Rob Costlow
Pippa Rogers
Tom - Tom's

Music from:

Dynamo's Rhythm Aces
Hollow Horse
3 Blind Mice

Stacks of other bits and pieces, you'll just have to check the show out!

Thank you to everyone who listened over te last year,it really has been worthwhile doing this. Happy New Year everyone.



Tuesday, December 27, 2005

podcast94 - podcastpaul...even though I do refer to the show as podcast 93... the groove show...

The mp3 file can be downloaded here.

I am such a dummy sometimes, I really should learn. This is podcast94 - not 93, so, why the heck do I call it 93?!

Hopefully, just hopefully, the show will run smoothly and you'll even get the feed on time. Yeah rrright...

Well, I am almost one year old in Podcast terms, so, please feel free to mail or audio me - you can use this link here

Some music from PMN

Up 4 The Downstroke
Hungry Lucy

Monday, December 26, 2005

Arrghh feed problems yet again!

Sorry about this - feed probs yet again. This feed did not make it into Itunes, so I am trying to push this back though. Apologies if you had this previously.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Wonderful Christmas to you all.

As I get older and enjoy each successive Christmas I seem to get more of an idea of what Christmas is ... and Christmas isn't.

I'm reminded of the story when an angry shopper on Christmas eve had to push past a Salvation Army band playing Christmas Carols, attempting to raise money for the local Children's Hospital. Angrily the shopper remarked to her friend "Can you believe it, they're even trying to bring religion into Christmas now..."

I bought Mike a jacket yesterday, it made me smile to see so many different creeds, colours and persuasions of every imaginable type in Birmingham City Centre. In a hundred yards, I'd probably been within a few feet from folks from every continent. Christmas Carols merged into a Krishna Chorus of devotees, smells of candy floss merged with hot dogs and folks rushed around doing last minute Christmas shopping.

What a shame that Christmas is so far removed from the humble manger - over-priced toys, clothes and food-stuff replace the true meaning of Christmas; the Celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Religion should take a back seat, because religion is a monster that also runs away with the true meaning of Christmas. Never confuse religion with faith. The two are so far removed from each other.

The love and warmth of family, of being with and remembering the ones you love. stopping, pausing and taking time, just to take time with your family, and, even more importantly to me, to remember the most special gift of all: the gift from God is becoming so much more important than too many bottles of wine and a large roast lunch.

Maudlin as it may seem, I couldn't help but look out last night in the cold evening at the driving rain and think of the ever increasing number of folks who would sleep rough over Christmas. My thoughts then turned to the kids in Swaziland and those who have not yet been taken from danger. It seems so awful that life deals some folks a poor hand.

Things can seem depressive, but, a quote from scripture, not exactly on all fours: "Where sin abounds, Grace doth much more abound". It's true, whenever you see something awful, there is always a chink of light, always someone there to help - the good naure of folks is always shown. Here, I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. To all those folks who gave to the Swazipod appeal, we raised nearly £400 - that's about $700. I'm happy to report that my church raised £7,500 in one day - that means that eight young people won't be sleeping rough next Christmas, they'll be snatched from poverty and misery. The extra money raised will doubtless help with medication and education.

So, sometimes, folks just don't get Christmas, or the sentiment. Clearly, you folks do. Thank you all so much.

Friday, December 23, 2005

podcast93 - podcastpaul Paul and his son Mike review some very different music from PMN. 16 year old Mike's podsafe choice

Podcast 93 - you can download the MP3 directly from here.

Today is a pretty cool show, in a desperate attempt to gain some serious street cred, I enrol my 16 year old son; Mike into the show.

To his credit, Mike picked some great tunes from the podcast Music Network and I gave them a really honest listen. Do I like or hate the stuff? Have we got different tastes in music? Does our 22 year age gap make any difference?

Have a listen, you may be very surprised...

Music from:

Berman - Lost Angeles
Brain Buckit - Passion Fruit (Go Bananas)
Anemo - Fall Out Renegade
Uncrowned - Queen of New York
Chiba-Ken - The Distance From Here

All from the Podcast Music Network

Sunday, December 18, 2005

podcast 92 - including bloopers!

Show 92 direct from this link here

Hmm. No idea why show 92 was not picked up by Itunes, Juice and the other aggregators.

Never mind, let's try again!

podcast92 - a live show with a couple of bloopers...

podcast 92 is now up and running - and you can tell it's live.You can download the MP3 from here directly.

One or two real bloopers with one VERY big blooper, I don't mention it, but, see if you can hear it. Like the consumate professional I am, I keep talking and ignore the unedited problem. See if you can figure it out. That'll get you thinking!

I try a different format on the show, I disasterously use my Ipod (if ever you're doing a live show 'on the fly' don't do it!)

Music today from:

Away with the Fairys
Groove Generator
3 Blind Mice

Some music from the Podcast Network...cheers guys!

Thanks to Colin at

I mention my Flickr site - and loads of other stuff too.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

loads to catch up on - and just about to set up a podcast later tonight...

I've loads to talk about tonight - and I'll hopefully be producing a podcast in a couple of hours, I'm just in the middle of prepping now.

Nice to see Brad, Phil and Bill on the Frappr map - click this link to add yourself onto the Frappr map - NOTE - you don't need to be specific with your address - I just put myself on as "Birmingham" It's dead easy to do, and lovely to see where folks are from. I'm automatically tracking the last 100 visitors - you can see that on the link on the homepage (when it works, as it's a bit tempremental)


Speak to you all later!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

happy birthday

Me - aged about 4 in good old 1971. Everyone had one of those jumpers, one of those haircuts and one of these school photo's.

It's my thirty-eighth birthday today - and a real non - event. It is when you pass your early teens is it?

I did receive a couple of cracking presents this morning though - a travel case for my ipod complete with all sorts of leads, wires, adapators and stuff for your car / pc etc... and a battery / direct power input stand alone set of speakers - they'll be put to good use. I'll take some photo's later and put them up on site.

Weird really, I have a love-hate relationship with my 4gb Ipod mini - it's wonderfully versatile and dead good, but the battery life is shocking. In fact, I feel pretty sure that it's been defective from the word go as the battery lasts for just 2 hours.

As much as I love the ipod, I hate the way it's tied to just one machine - a complete nightmare. I have a twenty quid MP3 player from pc world which isn't tied to just one pc and ultimately versatile - the sound quality is great, but the ease of the ipod controls blow everything else out of the water. I would like to invest in an Iriver, I'll have to have a look at one in the New Year.

Speak to you all soon.


Boy am I long overdue to do a podcast! Look out for one VERY shortly...


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy birthday Rowley - and podcasting generally. Some spurious ADD thoughts...

Happy Birthday Rowley Cutler at Rowley is a lovely guy and a great podcast mate of mine from Liverpool during the week and North Wales during the day.

I have just listened to Dark compass 143 - Rowley's anniversary podcast and it really did make me chuckle. Rowley is a dead-pan, really genuine bloke who just sits at the pc and tells it as it is, he's also the first UK podcast I listened too and really helped (and helps) me with techy problems. I still don't know how to set up an RSS feed in Blogger, shame on me.

It did make make me think as I listened to Rowley's podcast, what has happened to podcasting in the last year? Well, it's exploded, morphed, and taken on by the big media guys like we'd never imagined.

I remember when the UK podcasting scen was Adam Curry, me and Rowley - I think Martin from Green Dragon was there too and possibly a.n other, it was sparce, fresh and all very exciting.

