Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lawyers I like

Hi there,

I'm working on a brand new site for professional / legal recommendations. The best way to get a plumber / lawyer / mechanic is by recommendation. I've put my tuppence worth in by building a site to recommend some great unsung heroes at www.lawyersilike.com

Hopefully a client or fellow professional or even prospective employer will look at the site, and one of the guys recommended will benefit. Everyone seems to market themselves. I'd far rather take the word of someone else.

Hopefully the site will grow and get some good useage in time. Let's wait and see....

Monday, February 19, 2007

I like this one.......

This really made me smile.
A similar thing happened when Jack was a baby. I remember being woken from a Sunday afternoon snooze by Sue's screams. I'd been napping on the sofa in the living room at the time. Jack had manged to open a huge tin of red paint, hook it around his foot and navigate a small grand prix circuit crawl through the living room, into the hall around into the kitchen and back into the living room again.

I seem to remember there was paint everywhere, all over the carpet, sofa, table, hall, kitchen floor and just about everywhere else. It was horrific at the time, but I smile now.

I love two things about this picture:

1. The cheeky grin on the lad standing in front of the TV, he knows he's done wrong, but seems very proud of his handiwork. I've no doubt he's the culprit.
2. The body language of his young sibling - and the stripes on his head.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

podcastpaul podcast149 from the Dominican Republic

Download the MP3 of Podcast 149 here


More haste less speed! The feed was entered sightly incorrectly, accordingly it wouldn't load. What a nuisance.

Anyway, here we go, from the Dominican Republic, podcast 149, take it away boys...

podcastpaul podcast149

Download podcast 149 here

Podcastpaul 149
Jamaican Intro: hello!
Music from : Benet McLean, Slashed Seat Affair and Up 4 the Downstroke
We talk from and about the Dominican Republic whilst on holiday, French Speaking Canadians and New Yorkers, Sunbeds, bumping into Caroline & Luke from Canada, Luke's fancy footwork, feeling patriotic and loads of other stuff.
Send an email: paul@podcastpaul.com
speak soon!

Monday, February 12, 2007

hola from the Dominican Republic

Hello all,

I'm here in the Dominican Republic in 85 degrees blazing heat, leaving behind the sub zero temperatures of good old blighty.

The journey across was appalling. A six hour wait greeted us (that after an epic six or seven hour drive to Manchester in foul, freezing, snowbound conditions). We were kept waiting for an age and then told the journey over would be an extra hour or so because of 'headwinds'. Great. Ten and a half hours later and all would be well, surely?

Well, no, not really. We were led to a room on a beautiful complex that can only be described as a bombsite. Wires hanging from the wall where the damp patches weren't, no bedsheets, no cushions on the furniture - wires hanging from the phone.... massive, ugly insects on the balcony feeding from some horrible grainy rubble on the floor. Thank goodness they'd led us to the wrong room - we were ushered to a lovely room, everything working and in order.

The days here are hot and humid, the complex is a beautiful, massive site with all sorts of restaurants and entertainment. Folks seem to abound here from the US and Canada (both French and English speaking). There appears to be the odd sprinkling of South American here too.

There are a couple of Brits I've bumped into, but, the friendliest folks seem to come from New York - a great big bunch of them, mostly middle aged who seem to have a ball, all of the time.

We're off to see the place where Jurassic Park was filmed if we can book it, led out to the site 'James Bond' style in a speedboat.

I've only just found out that there's a Wifi spot, so I'll be posting pictures and audio - and maybe even a show in the next few days.

It's so relaxing here - I've almost finished a wonderful book 'The pursuit of HappYness' (yes, I have spelt it correctly), I've started a massive 1000 page epic, 'MAO' - the untold story and partly through an autobigraphy 'Semi-Detached' by Griff Rhys-Jones. Trust me to read three books at once!

I'll be logging on again very soon.

Bye for now.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Podcastpaul podcast148 - memories, music and mania

Download the MP3 Podcast 148 direct from here

Podcastpaul 148
Jamaican Intro: hello!
music: Plastic Soul Band - Tokyo, PMN- Chairman Mao crossed with the Commitments?! Great raw sound - love 'em!
Music is such an individual thing tailored to memories.
Michael now influenced by modern dance music - awful
Rachel - "Old Skool" - hardly! Awful plastic drumm and bass or drag and drop music - no brain required
I'm into the skill of a musician & musical integrity
I do realise that my memories are coloured by songs from my past. Ghost town by the Specials, the first album by Van Halen, Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics, the list goes on. Tonight I souded like my dad, and he even commented that I sounded like that. I still love the idea of creating a soundtrack to your life - the movie track of Paul Nicholls.
Andy Baker - Best man! bril!
Katie Davis - Movie. PMN
Really sad news from Swaziland - Swaeli has been seriously injured, fractured skull, smashed up leg. Mercifully the 10 kids in his van were spared. Swaeli was airlifted to South Africa and treated - at huge cost.
Wonderful win at court recently. The job is certainly telling though - I'm dead tired.
Looking forward to a good break away, the weather here has been vile
bonus surprise track: see if you know it ;-)
Tomorrow I graduate (again!) Quite looking forward to that.
Further terrorism nonsense here in Birmingham. 9 muslims were arrested for the alleged plot and planned murder of a muslim soldier. The local muslim community has suggested racism. I find this astonishing,
Sky Like Static - Nervous Energy PMN
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speak soon!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm dreaming of a.........

..... no, not a white Christmas, I'm dreaming of a beach in the Dominican Republic that I'll be frequenting on Saturday.

This is the view from my car windscreen at 7.45 this morning, roll on Saturday!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Podcast soon - I promise!

Wow, it really has been busy - unbelievably so. It's been 'nice busy' though if you know what I mean, where everything seems to come together and you get results.

I'm off to the Dominican Republic on Saturday, and looking forward to the rest. I can't believe just how busy it's been since Christmas. Having a relaxed attitude to busy pays off though - I just look at the task, shrug my shoulders and get on with it, rather than stress and run around like a headless chicken.

I started a podcast yesterday, but pulled it as it didn't feel right, I was using a different set up and wasn't too happy about the levels. I'll definitely be getting a podcast (or two) out in the week.

Speak to you all soon.