Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back In Swaziland.

How I love Swaziland. As soon as the plane landed in Johannesburg, I knew it wouldn't be that many hours before I would cross the borders into the serene and gorgeous place that is Swaziland.

A two hour drive to London, a few hours wait around and a near 12 hour flight to South Africa was wearing enough - now the 3 1/2 hour or so drive into the North Eastern quadrant of South Africa, virtually to the borders of Mozambique. To say I was tired was an understatement, I'd had just 20 minutes or so sleep on the plane. My mind was buzzing so much I'd watched four films back to back as I couldn't sleep, but I felt so weary. I just yearned for a bed, a razor and a shower.

On the way in through South Africa, I was the customary workmen sitting in the back of an open 4X4, that was commonplace. It made me smile to see these chaps in an open 4X4 clinging for dear life to the rivets on the back windscreen!

Just being on the road reminds you of the immense gap in wealth between folks in the west and elsewhere.

The shanty towns and shacks you see are all for real, it still makes me wonder at how folks with so little seem to live life to the full without a care in the world. We really could learn a huge lesson from them. When I hear folks whinging back home, their 'plight' is so hollow when you see just how little some of these people have.

It wasn't too long before we got to the borders. Immigration in Swaziland was a laid back, low key affair, smiles from the officials on the desks and the promise of a bed at the end of it. The weather was incredibly oppresive - somewhere near 100 degrees farenheit (about 38 C) I would think. Some of the locals were walking around with foil topped umbrellas to shield the heat.

The electricity continually crashes, as does the internet connection, so I'll keep ths brief.

Keep your eye on he blog page, I promise I'll keep it updated.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

podcastpaul podcast136

Download the MP3 direct from here

PodcastPaul podcast 136
Hi from Paul
Hello from Paul in Birmingham -
Upside Down - Bob Gentry - this guy has a great voice!
We really are all over the place - cases all over the shop
Rand purchased - flying to Johannesburg on Monday
Gunn - A night in Milan.
Stocking the Ipod with bits and pieces - and taking the lap top
Send your audio comments please, would be great to hear from you
Must see film - The Guardian absolutely fantastic!
Ashton Kutcher
Melissa Sagemiller - bit of a minger.
Can't wait to see the new Bond movie - Casino Royale
Howard Jones - Building Our Own Future.
I loved Howard Jones! Like to get to know you well, what is love, New song etc...
What happened to Jed?
I was in the HJ fan club, I really wanted to get a jacket like his - wrote into his fan club.
Touring with ABC - a hugely underrated band of their time. Lexicon of love has to be one of the defining albums of the 80's, along with Dare (Human League) and Faith (George Michael). Beauty stab was a brilliant album but dived. When Smokey sings was an incredible song. Martin Fry still a great singer.
Jeremy Carr - just one night
what should we expect in Swaziland?
PLEASE keep your eye on the blog and your ear to the podcasts - I'll be recording as much as I can for you.
Hoping to see some of the faces from last year
Muttley - 6 going on 16...
maybe some BBC coverage.
Not on the radio - Geoff Smith.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I am so excited, I really am. The sight of half packed suitcases brings home to me the reality of the fact that I reeally am going to Swaziland.

I've never been to a place like it before or since I've been desperate to get back there and I'm just so anxious to get back to Hawane farm in Mbabane to see some of the faces that have burnt such a long lasting memory in my mind.

Swaziland is such a place of paradox. Amongst the immense mountainous beauty of the tiny kingdom there is the ravage of AIDS. Swaziland has the highest rate of AIDS in the world. There are all sorts of facts and figures, but those really in the know believe the rate to be to the order of 50%.

I wouldn't blame you for not knowing where Swaziland is. It's virtually in the bottom right hand corner of Africa. Swaziland is a tiny kingdom of just over a million people nestled between Mozambique and South Africa.

The red dot in the picture opposite shows you precisely where Sue and I will be going next week. he journey is a bit of a pig - a few hours drive down to London, an 11 1/2 flight to Johannesburg and a 3 hour drive into the most beautiful place I've ever been.

Those of you who've lisened to me before will know why I'm going - I'm visiting an AIDS orphanage and project. I belong to a church that supports the work there. I'm absolutely delighted and incredibly proud, relieved - I don't really know the word - to say that the folks at the church raised £7,500 in one week to build a children's home - that means that 10 kids lives have been saved.

I will be avidly recording audio and photo's to capture as much as I possibly can for you.

If you've not heard them - please check out podcasts 86 - 90 - you can get them from the right hand side of my page by scrolling down. The podcasts are a real experience - there's some amazing sounds, incredible interviews with folks. I can honestly say that the best ones are those that don't feature much of me. The people I met are amazing - and that's what makes the podcasts stand up on their own.

I can't wait, I really can't!

Speak to you all REALLY soon!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

podcast135 - with Monte Silver, my caravan and loads more..

