Friday, May 26, 2006

Podcast Paul - Big Brother 4 - we're bored!

Download the MP3 here

PodcastPaul / Completely Unofficial Big Brother podcast We're Pinfield-less again, bless him, Sue and I postulate as to where he is and whether he's wearing his Navy Costume.

Paul is bored, Sue is tired, Dwn is gone and Lewis Moten wants us to stop! Saying that, loads of great comments again, cheers folks.


All here folks...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

oops! Big Brother 3 podcast

Download mp3 here

oops... looks like the feed broke for bb3 - here it is - sorry!

New Music Friday with Martin from Green Dragon

Download the MP3 here

My old mate Martin helps me to spice things up in the third New Music Friday

I'll post shownotes as soon as I'm less busy... i.e. December 25th 2009!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast No. 3

Download the MP3 direct from here

The Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast Number 3

More chat from Paul Pinfield, Paul & Sue Nicholls.

The Big Brotherhood split and Dawn’s B.O…. three normal folks talking about the last few days of Big Brother, warts and all..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast No. 2

Download the MP3 here
It's day two with Paul & Sue. Mr P is on a date....or, was on a date?
Big Brotherhood - Mancy Lisa and Shabaz, the 'nine stone cowboy'. Obviously divisive
Seza - desperate for Imogen.
Glynn and Imogen talking Welsh - very similar to Sue's old bionic woman club when she was a kid.
George's posh piercing is really annoying me.
Pete's Tourette's is absolutely brilliant. He does a Loony Tunes whistle too.
Seza the geezer, woman teezer - Pete obviously doesn't like Seza - I don't like seeing women grabbed that way.
Nicky ridiculous baby talking
George thinks Richard will be the ring-leader. The daddy of the house.
Selected Big Brotherhood leaders.
Lisa - don't like Sezar and Bonnie.
Bonnie, crying chav.
I most despise Nicky. I have a migraine I need bottled water. IDIOT!! No tears. "I feel like a homeless tramp"
Dawn is about 18 foot 9
Seza - self proclaimed guru and font of knowledge. I hate people like that. I would end up punching him.
Seza - I find Lisa "common"
Shabaz - scapegoat. Reminded me of George Orwell's 1984.
Richard "This is why gay men get bad names"
A rift is developing between Shabaz and Sezar.
Mrs Doubtfire.
Dawn - shows some really lovely qualities. Thinks they are bullying Shabaz.
come and chat to me when you're ready - Richard. Who is he?
Who do we think will be evicted? Who can't we stick? Who should win?

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast No.1

Download the MP3 file direct from here


- Hello and Welcome to show no. 1

- This is the compleely unofficial show for Big Brother
- Meet Paul, Sue and Paul
- Different Lay out in the house
- Camp Chair
- Lovely Davina
- Bonnie; 20, Careworker. Chav. Is she thick?
- Pete; 24. Poor mans Lee Evans, Does he really have tourettes?
- George 19, student. Mr Posh
- Shabaz Self proclaimed "paki poof" - 80's nut
- Leah 35, plastic surgery addict large....teeth £35,000 on surgery
- Imogen 23, Barmaid. yummy! Very welsh former Miss Wales. Graduate. purrr...
- Mikey 23, model, Liverpool. Chauvanist
- Dawn 38. misery, has no friends, doesn't like people. Shoulder + chip.
- Glynn 18, lifeguard with a figure like a coathanger
- Richard, 33, Waiter, Canadian, muscular gay bloke - "I lack grace with the manners of an inbred dog"
- Grace, 20, Dance Teacher. very tidy... posh
- Lisa, 27, upholsterer. Chinese Mancunian - mental "I get on with the lads and dad owned a chippy" tiny...
- Sezer, 26, entrepeneur. Stockbroker. Bighead. Appears to be a bit of a chav, loves himself.
- Nicky, 24, model & promo girl. Appears to be thick. 'Man mad' Slightly pretty Vicky Pollard. Came 4th in Miss Hertfordshire. One wonders how many contestants there were....

oh dear.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Be afraid...very afraid, it's the.....

Love to hate it? hate to love it. Real discussion from real people who love and hate Big Brother.

Coming sooner than you'll expect it...

PodcastPaul - Bedtime stories with Harry and once upon a world

Download the mp3 here directly.

I love my lads - I love my five year old - my five year old loves Bedtime stories.

I don't like the fact that the internet can spew out some harmful stuff for kids, so I am delighted to promote (entirely independently - I have no tie in any way shape or form) 'Once Upon a World' - kids Bible stories read by the enigmatic wonderful and charismatic great English voice of John Le Mesurier (Dad's Army!)

for more info on Once Upon A World - go to their site

I tested this out on Harry the other night, and he loved it - we both did.