Now, here in the UK there's an amazing variety of folks talking about all manner of different subjects, the efforts of Neil and Jen Dixon pulling their resources together in Britcaster for no financial gain - and all for the love of promoting a fantastic hobby is just excellent. On this topic - I listened to Neil's long overdue podcast; A Minor Technicality - you have to listen to that - I was sat at the gym almost wetting myself laughing at the exploits of Neil's weird neighbour.

Well, a year later, there's been a UK podcast conference which was brilliant fun, I've made new mates from all over the world - I've found some amazing music from a variety of incredible artists and priviliged to have been able to bring such a vital and important focus on Swaziland to some folks, that has been the pinnacle for me: podcasting from a mud hut in a staggering electrical storm in the most Southern parts of Africa telling folks all over the world about the plight of kids in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland.

I wouldn't change anything I've experienced through this incredible phenomenon over the past year and am still smiling at the fact that most folks in the UK have never heard of podcasting, let alone experience it.

I'm a year old in podcasting terms on 30th December 2005 - I wonder what on earth I'll talk about?

I plan to be here for a lot longer than a year so keep the page boomarked.

Monday, December 12, 2005

random thoughts and a couple of great podcasts

Amdrew Wragg was today convicted of manslaughter for taking the life of his young son; Jacob, aged 10 who was suffering terribly with Hunters syndrome.

Wragg, charged with Murder openly accepted the fsct that he took his son's life, claiming that he was 'driven' to his desperate act by virtue of the fact that he was suffering such an abnormality of mind as to commute the act to Manslaughter by virtue of Diminished Responsibility - a defence open to those charged with Homicide.

I talked about this recently in a podcast - 'mercy killing' as it is called is not recognised here in the UK - the taking of a life 'within the Queens peace' (i.e. not in the course of war) is murder. People often think that 'malice aforethought' is a necesary ingredient - that is an outdated notion in modern law now.

The intent for murder is nothing at all to do with motive, indeed motive does not figure at all in the legal ingredient for murder. The state of mind that needs to present is the intent to kill or cause serious harm. Smothering the face of a child is murder, no matter the motive in the eyes of the law. The 'abnormality of mind' present in this case gave the Judge the power to allow Wragg to walk away.

The whole present system of Homicide here in the UK is an odd series of judicial precedent and tempered legislation.

On a brighter note - I've found a couple of superb podcasts that I've been listening to: Betty in the Sky with a suitcase- mostly real life comedy stories from an anonymous air - stewardess and her colleagues.

Another great podcast from Dr. Chris over here in the UK is The Naked Scientist - I met Chris at podcastcon and only yesterday found the time to listen in. A syndicated show from BBC across East Anglia, this is a real must check out too.

On another note, a great review site I'm looking at is Colin's site: Colin seems to share much of the musical tastes I do - I'dlike to think my show colours his pallete too. Colin's podcast review site; podcast Launchpad is also a good, balanced, informed site.

All in, some great stuff happening on the podcast scene.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

podcast 91 - Part II of the interview in Swaziland - a MUST NOT miss show.

Podcast 91 = you can download the MP3 directly from here

This is perhaps the most worthwhile podcast I've ever done - well, I suppose that, in conjunction with podcast no.88.

I speak to Kevin Ward - the Director of Swaziland Teen Challenge at Hawane Farm during my recent visit a month or so ago in Mbabane, Swaziland. This man just blows me away. Forget David Beckham, Michael Jordan or your favourite rock - star. This man has quietly given his fortune, his life to help orphaned kids with nothing - quite literally nothing, some with no food in their bellies and only the clothes they stand up in. The amazing thing here is that Kevin quietly works away, shies away from any publicity or praise and gets right into the action of saving lives. What a privilege to have met with and spoken to such a person.

The picture above is of the children you can hear playing football during our interview, they're smiling because they were given a whole load of football shirts that we'd taken over. These kids are so grateful for anything they're given - very unlike the children here in the West.

I'm in the top right corner of a very unflattering picture. I've lost about 20 pounds since our trip over there, maybe I should go more often. Joking apart, I am desperate to get back there.

The old line from "Feed the world" rings so true - I've seen it first hand - "The greatest gift they'll get this year is life..."Many of the children are infected - a huge shock to me was the revelation that "....only 1 in 10 children in Swaziland will live to the age of 35 because of AIDS only..." Think about that, this means that 90% of Swazilands future will be taken. That appaling figure is qualified in the interview, please do take the time to listen.

Superb musical interlude from Jami Sieber, the incredible Cellist, courtesy if Magnatunes.

For those of you who have donated, a heartfelt thank-you, I relly do mean that. For those of you who have not, please do not feel any pressure at all to give, but please give your time and listen to this podcast.

Many thanks


listeners across the globe

I love looking at where people listen from. My traffic is mainly US and UK, often there are a few listeners in Australia, New Zealand and Asia - I have a couple in South America and Africa too with some folks dotted all over the world.

I'm tracking the last 100 visitors to my site, you can have a look at a real time update here The link may not show the last 100 visits as the site has only just been upgraded

If you visit my page, a piece of Javascript logs roughly where you're from - if you look at the links on the right, you'll see a list of visitors. Click the visitors and you'll get to my gvisit map, it has a wonderful satellite and zoom feature you can play around with for hours on end. If you return after an hour or so of your visit, you can search for yourself on the map - cool eh?

I'm off to see if I can upload a frappr map - I love messing around with these tools!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wow... ITV National News at 10.30pm!

Ricky Gervais has done a series of podcasts, and national ITV Evening News, have, in their infinite wisdom decided to run a feature. They want to show a Hollywood star in his glitz and glamour.. and a very ordinary commoner podcasting - i.e.!

Hopefully the article will run on the national news at 10.30pm tonight - I'm pretty sure that I will be relegated to the cutting room floor, or, at best there maybe a micro second and possible sound byte.

Anyway, in the very unlikely event you've come here through ITV, welcome! How lovely to see you.

This is my weblog, you can scroll down and see what's been on my mind, you can also hear the podcasts on the right hand side--------------------------------------> and enter the amazing world of podcasting. If you fancy listening to some current affairs, select podcast 88 from the list and listen to my broadcasts from Swaziland at an AIDS orphanage. If you love great independent music, listen to virtually any of the other podcasts from the list.

There is a world outside the medicrity of commercial radio - real people playing real bands that real people want to hear - not some suited executive pushing some awful plstic boy-band. Have a look at Hollow Horse, a superb band from Glasgow that blow your socks off - such an amazing sound - and they're unsigned!

If you like what you hear, or, you can't access the blinking thing, try pressing the I-Tunes 'subscribe' button - you don't pay a penny, there isn't a 'sub' - it's all completely free. You can then simply bring Itunes up, press the 'podcast' button on Itunes and you'll hopefully find me there. Every time I do a new show, it'll crop up automatically in Itunes, if you own an ipod, it will download automatically. There's other software such as Odeo or Juice if you own a non-ipod mp3 player.

If you want to access the show a bit later, and can't be bothered with all the Itunes stuff, simply right click on the link and press "save target as" - you can then access the show a bit later.

Podcasting is a fantastic tool, you can listen to all sorts of stuff - have a look at my recommendations on the right.

Podcasting is a fantastic medium, it's been used successfully in education and business alike. One company; Audacious has run a pilot for internal communications within a major household company. These blokes started out as podcasters.

So, want to be a radio presenter? You can be, right here, right now. You obviously own a computer as you're reading this! Hopefully you own a pc microphone - you can buy one for as little as £20 from any high street shop.

