Monday, February 12, 2007

hola from the Dominican Republic

Hello all,

I'm here in the Dominican Republic in 85 degrees blazing heat, leaving behind the sub zero temperatures of good old blighty.

The journey across was appalling. A six hour wait greeted us (that after an epic six or seven hour drive to Manchester in foul, freezing, snowbound conditions). We were kept waiting for an age and then told the journey over would be an extra hour or so because of 'headwinds'. Great. Ten and a half hours later and all would be well, surely?

Well, no, not really. We were led to a room on a beautiful complex that can only be described as a bombsite. Wires hanging from the wall where the damp patches weren't, no bedsheets, no cushions on the furniture - wires hanging from the phone.... massive, ugly insects on the balcony feeding from some horrible grainy rubble on the floor. Thank goodness they'd led us to the wrong room - we were ushered to a lovely room, everything working and in order.

The days here are hot and humid, the complex is a beautiful, massive site with all sorts of restaurants and entertainment. Folks seem to abound here from the US and Canada (both French and English speaking). There appears to be the odd sprinkling of South American here too.

There are a couple of Brits I've bumped into, but, the friendliest folks seem to come from New York - a great big bunch of them, mostly middle aged who seem to have a ball, all of the time.

We're off to see the place where Jurassic Park was filmed if we can book it, led out to the site 'James Bond' style in a speedboat.

I've only just found out that there's a Wifi spot, so I'll be posting pictures and audio - and maybe even a show in the next few days.

It's so relaxing here - I've almost finished a wonderful book 'The pursuit of HappYness' (yes, I have spelt it correctly), I've started a massive 1000 page epic, 'MAO' - the untold story and partly through an autobigraphy 'Semi-Detached' by Griff Rhys-Jones. Trust me to read three books at once!

I'll be logging on again very soon.

Bye for now.


Your Dad said...

It must be so nice for Sue to have you all to herself for a lovely romantic week away from it all, with only a couple of thousand blog readers for company.

podcastpaul said...

Thanks 'Dad' or should I say Mr. Obrey..

Couple of thousand blog readers? You underestimate, m'dear boy!

See you when we get back.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

Couple of thousand and two. I'd forgotten about your aunt in Wales and that dog that she had off you.

Anonymous said...

Have I told you I hate you ? Well, I do !


Paul said...

@Kenny - True.
@Paul - No gloating. Life is a game of spoof. It pays to remember that!
Have a great holiday mate.