A big thumbs up from Paul and Harry!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

podcast 110 I REALLY REALLY HATE taking stuff back to the shops

Download the MP3 direct from here

Another packed show from Paul (and Sue)
Show notes
- debacle in the restaurant- I hate taking suff back to the shops!- PUM & UKPA
- Sue reading my email
- Big Brother starts soon..listen out!
- Teri Hatcher is haggard, Paul fancies Brie and the working mum with the blonde hair (and of course Eva Longorio)
- other stuff I forgot...including Ofsted


- Regardless by Agency
- Usual Way by Blue Alarm
- Born Again - Mark Prescott
All music from the podsafe music network.
All non music content, completely free for your own use - I'm not a spanner!

Monday, May 15, 2006

listener map

My Clustr map never ceases to amaze me.

Like most folks who do podcasts, I have listeners (or should I say readers) on every continent, how brilliant is that?

The majority of people seem to be US based, with a very good UK and Western Europe contingent.

It's amazing to see how far flung some of the folks are from - and the incredible places too. I am really pleased to see the South American, African, Asian and Australasian / New Zealander folks too!

I seem to have far more folks actually download the show than visit the blog. I wonder if that is a trend or simply down to the automation of aggregating feeds?

Anyway, whoever, and wherever you're from, you're all very welcome.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Podcast Paul - Podcast 109 Don't mention the...

Show notes

Music - Calvin Owens; Stop Lying In my face.

Hello from just me

Sue is in bed at the time I am recording the show - she's been to Cheltenham with some mates, so I am all on my lonesome looking after the kids - McDonalds comes in useful on those days!

Thanks for the feedback that has continued, you can always leave a message on the comment board and/or email.

I have been in the grip of University fever - exams are on 1, 5 & 9th July, I have just finished an Extended Research Essay ( 5000 words ) I cannot imagine that it will ever be published, 'A critical Consideration of Conditional Fee Agreements' is hardly a thrilling read.

Music - Don't mention the World Cup featuring John Cleese. I love the line "They might have bombed our chip shops a million years ago, a million pints of lager later, here we go!"
An absolute classic. I hope it'll do well. ;-)

I met up with Paul Pinfeld, Mark Crook and Dean Whitbread. We discussed UKPA - there are some amazing things Paul Pinfield and I are doing at the same time. More to come regarding that...

Took the boys to an unbelievable dive - in the red light district of Birmingham - for a curry. Offered drugs as we walked in and witnessed a fight outside. Charming evening! Whole thing cost just £27 for the food fo five of us.

Music - Back to No-One Ellie Myles and the genuis of young Darren on the guitar.

Radio Pinnacle
Pinnacle Sweeper Phone
Pinnacle funky

PUM is out - again please use the comments board, love to hear from you.

Today was Cup final day - Liverpool v West Ham, not that Iam bothered, I will be following the World Cup though, it's mandatory if you're English.

Christian has been playing 'Richard Cheese' - incredibly funny, I love him! Richard Cheese Preview

Music Don't stop me now - Dynamo's Rhythm Aces.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Update for May 11th and some vintage Harry Audio

Hi folks! Here's a quick audio update and some classic audio for you - you can download the mp3 here

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another day, another.... Extended Research Essay....

I am poring over yet more dusty law books. I've my final exams in a few weeks and I've a 5000 word research essay to do, due tomorrow. I'm taking just a few minutes out to clear my head. I'm speaking at the Apple Accredited Centre tonight on podcasting, so I hope I get the academic stuff finished and out of the way.

"A Critical Consideration of Conditional Fee Agreements" isn't going to be a best seller, I just sense that, so I'll avoid disappointment immediately by wondering if a publisher wants me to expand upon it.

I know I haven't done a podcast for over a week now - I am itching to do one!

I've been looking at Second Life - I'm on there as Paul Swenson if you'd like to chat. I was in a virtual conference room the other day watching a live stream link on a large cinema type screen with 50 or so other folks - how amazing is that? Earlier I had been lying around a virtual campfire talking to Kosso and a guy sat in Chicago airport waiting for his plane - amazing!

I went back to the auditorium a few days later for a screen grab - I'm the bloke with the wings - you can see another chap seated and us looking at the screen ahead.

Though SL is a bit slow and glitchy, I have every reason to believe that it will be an amazing piece of kit in the next few upgrades - it's excellent now and I foresee masses of applications. I want to build the first virtual solicitor's office so I can get some RL clients... I'll wait and see.