Download 'Audacity', a free piece of Software froom the Web, or use any existing MP3 software and you'll be bounded only by your own idea of content

Please feel free to send a mail to me or to comment on the comment section below.

I really look forward to hearing your show soon!


Paul Nicholls

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A wonderful article...

I read, with real interest, the blog of regularjen

I met Jen at Podcastcon - she's a lovely lady and the wife of Neil Dixon (Mr, a fantastic resource and forum for podcasters and listeners.

Jen's writing is always thought provoking and makes me smile broadly - this article tickled me - I've copied it wholesale from Jen's blog:

« I have the authority to borrow books

Are women just not fun?

Wait, before you answer that, let me explain a little.
Unless you have been in a coma, you know that Christmas is coming. Although some of you may wish to be temporarily put into a coma until the New Year arrives, it’s coming and there’s nothing medically ethical you can do about it.

We’ve been asked to assemble our “Christmas list” for gift ideas. Now, on one hand I think these lists are great. You can be fairly sure that as long as the list recipient doesn’t get too creative that you are guaranteed to score a prezzie you like. On the other hand I always feel like a schmuck writing down things I want. Is it too expensive, too difficult to find, too cheap, too many choices, too few… One must strike a tactful and appropriate balance with these things.

Balance. Now I’m getting to the heart of my post. I was online (still am I’m guessing) perusing the Marks & Spencer site for ideas. They have some fabulous things in the gifts section. I found tools, toys, games, science stuff… My favourite had to be the radio controlled sumo wrestlers, but my damned practical side kicked in and prevented me from listing them. So after I’d been through the numerous pages (more than a dozen) of cool presents, I noticed I was in the dude’s section. I thought I should check out the section for ladies.

Two pages. Four sweaters/jumpers, four uncomfortably frilly bras, three floral bouquets, two scarves, a few jewellery related items, four ugly handbags, four perfume choices and an orchid. (Yes, an orchid.)

In my desperation and shock, I retraced my mouse clicks. Ah- the Christmas Gifts section- that’s where I was for men and that’s what I’d mistakenly skipped for women. I tried again.

Again, two pages. This time, of categories of gifts for women. That seemed positive, but alas: handbags, scarves, jewellery, picture frames, lingerie, stationery, vases & bowls, and perfume. No USB powered air darts; no electric guitars. Certainly no radio controlled sumo wrestlers. Evidently, women don’t even read since the foldable book light was only available in the men’s section. What’s up with that!?
Honestly though, I’ll cringe if I ever get an etched glass photo frame for a gift. Pear shaped candles? Uh, no thanks. Leather luggage tags and you’re off my Christmas card list for next year. I’m not ungrateful, don’t get me wrong, but I do think that women get the stereotype treatment when it comes to gifts. I don’t want a crystal bowl any more than I want new oven mitts or a dust-buster for a present. All I wish is for people to think about the personality they’re buying for– women, men or kids. Giving ‘default’ gifts never shows how much you care, it only highlights how little you pay attention. Women are fun and it will be nice when the retailers can see it too.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury– the first six books in the Books for Her section? All cookbooks. I could scream. But at least they acknowledge women as literate. (We’re just not allowed to read after dark…)

You might wonder what’s on my list so far: the book light and a stubby ratchet screwdriver set. There’s honestly not much I need or want, but that’s just M&S. Amazon will take a bit longer to peruse.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

podcastpaul podcast 90 December 3rd 2005

To listen to the show you can download the MP3 right here

In this podcast I play music from:

Paul Rose - all around the watchtower (an absolute MUST listen to track)
Paul Rose - Hey Joe - and I talk you through the great live drum solo by Richard Newman
Paul Rose - Con trick

Check out Paul's 11/10 album - "Half Alive" at is web site here

I also play Watchstar from 3 blind mice. This band is VERY different and their take on music is incredibly different and a really great refreshing change. their website can be accessed here Thanks to the Podcast Music Network

I talk about:

- The office party in Manchester

- George Best tribute at Old Trafford

- The fact that there's a worrying trend in podcasters who promote themselves and talking about themselves incessantly. Quite honestly I am not in the least bit interested in anything of self promotion. I am however interested in passion for broadcasting. I HATE this talk of "monetizing" - for goodness sake, it's not even a word!

- Eurythmics - amazing podcast by Dave Stewart. A seriously good and very informative podcast on the early 80's Sweet Dreams stuff (everyone's essetial must have album)

- I remembered the Hollow Horse competition! You can hear the winner here too...

- Andrew Wragg's continuing murder / manslaughter trial - a father driven to take the life of his son. Although this was a 'mercy killing' it's still murder in the eyes of the law. What do you think?

I completely forget to review a track from Adrian - ah well, you can tell I did it all live with no fancy post record - edits. I'll be playing the track in the next podcast or two. You get the real deal here folks!

I also stupidly forgot to tell you about the Bill for debate in the House of pariament at the moment to assist those to die with terminal illness. PLEASE remember to leave comments on the weblog below (just use the comment section below folks - it's dead easy. I particularly welcome your comments on (a) the music and (b) the articles: "monetizing" (how I HATE that word) and the Andrew Wragg (Murder / Manslaughter) case that's currently proceeding.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Awww Cheers CDogg - and CC - and Lynn Parsons, Steve Lacey..and ... phew!

Bless - thanks CDogg for playing Hollow Horse on - and what a great show too! Cheers too to CC Chapman, Steve Lacey and Lynn Parsons - thanks all.

So, welcome folks, if you're here through either CDogg, CC, Lynn, Steve Lacey - or whoever!

Love One Another can be downloaded on the right ------------->

You'll see there's a suggested donation of £2 - that goes directly to support the Hawane Farm AIDS Orphanage in Hawane, Swaziland.

Thanks again folks who played the promo - you're ace!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A picture of the new podcast set up.

It's getting too cold for the conservatory - as much as I love it - so, here for the moment is the new "studio".

I will be adding to it over the next week or so, and I'll ensure that I post some photo's.

A real mans game...

I have just sat through England v Samoa - what a hard, slogging and someimes frustrating game. Samoa tackled like dogs, seeing a number of players carded and sin-binned. Charlie Hodgson and Harry Ellis both gave great performances.

The game ended 40 - 3 to England after an almighty punch up, seeing Lewis Moody sent off with what looked like a broken nose after an absolute pounding following an intervention on yet another illegal tackle by Samoa. The tackles were bone - crunching, gut wrenching and painful....but strangely compelling to watch.

Not the best England performance, but, the lads played really well - with real courage, heart and fabulous team spirit.

Our national game here in the UK is Football. These namby-pamby delicates pirouette into a triple somersault and whine at every available opportunity. Te last game of Rugby I played saw me with a fractured and dislocated jaw, and a crush injury to my neck and lower back. I put my jaw back in on the pitch - and carried on. You just do. You don't follow the line of the footballers. They just sicken me. I hate the fact tha soccer is our national sport, and I hate the yob culture that goes with it. The whole social aspect of rugby is so much more calm and family orientated. What an irony!

In rugby, you get seven bells kncked out of you - and you just carry on. You just do it. In football you fall at every occasion and cheat your way through the game - at least that's the way it's going.

Rugger is a superb sport and playing it is like nothing else - a real adrenalin rush that you just can't find anywhere else. I've heard American football is the hards man game. Really? Why wear crash helmets, padding and duvets then? Try the hardest game with no silly illogical breaks in time - it really is like nothing else.

I always remember an American firend of mine watching England v Wales with me some years ago in a real gritty grudge match, I remember smiling to myself as he winced and said "Is this really legal?"

