Sunday, May 14, 2006

Podcast Paul - Podcast 109 Don't mention the...

Show notes

Music - Calvin Owens; Stop Lying In my face.

Hello from just me

Sue is in bed at the time I am recording the show - she's been to Cheltenham with some mates, so I am all on my lonesome looking after the kids - McDonalds comes in useful on those days!

Thanks for the feedback that has continued, you can always leave a message on the comment board and/or email.

I have been in the grip of University fever - exams are on 1, 5 & 9th July, I have just finished an Extended Research Essay ( 5000 words ) I cannot imagine that it will ever be published, 'A critical Consideration of Conditional Fee Agreements' is hardly a thrilling read.

Music - Don't mention the World Cup featuring John Cleese. I love the line "They might have bombed our chip shops a million years ago, a million pints of lager later, here we go!"
An absolute classic. I hope it'll do well. ;-)

I met up with Paul Pinfeld, Mark Crook and Dean Whitbread. We discussed UKPA - there are some amazing things Paul Pinfield and I are doing at the same time. More to come regarding that...

Took the boys to an unbelievable dive - in the red light district of Birmingham - for a curry. Offered drugs as we walked in and witnessed a fight outside. Charming evening! Whole thing cost just £27 for the food fo five of us.

Music - Back to No-One Ellie Myles and the genuis of young Darren on the guitar.

Radio Pinnacle
Pinnacle Sweeper Phone
Pinnacle funky

PUM is out - again please use the comments board, love to hear from you.

Today was Cup final day - Liverpool v West Ham, not that Iam bothered, I will be following the World Cup though, it's mandatory if you're English.

Christian has been playing 'Richard Cheese' - incredibly funny, I love him! Richard Cheese Preview

Music Don't stop me now - Dynamo's Rhythm Aces.


jEN said...

(Richard Cheese is really funny! :D )

Although your essay does sound like a dry topic, I'm sure you've put your all into it. Good luck Paul!

podcastpaul said...

Thanks Jen.

Mike said...

Congrats with the first 'powered by CastBlaster' show Paul, and good luck with the essay.