Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy birthday Rowley - and podcasting generally. Some spurious ADD thoughts...

Happy Birthday Rowley Cutler at Rowley is a lovely guy and a great podcast mate of mine from Liverpool during the week and North Wales during the day.

I have just listened to Dark compass 143 - Rowley's anniversary podcast and it really did make me chuckle. Rowley is a dead-pan, really genuine bloke who just sits at the pc and tells it as it is, he's also the first UK podcast I listened too and really helped (and helps) me with techy problems. I still don't know how to set up an RSS feed in Blogger, shame on me.

It did make make me think as I listened to Rowley's podcast, what has happened to podcasting in the last year? Well, it's exploded, morphed, and taken on by the big media guys like we'd never imagined.

I remember when the UK podcasting scen was Adam Curry, me and Rowley - I think Martin from Green Dragon was there too and possibly a.n other, it was sparce, fresh and all very exciting.

Now, here in the UK there's an amazing variety of folks talking about all manner of different subjects, the efforts of Neil and Jen Dixon pulling their resources together in Britcaster for no financial gain - and all for the love of promoting a fantastic hobby is just excellent. On this topic - I listened to Neil's long overdue podcast; A Minor Technicality - you have to listen to that - I was sat at the gym almost wetting myself laughing at the exploits of Neil's weird neighbour.

Well, a year later, there's been a UK podcast conference which was brilliant fun, I've made new mates from all over the world - I've found some amazing music from a variety of incredible artists and priviliged to have been able to bring such a vital and important focus on Swaziland to some folks, that has been the pinnacle for me: podcasting from a mud hut in a staggering electrical storm in the most Southern parts of Africa telling folks all over the world about the plight of kids in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland.

I wouldn't change anything I've experienced through this incredible phenomenon over the past year and am still smiling at the fact that most folks in the UK have never heard of podcasting, let alone experience it.

I'm a year old in podcasting terms on 30th December 2005 - I wonder what on earth I'll talk about?

I plan to be here for a lot longer than a year so keep the page boomarked.

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jEN said...

As always, thanks for the mention Paul! :) It's been a pretty good year...
And you're right- Neil's podcast was waaaay overdue! Glad you enjoyed it!