Is there any other game where the ref can say to a player - "If he hits you again mate, you're off..."

I LOVE Rugby, and I love England!

Friday, November 25, 2005

podcast 89

Listen to the podcast at this link right here

Fantastic music specially selected (and all passing the quality control test!) from :

Fluid (via Magnatunes)
Paul Rose
The Swaziland Teen Challenge Choir
3 Blind Mice (from the podcast music network)
Hollow Horse
Rob Hughes

Usual banter from yours truly!

In this podcast I come back to the traditional music and banter mix - I'm dead chuffed with the cracking selection of stuff - judge for yourself.

I'm really quite concerned about the increase in yob culture with extended drinking hours - what on earth are the government thinking? What an utter, utter nonsense.

Crackpot thinking from the archbishop of Canterbury and lunatic pc tosh from a Headteacher who really needs to get with it.

You can't miss it... no really, you can't!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BBC National Radio 5 Live interview

On Monday evening I attended the swanky new BBC studio in Birmingham City Centre and sat in a remote studio with a direct feed to the BBC National Radio 5 'Up All Night' team in London / Chris Vallance in California.

I have to give all credit to Chris again - he's such a good bloke and a great professional, he knows the right questions to ask and is very careful not to edit out audio so as to detract from, or compromise the original message. The MP3 link can be downloaded here

I'm realy pleased to tell you that the donations are starting to come in - over £200 (about $350) - that will make a great difference alone, but, I'm sure we'll do even better before the end of the year.

Hollow Horse got a mention in the interview - Ken is still really supportive and generous in all he does.

...and the generosity of folks who continue to donate blows me away - THANK YOU EVEYONE.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thanks !

Many thanks to those of you who have already started to contribute to Swazi Pod - every single contribution will make a real difference, thank you so much!

I'll aim to get some more pictures up on site soon to show the ongoing work at Hawane Farm.

On a different note - well done England RFU! While the lads lost 23 - 19 to the All Blacks, the Lions played with real heart and spirit. One of the best and most competitive games I've seen in a long time.

My thanks especially to Marilyn Madsen for sending in a 20 pound contribution (sorry I've lost the 'pound sterling' sign on my keyboard!) Very generous of you Marilyn, and thanks to those others who have contributed too.

Hopefully we'll see the anthemic 'Love one another' on loads of podcasts, please keep on spreading the word!

I think it's high time to get some more podcasts out - have listen over the weekend!

Speak to you all soonest!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Swaziland Aids Appeal - Swazipod - something for nothing...much

We all want something for nothing, that's just human nature - we certainly don't want nothing for something.

Please navigate to my page; (unless of course you're already here) and purchase the incredible 'Love One Another' from Hollow Horse for just two pounds - the whole sum will go to the amazing Hawane Farm Swaziland Aids Orphanage project - I've christened the project 'Swazipod'. My eternal thanks to Kenny from Hollow Horse for donating the song to the project - what a star!

You can listen to the appeal by downloading the MP3 right here - if you're a podcaster please:

1. download and listen to the appeal - and promote it on your podcast
2. purchase the track and play it - you have permission!
3. Listen to podcast no.88 at, you'll hear more of the work that this appeal supports.

Be sure to visit the Hollow Horse site at - Beggarstown is an amazing album full of real 'podsafe' gems.

More of the appeal: Just 7,500 pounds purchases a building that can house 8 - 10 children that are in dire need - literally a life and death situation. The orphanage saves those children in worst need.

You really, honestly can help, and, in the bargain, you get a cracking mp3.

1000 pounds can cover essential medical supplies for three months for the children in the home, the costs are so minimal it's ludicrous, yet these children benefit tremendously.

PLEASE PLEASE pass this link on to your friends and family. Thanks so much for your support.

A Storming idea for Swaziland.

Not wanting to do things by halves.... I've come up with a cunning plan to raise a good amount of revenue for Swaziland over the Christmas period.

Watch this space.. hopefully things should be up and running by tomorrow.

The little lad in the photo contracted AIDS after his father died and he was left to care for his dying mother - the cross infections, lack of hygiene, open sores are a problem for the most vigilant clinician. How awful to think that a child should have to care for a dying parent without resource, training or equipment. What a dreadful reward in return for care.

We really need to do something.

There are scores of children in life threatening conditions in Swaziland, the lucky ones can be cared for at the Hawane project. The cost of building a childrens home to house 8 - 10 children? £7,500. That's £750 for a child's life. It's impossible to see this and not break down. It's incredible to see children plucked from that situation, loved, cared for and happy. We really can help. PLEASE re-visit and pass this link onto as many folks as you can.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


This is the 'hut' that I stayed in for the first part of the week I was in Swaziland. It really was an experience. I remember, bleary eyed at 4.30am wondering if any more 'party size' bugs would drop on my head. My colleauges hadn't been bothered with the small army of many legged and sometimes winged creatures that appeared to be very sociable.

I was chatting a little earlier on Skype to Chris Vallance and vocalised to him quite an important point I'd not really appreciated until now. Podcasting is a wonderful tool, it's a great laugh, great fun.... but... oddly, in this setting something was very different. I felt a huge weight on wanting to convey the touch, smell, feel, texture and downright seriousness of Swaziland. I felt a real burden upon me to really do the interviews justice - I was so fired up and enthused by the hope that simply shone out from what appeared to be such a desperate situation - I wanted to convey that emotion without exaggeration, editing or being in any way patronising. One listener commented on the fact he felt that there was so much to listen to he could appreciate where I was coming from and didn't feel as though my interviewees had been edited (actually he's dead right - they hadn't).

I think podcasting conveys an honesty - a real grass roots journalism that you don't get in the world of polished sound byte radio presentation - sure, you don't get the professional quality all the time, hopefully however you get the spirit and the heart of it. I would hate to convey Swaziland in 2.5 minutes, how do you do that? What about the stories of the children? What about Don, Emma and Kevin? These people are heroes, they should not suffer from the editors knife, we want to hear them! (podcast 88 if you haven't heard it)

The feedback that I've had from the podcasts have been amazing - including a Mbabane expat who now lives in Australia. The message seems to have hit home - and for that reason I can honestly say that the entire trip was worth it...however... more to come on the results of the trip over the coming months.

So, podcasting - a great hobby, a wonderful pastime and a seriously amazing citizen journal tool. What an awesome responsibility this thing is with the right message....

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bonus Skype Chat Podcast with Chris Vallance at Podcast Expo

Hi there! I managed to get a quick Skype call in with Chris Vallance (Pocket Planet Radio and BBC Radio 5)

The Skype chat can be heard here (MP3) - all very enlightening!

Back home and British musicians.

Well, I am coming back down to earth now and still very much thinking about the wonderful folks in Swaziland. You'll hear very much more about Swaziland and some plans to really help the foks out there.

I played a couple of great tracks from a wonderful sax player; Rob Hughes - his link is here and listened to a mind blowing guitarist; Paul Rose - you can catch his podcasts at his site - link here - Both are VERY worthwhile sites to look at, I urge you to check 'em out. Support British music and British unsigned music - keep music LIVE !

As ever, if you like these guys ( I love 'em - they're superb ) send them a mail and tell 'em you appreciate them. Lots of hard work and effort go into creating the great music, as well as blood, sweat, tears, and money. Wel done boys - you're both great ambassadors for the UK music scene. Great to know you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

BBC Radio 5 to broadcast the Swazi podcasts.

My heartfelt thanks to Chris Vallance and the Radio 5 Live team for promoting the Swaziland podcasts. I'm ever so touched about the fact that these guys have eked out a spot to promote the news about Swaziland and the wonderful work that is going on there. You chaps really are stars, thank you so very much.

