Tuesday, December 27, 2005

podcast94 - podcastpaul...even though I do refer to the show as podcast 93... the groove show...

The mp3 file can be downloaded here.

I am such a dummy sometimes, I really should learn. This is podcast94 - not 93, so, why the heck do I call it 93?!

Hopefully, just hopefully, the show will run smoothly and you'll even get the feed on time. Yeah rrright...

Well, I am almost one year old in Podcast terms, so, please feel free to mail or audio me - you can use this link here

Some music from PMN

Up 4 The Downstroke
Hungry Lucy


Adrian Pegg said...

I've just ordered the Stingray album from Australia on the strength of those two tracks Paul. Great stuff!


kevinbcade said...

Hey Paul, just played one Brit musician and found another one. Knowing your interest in all things musically English, I thought I'd forward their links to you and your listeners:

Robin Tymm from my last podcsat and
Figure6 from London who I hope to feature in a future show.

Happy Christmas Paul,

podcastpaul said...

thanks Kevin - I love the Figure 6 sound, I'll check Robin Tymm out later.


Thom in Oregon said...

Hey anyone-
Im new to the podcast thing and am just now figuring out how to subscribe and find great podcasts (Paul definitely included). My question is: if my desire grows to give podcasting a try why is it that most podcastsers are using indie music? Is commercial music off limits because of copyright, even if your podcast is free? Or is it just a poscast thing to promoote indie music? Thanks.

Parkylondon said...

Hi Thom (I'm jumping in here - I started writing before I realised it wasn't my podcast!)

The music business charges anyone who wants to play a song they have copyright on. This means the radio stations pay the record companies each time they play a track. In addition to this stupid state of affairs there is a huge quantity of quality music out there which is independent, unsigned to a (major) record company and which is being missed out on by us - the *real* music lovers.

Podsafe music gets round all these issues. An independent artist releases a number of tracks to the general public for play on podcasts. The artist does not want payment for these plays - just recognition and a gentle nudge to their website where we cn buy their CD's - many of which I have bought and think they are as good as if not better than the so-called professional artists!

Check out places like http://music.podshow.com, http://www.magnatunes.com and the iTunes Music Store. Plenty of good stuff out there... Enjoy.


Paul "Parkylondon" from the Flashing12 podcast. A fan of Podcastpaul.....

podcastpaul said...

Thom - it's an unfortunate fact, but the whole music industry is really getting strict on unathorised use of copyright material.

The 'podsafe' music
scene (independent music) has mushroomed and grown out of all proportion - without doubt a real benefit to podcasters.

In some countries (The Netherlands particularly) you can get a license to play a restricted catalogue of back-catalogue music. There are talks right now through AIM at licenses that could work for podcasts though they are still restricted, could cost a bomb and may even limit the show to being time sensitive.

Here in the UK the PRS; The Performing Rights Society actually drive the way to stopping podcasters using music - ironic really as one would think that such an organistaion would actually want to promote artists.

I'm afraid that money is the motivating factor behind 'commercial' artists, it's not about the artists and the love of music in that world at all, it's just production companies and money grabbers.

Podcasting will open your ears to some incredible stuff. A lot of folks (myself included) really scour around to bring you the very best stuff - no money grabbing or plastic production here, thank goodness!



Tom Morris said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Up 4 The Downstroke sent a chill right down my spine with the cover of Jill Scott's "The Way" that you played on the podcast. I've got to record you an audio comment and send it in.

podcastpaul said...

lovely comment Tom - I wil be playing it on my anniversary show - 30th December 2005. Just in the middle of putting it all together now.

...and Up4The Downstroke are an amazing band - all session musicians of the very highest calibre. I've never seen a better band live - and I must have seen them a dozen times. All top session musicians playing for the likes of the Sugababes, Beverley Night, Mica Paris etc... you want to hear their other stuff, it's exceptional.

One weird thing? The CD you heard isn't even a CD or demo, it's just their practice take for their live set. Amazing eh?

simontoon said...

I'll tell you who Hungry Lucy reminds me of: Ruby Fruit Jungle. If you liked Hungry Lucy you may well enjoy Ruby Fruit Jungle. http://www.amo.org.au/artist.asp?id=1331