And while I'm at it - have a look at a project Adrian, Jen and Neil have been involved in ' - this looks absolutely amazing. I just haven't got the time until the weekend to check anything out really yet fully, but, good old John Le Mesurier, he of Dad's Army fame with the silky golden voice is reading Bible stories for kids!

The website is gorgeous to look at - and if you listen to the wonderful tones of Le Mesurier this is a sure fire winner. Well done lads.. and girl!

You can check out the site here and subscribe to the podcast.

Very best of luck on this incredibly worthwhile project guys / gal.

Monday, May 08, 2006

podcast user magazine

Is here again! You can download it from this link right here

Issue 4 is packed out with loads of different stuff and is a great read.

...and it's free!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Photo's from your camera

I took some photo's on my camera phone some months ago.

I've a works mobile phone, and it doesn't have the capability to send pics via mail (either that or the settings aren't configured, though I have tried).

Camera phones have definitely come on a bundle since they were first introduced, I'm stunned at the quality of them.

This is a photo of Jack looking up at the wheel in Birmingham city centre, next to the Symphony Hall (just across the road from the ICC if you're reading this Adrian).

This next photo is the Symphony Hall, a large convention / concert hall venue, opposite the Wheel, as you can plainly see by the reflection in the windows.

Birmingham is an incredibly cosmopolitan city with fantastic places to eat, great music venues and a diverse mix of many cultures.

I have to say, I love Birmingham, and I'm ever so proud of the city, its culture and people.

I'm getting a bit better with my techy stuff. I couldn't for love or money work out how to get the pics onto my pc, I knew I could buy a data cable that fitted into a USB socket, but that just seemed a bit... clunky.

I bought a 'dongle' that fits in the back of the lap top to make it blue tooth, a fantastically versatile bit of kit that works realy well - and obviously works as you can see.

This is a picture on Broad Street, Birmingham's night life hub - often referred to as a parallel to Ibiza. This was taken very early evening with a low sun.

I liked the perspective of this picture with the blinding sun against the beauiful blue sky.

As I took these pictures, it struck me how easily citizen journalism these days actually is. This thought has been highlighted by the awful 9/11 and 7/7 incidents - and here's what got me thinking: I believe we're all really nosey, or, interested in real life.

Celebrity life doesn't intrigue me as much as the life of the man on the street.

I often look at an elderly person and wonder what story they have to tell - the more lines on the brow, the more stories to tell, I believe. My dad once said that you should take time with an elderly person, they will always have something to teach you, and I certainly know that to be the case as I have often remembered dad's advice. I'm also fascinated by folks from other places. Swaziland was a real dream for me.

As you're reading this, you may well be in another part of the world; the map in the right hand corner of my blog page never ceases to amaze me.

I often wonder what other folks are doing in other parts of the world, or indeed, other parts of the UK. The web, blogs & podcasts can create a wonderfully intimate place - somewhere you can escape to, somewhere you can learn about other folks.

If you have a picture you'd like to share - a camera pic with a bit about who you are, where you live - your thoughts, do please send them to me by mail or post a link. If there are enough responses, I may even create a seperate page and link.

I am pretty sure I will be posting more pics too, though the quality isn't great, I hope you get the sentiment and idea.

I look forward to hearing from you / seeing from you shortly.

Monday, May 01, 2006

How much for face peel?!!??

Download podcastpaul podcast108 here

Today I went to the shops and bought... New Headphones, a new Sennheiser microphone, assorted cables, adaptors and a new mic stand.

Maplins is Paul's heaven. Masses of wires and a real boys paradise.

Why does Sue love shopping? She almost walked out of Maplins with an electronic translator, fog pool ice, an ice lamp and a fairground grabber!

Harry, Sue and I went to Asda, which has been taken over by Walmart.

Once more I was in paradise and purchashed the headphones. I spent ages going around the electrical equipment and mens clothes - they sell great stuff much cheaper than everywhere else.

I'm told I keep interupting

My sister; Rachel owns a beauty business, she has spray tanned herself and been on the sunbed and now looks orange. Like a sponsor for Radion, she appears to have been rolling around the floor in Wotsits (bright orange cheese snacks for the uninitiated)

Miss Saigon - renowned by lots of peopple for being wonderful, I thught it was ridiculous in places. The singing and acting were great though (especially the women dancers!)

Sue was at Rachel's shop having a face peel. fifty quid! (well. actually there's an online revelation from Sue.. Why do women pay to have acid put on their face?!! You could buy some good cables, adaptors and rechargable batteries for that!

email about the cat - thanks George!

Music from the podsafe music network:

The Aggrolites (on Epitaph) Mister Misery
Betty La Vette (again on Epitaph) Down to Zero
Satori - Losing Time Dub
Calvin owens (Topcat Records) Please Love Me