You can hear / download the Radio 5 slot played nationally on "up all night" today at this link here

back home

I am sorry to be home and desperately missing the folks I met at Mbabane in Swaziland. An awesome and incredible trip that I will not forget until the day I die.

I quite literally am sitting here with tears in my eyes listening again to podcast 88. The kids are in a desperate state and there are so many of them. Those lucky ones helped by the Hawane Farm project are the most loving kids you could meet - one lad in particular just caught my heart, he has full blown AIDS but cycles arouond the farm without a care in the world knowing he's loved and cared for. I pretended to pull a small coin from his ear and he spent the next five minutes working out how it had happened - rubbing behind his ear though as to produce more Elamangeni (local currency).

It was great to just sit and smile with the kids and just awesome to walk around the project with Kevin Ward - himself a Swazi national - and listen to yet another innovative idea from Kevin to fund the project.

I still cannot get away from the fact that this guy and his family are driven by a deep love for the kids and the work, clearly shunning a lifestyle were they could be at the top of their tree: Helen is a dentist and Kevin, a VERY switched on guy with tremendous business acumen who has turned his back on a secure inheritance from his father in running the family hotel business.

Integrity is the whole vein that runs through the project - and Kevin, his family and workers. It was an incredible privilege to spend time with these people and I feel people need to know about this project.

More can be seen at thoug the site just doesn't do them justice at all. There is a Paypal button for donations if you feel so inclined too.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

podcast 88 - Despair that turns to hope in Swaziland.

Workers at the Orphanage preparing the roof on one of the huts.

I'm really pleased to put up this show as I am anxious for as many people to hear this as possible. PLEASE pass the web address to your family and friends so as many people as possible can get to hear about this tremendous work. In a world that is so uncaring and unfeeling, this really does give you hope and restore your values in human kindness.

To listen to the show please download the MP3 direct from here. If the show does not play within a matter of seconds, simply download by pressing the right click of your mouse and selecting the option "save target as..". This will enable you to save the file and listen later, at your leisure.

Friday, November 04, 2005

podcast 87 - chilling in Swaziland.

It's very late and I am finding this trip both exhilirating and mentally exhausting, so I needed to chill.

I'll get more detailed notes up here in a week or so, when I'm back in the UK, but please sit back, relax, chill and enjoy this - Colskee, you'll love some of this stuff as will you Geoff, Ken, Adrian and Troy... ;-)

Featuring music from Paul Rose and Rob Hughes, including Adrina Thorpe, courtesy of PMN and introducing The Clintons.

You can download the MP3 file here

Apologies for the audio quality at the start of the cast - just grab a cup of tea / glass of wine, grab the headphones and listen, chill and enjoy.


BTW, this finishes a bit suddenly, sorry - the laptop was getting anxious and hot!

second chance for podcast 86 from Swaziland on a decent server

The view outside my hotel window virtually!

My apologies people, you may not have been able to download the last podcast - well here it is, you can also directly download the MP3 file here.

Another to come very shortly... in the next hour or so if I can upload in time


podcast no 86 from Swaziland

Hello and welcome to my podcast from Swaziland. I've been very busy and have already recorded podcast 87 - I'll try and get that uploaded tomorrow - I have had a series of interviews with folks ( absolutely compelling - you cannot miss them - really) and hopefully by Sunday night that should be concluded too.

I was staying in a mud hut - a 'homestead' which was a circular mud hut for want of a better word, with a straw roof - there were no mod cons, just a simple shower, a basin, a bed and a mirror. I have to say it was luxury - apart from worrying what had fallen through the roof ont me during the evening. The bugs here are copious, varied and huge. I don't even want to think what manner of creatures had bitten me.

Everything you see about Africa seems to be here - poverty, wealth, death, ladies with baskets on their heads.

I'm now at the Mountain Inn, Swaziland - it has wifi, TV's all the western trappings, a pool and such like. You'll hear from the podcast that the guy who runs the orphanage; 'Hawane Farm' was destined to own this from hotel from his father - he gave up the lot to care for the poor and needy children. What an awesome bloke. So selfless, compassionate and such a tremendous heart.

Kevin sat and had a cup of tea at this wifi spot and pointed out to the phenomenal view of the vast mountains ahead. Kevin pointed out to "Sheba's breasts" - a double mountain peak near 'Piggs Peak'. Both figure heavily in the classic "Kinng Solomon's Mines" by H Rider Haggard, a book I enjoyed trremendously as a lad, if you like the classic that was the forerunner to 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and all the Indiana Jones movies that followed. Kevin mentioned that H Rider Haggard had penned the story not 500 yards from where I was sitting. Wow!

The folks here seem to smile all the time, one boy who I thought was just 6 or 7 but is actually 15 - I call him "Muttley" but his real name is something like "Mucli" never seems to stop smiling. Muttley is one of the children who lost his parents to AIDS - I was stunned to hear that he lost his mum a few years ago and had been providing all her palliative care. He had no experience, no medicines, no idea how to assist and at a tender age contracted AIDS from caring from his mum. Such is the way of Swazi life. People just seem to muck in, do anything they can, and, when the worst of things occur, just buckle down and get on with it even more. No state assistance seems to be available, just folks like Kevin with a heart.

The centre now houses 16 children in all states of HIV / AIDS and has 30 or so full time folks, many Swazi or South African Christian folks who are tirelessly dedicated. I smiled to myself as I spoke to a 27 year old Nurse...from Weston SuperMare (about 70 miles from me back home) who is giving a year of her time to help, a group of Irish lads had been busy building a house to expand the centre for two weeks and would be returning home tomorrow.

The centre plans to take nearly 100 children eventually, with plans for expansion, even a hospice so the poor children who become so ill here can at least die in peace - with friends and their adpoted family - Kevin & Co. This has just opened my eyes to just how selfless people can be.... and sadly just how selfish we can all be.

Am I enjoying Swaziland? 'Enjoy' just seems to be the entirely wrong word. I feel priviliged to be in the company of such awesome people, and such an awesome nation.

Keep listening...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hello from Swaziland!!!

Well hello there from Swaziland! 11 hours and 30 minutes of flight into Johannesburg and 4 hours of driving into the most breathtaking and beautiful country I have ever seen.

I'm busy recording and have some astonishing audio - unfortunately the camera I ordered from the net hadn't arrived by the time I'd departed, but I am begging and borrowing digital cameras from all ove the shop.

It's a humbling experience - the people here are phenomenal. The children I met at the orphanage were just the loveliest kids I've met. Sadly each and every one of them has a tragic story behind them.

At the moment, I'm simply using an internet cafe - I don't have long so can't tell you too much - but, hopefully, I will have internet access on Saturday - wifi apparently!

The podcast info I have is just mind blowing - seriously, don't miss it.

By the way, I'm staying in a traditional homestead - i.e. a circular mud hut - it does have running water and electricity though: luxury!

Speak to you all ever so soon!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

On the eve of travel

It's Sunday evening and I feel dreadful, really awful. I've had flu pretty badly over the last few days and lost stacks of weight as I've eaten nothing. I've got the shivers all over but sweating nonsense complete with horrendous headaches and aches all over.

I'm hoping things let up a bit, as I have a three hour drive to Gatwick (probably more because of the rush hour traffic), an 11 hour flight to Joannesburg, and a four / five hour drive into Swaziland. Oh - I'm also in the office tomorrow too... that after having one a good few hours today at home.