Download the MP3 of podcast 135 direct from here
- show notes: PodcastPaul podcast 135
- Hi from Paul
- Mr Lovely - Beth Thornley
- Cracking film for recommendation - The departed. Leonardo Di Caprio is usally a bit wet, he's - cracking in this Martin Scorsesi movie. Matt Damon has one expression and has a forehead like a tin of Spam.
- Ray Winstone has a ridiculous accent. Actually spoils the film a little.
- The James Bond film looks great; Casino Royale. I still can't see anyone else as James Bond apart from Sean Connery.
- One for Clinton Gallie in Wellington; New Zealand
- I am not afraid Majek Fashek
- Mobipod - what is it?
- segment - Monte Silver.
I love gadgets and things I really do - my PDA is on the blink though and I've broken my MP3 recorder - though I've got it working in a Heathkit manner as you can hear.
Where are things going?
The mobile phone really will be the one mobile device - the internet the main home centre.
podcastconupdate loads happening - email box pinging constantly
fantastic keynote speaker
some news even as I'm producing the show seems to be an excellent event
Bill De Rome - The Sundial
I bought a caravan!
Ten things we didn't know last week.
Please send in your mail - and look at the blog.
Last Hurrah - Blame Amy, courtesy of Piggyback Records
- all music from PMN apart from Last Hurrah
- send a mail to paul@podcastpaul.com see you!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Have you seen this?!!

download video here


The shakes just get better and better - look at this. One of the best music vids I've seen in a long time.

What amazing production quality too.

Well done boys! See you at podcastcon.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Podcastcon has a Keynote...

..... I hate being a tease, but I'm so dead chuffed.

Alex, bless his cotton socks has just mailed me with news of the Keynote speaker.

It has to be kept under wraps at the min, but...... YAY!!!!!!

Seriously, keep your eye on the podcastcon site

I'll blog it as soon as there's a green light to go.

No, not who you're thinking either, you lot!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Net Talk - your input welcomed.

The guys at Net Talk have offered me a weekly slot on streaming net radio - cheers boys!

Ross tells me that they can get half a million or so listeners so that sounds excellent news eh?

Net Talk will be aroud at Podcastcon - streaming some bits and pieces (broadband willing) so hopefully many more of you can attend virtually for some bits and pieces.

I'll be doing an hour long talk- related show as well as the podcasts and this made me really think.

I'd love to get your mp3 and email comments on stuff - wherever you're from. You can mail your audio or even use he 'Mychingo' icon on my page at www.podcastpaul.com.

I'm collating some bits and pieces on some topics I want to explore, and I'd love your comments, (no matter how diverse) on the subjects.

I want to look at the below comments - so if you've got some comment, please send ASAP to me either as above, or by mail at paul@podcastpaul.com.

topics for discussion:

1. Gadgets - we all have em, when will it all stop? Where will we be in, say 5 years?

2. TV - what is the future? (one for you Adrian). We're lucky here in the UK with the BBC (or are we?) Are the present models sustainable?

3. Travel. Here in the UK, the roads are heaving, congested and incredibly expensive. Tax is on the increase and the only alternative is public transport. How do you get to and from work? Are you satisfied with the costs?

4. Podsafe music. Is it all it's cracked up to be really? Have you purchased something on the back of lisening to a podcast? Do you listen to all podsafe music / mainstream / oldies / mixture?

If you send audio - please aim for about 2 mins max per subject. Comment on one or more of the subjects if you wish. Don't feel as though you need to keep within the perameters of the dsicussion as set out above.

Please do comment - I'd love the show to be as interactive as possible. I'd ideally love a world perspective on stuff too, so, grab a mike, or tap those keys!



Sunday, October 15, 2006

podcast 134 History Boys, Sex Pistols and bag loads more...

Download the MP3 direct from here



Delphinium Blue - Beautiful

Human league vibe with a very Scritti Politti and Frankie Goes to Hollywood feel.
Funny how fashions and vogues come around. Mike, Chris and Jack have Pogues, Ramones and Kiss Tshirts. They've never even heard of them!

Great film for review: The History Boys, screen version of an Alan Bennett play. very 'Dead Poets Society'

Fantastic film set in the early 80's in Sheffield, working classes attaining to Oxford status - reminds me of a much better Billy Elliot. very sexual undertones but nevertheless a great, gritty film - very classy in a working class way.

God Save The Queen

from Wisconsin - I'm apparently the first show to play them - Oasis, Beck, Genesis, Led Zep and the Beatles. Great earthy sound - love the groove. Great tight sounds - beautiful choppy gutsy guitar. Only downside for me is the one bit of profanity - shame as that may well exclude it from a lot of playlists. It's a good idea to do a radio edit - or "squeaky clean version" - shame if a song gets excluded.

God Save The Queen - by the Sex Pistols. I STILL don't get them. They were rubbish. pawns of their time - no doubt about the fact that they were a massive influence from a desperate time.

Watching the X Factor tonight - irritates me. So much seems to be about the look and the presentation. What a load of old pony. Listen to Ruby Turner's voice - then look at a picture of her. Look at Reg Dwight, aka Elton John.

