Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Music Friday with Martin from Green Dragon

Download the MP3 here

My old mate Martin helps me to spice things up in the third New Music Friday

I'll post shownotes as soon as I'm less busy... i.e. December 25th 2009!


Angelaluvvie said...

Hi there, another great show, I've been listening for a while, just thought I'd say hello, hello!
Hollow horse sounded very nice, I had a look at their website, they're the business, I'm going to get an album (or two), will I get a discount if I mention your name?

podcastpaul said...

Hi Angela

Thnaks for the mail - lovely to meet another listener.

By all means tell Ken you came from my site - the nice thing about indie artists is that sometimes they will give a discount, ask him.

HH are great, I still isten to their albums, they're particulalry fab - I love Beggars Town especially, it's a great album.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing our song on your last show, Paul. We really do, once again, appreciate all of your support.
New album, 'Escaping From A Submarine' will be available, well, sometime soon.

Thanks for the kind comments Angela. Generous discounts available to you !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, your name seemed to do the trick - bought one, got one free! how good is that? and thanks to Ken for being generous and the great music.