Let's hope next week brings a real peaceful, informative and challenging time eh? I'm sure that being a bit busy with work and having a touc of flu would be an easy exchange for some of the folks I'm likely to meet.

Swaziland is such a tiny place - about as big as South Wales with just over 1,200 000 inhabitants. The culture is waaaaay diferent and I'm desperate to see this.

Everything checked, double and triple checked - as always happens, I've just lost a filling (typical!) and my camera broke - I ordered a new one and it hasn't arrived yet - talk about cutting things to the wire!

I'm seriously hoping for an internet connection so I can at least blog - I will be recording too, promise you!


Speak to you next when I'm there!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


In this episode of Podlawyer, I interview Tim Gorman of Gorman Hamilton, Chairman of MASS; Motor Accident Solicitors Society and partner with specialist Personal Injury Solicitors - Gorman Hamilton.

The MP3 link can be found here

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Just another Manic ...Tuesday

I'm back in the land of the living now, and don't I know it? Struth, I am so busy. Work can be a blessing sometimes, other times it can be a real curse.

Yesterday I went to Stonehenge. I've never been there before and really wanted to see it. I went in the driving foul rain and was awestruck by how beautiful it really was.

Astonishing really, to look at something that was erected 5,000 years ago. I began to wonder what the folk of the time looked like, how they lived, the purpose of the stone circle and such like.

No one really knows the purpose of the circle, it was most probably ancient worship - the sun sets through the various 'doorways' at regular monthly intervals, these stones, some weighing in at 40 tons were moved from nearby Marlbrough and set with precision at the time.

Now, heavily guarded, I learnt that the local blacksmith a hundred years ago rented out hammers for tourists of the time to chip away remnants as keepsakes!

I first saw sight of the stone circle coming from the A303 - it just hits you there - huge, impressive, slap bang on the side of the hill. The sheer size and beauty of the monument is breathtaking.

As well meaning as English Heritage is, I was disgruntled to pay to see the sight - after all, this is MY heritage. I hate this 'monetize' concept that seems so prevalent in this day and age.

Ok, £5.50 ( $10 ) isn't that much - but, this is history, my history. I pay staggering amounts of tax, seemingly for very little back.

For goodness sake, what upkeep is necessary for a stone circle over 5000 years of age?! I accept some money needs spending on security and such like, but, why gouge folk and deprive some who canot afford the visit, the opportunity to wonder at this magnificent piece of history?

What staggered and really surprised me was the site of other stone circles just a few miles further on in Avebury - again, so beautiful, and mysterious. I simply drove back home and almost crashed the car seeing something I wasn't even aware of at the side of the road. Here's a taster:

What a fantastic heritage we do have here in the UK. Sometimes, it's real food for thought to stop, pause and investigate the beauty around England and the UK and to look at the bigger picture than the pressure of work, finances, kids, etc.

If ever you're anywhere near Wiltshire, do take the opportunity to look for yourself.

Monday, October 24, 2005

podcast no.85 - complete with shownotes!

click this link for podcast 85

Show notes; Podcast #85
www.podcastpaul.com00:00 Podcast intro
00:06 ‘Babylon’ intro
00:19 ‘Wet Myself’ intro
00:30: Hello from Southampton – MASS conference
01:31: Distances from home different to those in the US
02:25 Music Hot Rod Cadets – Sunday
05:11 Paul – talky bits – no blinking internet access at a 5 star hotel!
07:09 Slam Idol promo with Stephen Fry yes, Stephen Fry!! Blimey.

08:05 Paul falling off chair
08:25 My kids are hooked on Rich Vobes webcam and chatroom – 9 GMT most days
09:12 Where’s the blinking Hollow Horse competition results?
09:50 Music – Love One Another; Hollow Horse
12:52 What a corking band!
13:10 Podsafe music, commercial music – and old music..including a few seconds of Status Quo… Hawkind and Queen are great
14:21 I am not in love with Hollow Horse!
14:36 Punam Verma – make sure you play her music via the Podsafe Music Network
14:57 Jim Hastell’s article – via the BBC
17:35 Are we in a lazy culture? Thoughts from a visit in the US
19:45 Music Punam Verma – ‘One Day’
22:38 Barry White sweeper
22:56 PCP Sweeper c/o Skinny white boy
23:00 vote for Punam at PMN
23:35 Banned Freak show name
24:16 Newham Council fake police force
24:55 Australian Static
25:45 Romanian farmer damages his manhood
26:22 Email sweeper
26:38 Visit the blogpage
27:18 Swaziland Promo
28:21 Excited! Please play the promo if you’re a promo
29:38 We have things comfortable fortunately
30:00 Thoughts on the trip – excitement and trepidation
31:07 Send an email - sweeper
31:52 Dynamo’s rendition of Panic

Sunday, October 23, 2005

oh dear

Sorry chaps/ chapettes

The chap who hosts my podcasts has suddenly choked the bandwith without any warning at all.

My apologies to this of you who are trying to download my shows.

All will be ok soon, I promise, not much I can do at the min as I am sat in an internet cafe in Basingstoke!

Speak to you all soon, promise!

away from home

Hi there - I am away from home at the minute - I've been at a Lawyer's conference in Southampton.

Can you believe it? The guy who handles my hosting has sudenly, and without any warning just pulled the plug on hosting - this is after paying in full for a year's supply. Looks like I'll be having a chat to him. Shame really - it was a very good deal and the service wasn't bad either.

If you've had trouble with downloading the show, please let me know immediately either by mail or on this comment here - I'm ever so sorry for any inconvenience.



Sunday, October 16, 2005

Swaziland promo

If you're a podcaster, please play my promo - you can get it here.

If you're a listener, please listen!



Saturday, October 15, 2005

podcast84 podcast paul... more ace music, chat and banter to fix your shed roof too

The show can be found at this link - podcast 84 mp3

Blimey what did I talk about here?

Well Lynn Parsons for a start... lovely lady, great show.


Dislocated - Ellie Myles - thanks to Darren martin for forwarding


Sweet Dissonance - Anup Patel
Only You - Lizzi
Nine Lives - The West Exit
Between Two Floors - Fluid

announcement from Rob Costlow

Friday, October 14, 2005

A picture of my boys.

Here's a picture of my boys taken about a year ago, yes I know there are some dodgy people around - however, I'm ever the optimist and know there are lots of great folks too ;-)


Pictures taken on your phone are usually rubbish - I've deleted all of mine as they are such poor quality. Sue took a picture of Harry on his first day at school, the quality, as you can see is excellent - so is my little boy x

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The great John Peel remembered by .....erm...who?

What a hero. I didn't even know it as a kid - I'd listen to John Peel with a real quizzical expression. I knew i liked him, but not why.

I mentioned before in my podcast that John would play a gospel country quintet back to back with a thrash metal punk band and some African music thrown in.... erm...cough.. sounds a little bit like what I'm experimenting with now.. I don't ever imagine I have anything like Mr Peel's great wit, presentation and dead pan humour, but I do know I really appreciate him now it's too late.

Radio 1 are devoting their schedule to him from 7pm through to 1am... but (and here's the real reason Peel was so special ) I don't know anyone at all from the schedule do you?

Live at Radio 1 HQ
7-9pm - Colin & Edith
9-11pm - Jo Whiley & Steve Lamacq
11-1am - Rob da Bank & Annie Mac

Some of the British podcasters are putting on shows - I know I'll be listening to Rowley at DarkCompass.Com who I think I christened a while back the 'John peel of Podcasting for his eclectic style of music in particular... I still think he's a cross between David Brent of the office and John Peel - I have a lot of time for Rowley as he's been a good mate to me, giving lots of technical help right at the outset in late 2004 right up to date.