I wish they'd have an X factor for amazing musicians - check out Tony Royster Jr. An absolutely amazing drummer.. Kids need more than boy bands now. I'm introducing Christian to Alex Acuna, John Bonham, Buddy Rich and Jeff Porcaro

The Shakes & Lady A - Liberty Jones.

Great version - but the original is fantastic. Looking forward to meeting the boys at Podcastcon - 18th November - London.

I'd be ever so interested to know what your first record was. Mine was.... well have a listen to the show. I remember buying it from Woolworths for 50p. I also seem to remember buying Abba - Super Trouper too... Do you remember your first record? I remember buying Magnum II on Jet Records 1979 and playing it until it wore out. I also remember sitting and listening to every drum riff by Kex Gorin and religiously trying to copy 'em.

Next to Mine - Folio

all music from PMN
send a mail to paul@podcastpaul.com

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I love drums..

.. I really do, I've been playing them for nearly 30 years. I consider I'm a good player, probably better than average.

Then I hear about Tony Royston Jr. This young bloke is amazing.

Then I see a video of him playing aged 12....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog entries on the PDA....

Handy things, these PDA's, here's an entry I made a few nights ago:

I'm back on the PDA and in bed at the moment whilst penning this.

I'm multi-tasking, listening to my mate; Paul Parkinson on the Ipod with his show; The Flashing 12.

Harry has just come into the bedroom, having had a nightmare, so now I've relocated to his room so we can both get some sleep.

Paul recently returned from the Podcast Media Expo, which by all accounts was a great success. I'm dead excited about the forthcoming Podcastconference in London.

There's mainly a great buzz and excitement about the conference,but the odd whinger asking why they have to pay the meagre sum of £41.50 for a ticket to an event in central London. The mind boggles, it really does. I'm attending a half dy conference in provincial Manchester at a ridiculous cost of £250!

The whole thing is non profit making and there's no other reason apart from the fact that the three of us setting this up love podcasting. No-one else is doing this over here and if we don't do it, there's no other function.

It never ceases me how, and/or why people moan. If the event isn't a success, there's a four figure liability for three of us. Why do people complain?

Anyway, you get the picture and I'll stop moaning now. I'm too excited to dwell on it!

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's another great piece of podcast news....

..... I confirmed earlier today that The Shakes are appearing at podcastcon in London on 18th November - a fantastic band from London who really seem to know where their roots are. Other artists are of course playing - not least Ellie Myles, a band I've played here many times.

The Shakes seem to be blasting through the world in all manner of podcasts and most likely about to break into the mainstream too - they've had some BBC airtime and possibly Radio 1 in the next week.

Keep your eye on next month's PUM - there could well be an interview in there... as well as one on this site too.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

podcast133 intelligent music and chat - not for the great unwashed

Download the mp3 from here

Hi from Paul!
Delphinium Blue - Joy
Nostalgic feel with the music tonight.
Reminds me of the Equaliser - all the music from that series was by Stuart Copeland - exceptional drummer with Police
Many of the old 80's tv I miss - Cheers, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Only Fools & Horses.
Misplaced - Warmbodies - very Radiohead.
Much made about Jack Straw - were his comments misplaced?
Crossing into the boundties of 'muslim discussion' again...groan.. Incredible to see how diplomatic folks are with their comments about this
My uncle had a cross ripped from his neck in Saudi Arabia and was threatened to be killed.
Long live diplomacy eh?
Where do you go - Sigmon
Ask Adrian Pegg - I had a text from him saying "Snake Charmers rock!"
His web says he's in Udapair - where? Apparently India. What IS he up to?
prepping for the show with Charlotte Church - gorgeous girl with a mouth like a sewer
Watched "Extras" - absolutely superb, if in the UK watch it - Thursdays BBC2
Be there or be square!
Podcastusermagazine - 9th edition out now, check it out, looks great.
Flooded by Twinego

all music from PMN
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

podcastcon looming...

I am SO looking forward to the podcastconference in London on 18th November.

If last year was anything to go by, this year looks absolutely fantastic.

Visit the podcastcon.co.uk site to have a look. CC Chapman has just confirmed his attendance, I'm looking forward to meeting up with him, and seeing Mark Hunter again. Are you coming along? I'd love to meet up with you if you are, 'specially if you're a listener / reader.

Just 7 weeks or so to go!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


podcast 132 download here.

For some odd reason, the feed didn't work last week, I'll send podcast 132 out again.

Hope you're all ok, I'm just back from uni, tired, but happy. I seem to be ever so busy, more than ever before, but I'm strangely upbeat. What's the converse? I'd hate to have nothing to do, simply sat night after night in front of the TV.
The only thing I seem to watch on the tv presently is 'lost' - and that's just ended. Apart from catching the news headlines I just don't watch the thing at all.

I find I do my best thinking in the car. I wondered if I could do without the TV. I really believe that I could, you know. I love BBC Radio 4 news in the morning - Lost, I'm sure I really could do without.

The net is absolutely something I could NOT do without. I use the net for podcasts mainly and that's my leisure time - saying that, I've not listened to a podcast now in a week. I'm just too busy, and enjoying the kids, work and study.

Speak to you all soon