I've been listening to Rowley for nearly a year now... those blinking train announcements!

Anyway, back on track now, and to John Peel day and radio 1. I'm sorry, but if someone told me their name was "Rob da Bank" I'd shake my head, roll my eyes and switch over. Maybe I'm too grown up now? Where are the big personalities in the schedules of yesterday that really drew a crowd? Tommy Vance, Bob Harris, Simon Mayo are names that forever stick in my my mind. True, some of them are still around - some not.

Horses for courses I guess, Peel was such a big personality, everyone in the UK knew him, he's definitely missed. I can't say I'll miss any of the above as I've never heard of them - is that the state of Radio 1 these days or have I just moved on?

Maybe it's the sign of the times that I know the podcasters far better than the big Radio 1 personalities.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Floods... and ipods.....and other news.

What on earth is going on with the weather? I live in landlocked Birmingham, Central England and have just suffered the most horrific traffic ever... ever..!

I set out from my house to travel 8 miles - in an hour and a half I'd travelled just 4 miles. An inch of rain fell in an hour and flash floods gridlocked the city centre causing Britain's second city's road network to grind to a halt.

What a ridiculous state of affairs. Apparently the drainage system here is so poor that the roads can't cope - and don't I know it!!

On a brighter note, apple today announced that it was launching the ipod video flipping heck!

The news has provoked an incredible response to the number of geeky people I talk to - the most common response so far being "oh no, not another thing I have to buy..."

I have to confess, I am anything but a geek - in fact, I'm useless at anything that requires more than a modicum of tech knowledge. I can use a dvd player, I know how to tune the tele... blimey, I even know how to post a blog [ here, I have to confess, I don't even know how to set up a blog...] .. anything else and I'm useless!

I have to confess, I LOVE this format for a webpage - I wasn't to keen on the homogenous style, but it's much easier to navigate, far less cluttered and more interactive. Please feel very free to comment, I'd be delighted to hear more from you all - though I have to say, the feedback has been great of late.

On a completely different note, I'm off to Swaziland in late October for a week and a bit. I'll be visiting an AIDS orphanage that is funded by a group of churches - the church I attend being one. This isn't a patronising visit, it's a real trip to look at this project properly because I believe in it. I seriously want to raise some funds for it because it makes a huge difference to the number of children that can be housed. It really is as serious as life and death - or life or death. I'm part of a group of trustees that manages a curch budget for the charitable trust of the church. I'm proud to say that much is given to projects like this - but whatever is given, it's never enough.

I hope that the trip will be something that will be life changing. We take our lives here in the West for granted. I'm tired of the same old, same old and want to see more, feel more. This will be a huge adventure and I'm expecting the unexpected.

It's one thing to feel compassion when you see disaster at a distance on the tv. I wonder whether this will be a pandora's box? Why do I feel so drawn to these people? I am so excited, yet so aware of the devastation. 48% of the population are infected. How on earth can a population survive when half live under the terrible shadow of HIV?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A little bit late but, nevertheless...

A lovely piece, early October in nothing less than the Financial Times!

Blimey... seems folks are taking this podcasting thing just a little seriously then...

Monday, October 10, 2005


Podlawyer podcast for 10th October can be found by clicking the link above or simply by clicking this link

Today I talk about crazy warnings - and professional negligence.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask advice.

Podcast 83 - chat to Kenny from Hollow Horse

In this show I chat to the fabulous Kenny Little from Hollow Horse

Songs (all by Hollow horse)

Right beside you
Beggars Town

Podcast83 MP3

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Help with stories

Hi there, I'm looking for weird news stories, mp3 feedback, and any tech stuff of interest for non- geeks like myself so I can understand 'em.

Can you help? Mail me please, if you can - paul ( at } podcastpaul {dot] c o m



Saturday, October 08, 2005

Podcast 82 - World music from some ace artists I've met

Music from the delicious Punam Verma - every bit as good in the flesh, promise you!

Additional music from Le Cod Afrique and Two Man Ting

Podcast 82 - MP3

Monday, October 03, 2005

PodLawyer 4

Podlawyer is up again - and going live on BBC National Radio 5 again I'm pleased to report!

Very short, weighing in at just about 6 minutes or so!

PodLawyer4 MP3

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Podcast 81

All music from Magnatunes


Tom Paul
Very large Array
Falling you
William Brooks
The Kokoon
Hollow Horse

Listen out for the fantastic Hollow Horse Competition - best of luck!

Podcast 81 MP3

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My Odeo Channel

Just claiming my Odeo channel - let's hope it works eh?!

It's very easy to use Odeo, just click the link below.

My Odeo Channel

Podcast 80

Music from

Beth Quist
Mandrke root

Chat from yours truly!

Podcast 80 MP3

Friday, September 30, 2005

Podcast 79 - more great music and chat from podcastpaul

Another track from the ace Hollow Horse

Hello peeps. Another day, another dollar.

Podcast 79 MP3

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love dear old England

I have just watched the first part of a stunning adaptation of Elizabeth I, featuring my favourite actress; Helen Mirren.

I have to say that I am passionate about England. I am fearful of an integrated Europe and stand firmly against the idealistic federal state.

I am passionate about our Monarchy and am tired of the same old arguments that I hear that are often poorly constructed, and ignorant of why we have a monarch in any event. That's not a post, it's a lecture. It's our fabric and foundation of our great unwritten constitution that we have a soveriegn, trust me.

Britain is a place that enjoys cultural diversity, but we have, to my mind become far too liberal. I cannot understand why we tolerate freedom of speech that is really incitement to racial hatred. Here I'm talking about fundamental muslims.

England has stood on its own with a rich cultural monarchy, and, while Britons should be rightly proud of appearing to be a country that welcomes all - we must never erode our history and heritage.

It's very easy to suggest that we need to change, but when a system has been in place for a thousand years and copied throughout the world, is it right to bring in change overnight to satisfy the discontented?

It saddens me to see the influence of European Legislation, but, noting the dissatisfaction throughout the European Union of the majority, I'm glad that we here in the UK have a 'dualist' approach to Europe. Essentially, we allow Europe to influence our laws but retain the ability to remove ourselves from the dominance of EU legislation. There's a massive struggle between Europe insisting that is has supremacy and two major member states; the UK and Germany retaining the right to remove themselves.

I'll have to stop posting at this stage as I'll bore you reading this. I do want to firmly stand on the side of a country I love and stand an be counted.

I remember feeling touched at seeing the US flag throughout Indiana and Kentucky, and seeing folks stand to sing their nationall anthem with real verve and passion. I wish beyond wish that we had that here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I was gobsmacked to hear my ful length podcast from podlawyer on National talk radio BBC5 last night. Wow! The podcast can be listened to again on the BBC 'listen again' service for 7 days before disappearing into the ether.

Now, I am always wanting to improve my set up. I also want to invest in a Mac Mini when I can afford it. I'd also very much like a touch pc screen and an even better mixer than the one I have at the moment. Is that possible? I bet it is..

Monday, September 26, 2005

BBC Radio 5

I'm sitting listening to my laptop - Rowley from is on the train at 5.32am again - bless him. Weird to think I've been listening to Rowley for nearly a year.

I'm working from home tomorrow, that doesn't mean I'm dossing around, not at all..I'm acually exceptionally busy and have a really heavey workload on.

I have recorded a BROADCAST this lunchtime - no, i haven't misspelt that - I was asked bt BBC Radio5 National Talk Radio to record a slot 'for about 10 minutes' My guess is that they'll play 20 seconds or so from it, possibly, if they don't have anything better.

It was ever so odd to sit and do a show with 'dry' talk - no music, no backdrop, no sweepers, bumpers, fillers... It felt very monotone and I wasn't altogether comfortable doing that. I feel so comfortable now understanding the 'ingredients' to a podcast and the general feel and tempo.

You can check out the slot I did in a show later - probably tomorrow.

See you soon.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Podcast 77 - PodcastCon UK

mail to:
Skype: podcastpaul

Just a few of the 130 or so folk attending the conference.

Pretty good eh?!

It’s the day after the conference and I am sitting on the train from London back to Birmingham.

Sitting opposite me is Phil Coyne ( ). Phil and I did a joint podcast from the hotel this morning – check it out at podcast no. 77.

Well, what can I say? It’s very hard t put into words how I feel this morning; exuberant, buzzing, relieved, tired.

It’s ever so odd – everyone was just how I expected them to be. I’d met Phil and Richard Vobes before, apart from that, I’d just spoken to everyone else.

I can honestly say that yesterday was so superb it was….moving. It really was the realisation of a dream come true.

It’s just impossible to tell you the highlights of the day, but I can tell you some of the things that will stay with me: Milverton Wallace, a superb, articulate and gently spoken man talked about kids who wouldn’t learn being enthused by the trend of the day. Back in 1992, he put on classes to teach children about the internet. The classroom was full and a line ran from the door right along the corridor.

Kids who stubbornly would not enter the classroom were happy to hang around the street corners and listen to a geography lesson with the iconic white headphones – the educationalists idea of buying into and using the trend of the day.

Neil was a fabulous MC, Jen and Phil chaperoned at the door and folks generally had a wonderful time.

I have to say something about the folks who supported the event, not because I have to say something, because I don’t. Be* were exceptional. Nothing less. A brand new company with a phenomenal product backed us – I am so excited by that endorsement. Dana gave a cracking very short talk and folk walked away from the conference with an amazing deal – 24 meg broadband for £24. Blimey! Three lucky so and so’s won Broadband for a year. I got a free t-shirt and a flash drive…and a book on podcasting from O’Reilly that looks exceptional. I’ll be reading that with some fervour later. On the subject of O’Reilly, I have to say that the wonderful Josette is….wonderful, such a bubbly effervescent lady who really bought into the idea of the conference.

Every single person who spoke brought something to the table – I was amazed at how good everyone was, and how generous they were to come to the table and speak

Mark from The Tartan Podcast gave a wonderful talk on music and was exceptionally received.

Chris Kimber gave a real endorsement for podcasters from the BBC – some audio difficulties on the presentation didn’t phase him.

Richard Vobes and Chris Skinner gave two excellent live shows – both incredibly different in content and style.

Neville Hobson gave a great insight into business, and Chris Ritke and gave a good insight into his very useful website and development tool.

James Cridland kept his cool to some pretty tough questions. On e chap mentioned that Virgin just ‘didn’t get it’ … I actually tend to disagree – they do get it, or at least 1.2 million folk who listen to their radio station do. I’d be happy with that sort of audience. James’ cool head and good nature seemed to be very well received too.

Adrian Pegg and Alex Bellinger were stalwarts – they were both up and down sorting guests, dealing with issues that arose – stage managing etc etc. Oh, and my mate – Martin Hunt, my oldest buddy since school days did a cracking job of media presentation. You did us proud Martin.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Neil, Alex, Adrian, you are all top blokes. The work that went into that event was mainly down to you all – and on the day too. The whole thing went so smoothly – but Aex, Adrian and Neil were working themselves to a frazzle to ensure it went that way. Sorry boys, I really should have done more with hindsight – I promise I will next time eh?!

Thanks to Berners too – great friendly staff, amazing – and I mean AMAZING food and a brilliant place to host the conference too.

Now, it sounds corny this last bit, but the folks who really made it were the folks who traveled in and were the conference. I really hate singling people out here, but it was great to sit and chat with Geoff (Stupod) John Buckley (Dissident Vox), Phil Cambell (Rewind / Clan Life), my old mate Colin ( Colskee) and Simon Toon (slam Idol Podcast). I tried to speak to everyone because I wanted to hug everybody and say “yay!!! This is ace, cheers mate!” Obviously I couldn’t and didn’t do that!

OK, I am now sitting on fairly deserted Birmingham New Street Patform. Phil has gone to get the bus back home, I’m waiting for a train back home too – it’s close on 3pam nd I’m really looking forward to getting home to see everyone. I’ve missed ‘em. By the time I blog this I’ll have been home for some time.

It certainly has been one big adventure. I’m already looking forward to the next one….

Podcast 77 MP3

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mark - Tartanpodcast


What a cracking bloke - very listened to podcaster and very well subscribed too as well.

great analogy - what do you hang on your wall - wallpaper and art.... very like the music. Top 40 music is the backdrop - podcasters make the music the art...

WHen was the last time we listrened to the radio and heard music that wowed us? probably a long time for many of us... however... podcasting is very different...

Mark is so obviously passionate about his music, it's wonderful to hear his excitement. He tells of folk at work who have listened to the music and visited the bands websites he plays.

Alastair Bishop is speaking on a video from West Glasgow about the brilliant impact that podcasting has had

Mark is talking about the podsafe network and why it's so good - talking about influences, genres and the fact that the bands have given permission to the podcaster to play material with prior permission

Roger Smalls ...

....has just made an entrance on audio... bless him.

He is mental, I am sure that he's a professional.. very funny

Milverton Wallace

A very articulate speaker. Milverton is chatting about education.

Milverton made the briliant point of the fact that great looking classrooms filled with pc's and great decoration doesn't get away from the model of the fact that it's still a classroom... kids can hang around the street corners with the iconic white wires listening to a maths lesson.

Back in 1992 Milverton was teaching the internet and the kids packed the class out - kids are smart and can see the future..

Teaching English as a second language is a great idea for podcasting - a real solution that can be utilised out of hours.

Trying to get teachers to adapt is problematic - but dealing with the culture that is mp3 players and ipods is something the kids will buy into.

apparently a multinational saved 30% on CD burning and distribution costs by entering into podcasting - and ease and speed of distribution too.

One large scale expirement - students were given an ipod - in Jan or Feb a review was given: results, comments and responses to lectures were seen as well as recording and distributing the podcasts. Whole learning environments were being created and the students flourished - Learning was accelerated too.

Chris Ritke a lovely guy from San Fransisco - he authors 49 media and is also on the outhink team.

Enigmatic chap with about 15,000 folk logging on to his site a day... pretty good huh?

Neville Hobson

says 7 million podcast subscriptions on itunes, offering 15,000 per month - adding 1000 every week in 21 different languages.

Itunes podcast directory is responsible for a massive growth in numbers - Steve Jobs gave a keynote on the subject apparently. 7 million folk in 2 and a half months is incredible really.

Growth drivers as to why podcasting should be used in business:

1. It's easy

2. It's inexpensive

3. It's portable

4. It's available

Nev reckons you can be up and running with a network connection for £40.

Nev mentioned that the advent of Broadband is a great contributor to ebusiness.

Ok... updating ....

Bless him Rowley just asked a question on Skype... I just listened to a clip of the podcast from space...
wow, blows your mind really

This is the beginning, Neville says Video blogging will be the next generation - it won't kill audio, it's just another channel - again another inexpensive addition via a small outlay for video.

Friday, September 16, 2005

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