Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another day, another.... Extended Research Essay....

I am poring over yet more dusty law books. I've my final exams in a few weeks and I've a 5000 word research essay to do, due tomorrow. I'm taking just a few minutes out to clear my head. I'm speaking at the Apple Accredited Centre tonight on podcasting, so I hope I get the academic stuff finished and out of the way.

"A Critical Consideration of Conditional Fee Agreements" isn't going to be a best seller, I just sense that, so I'll avoid disappointment immediately by wondering if a publisher wants me to expand upon it.

I know I haven't done a podcast for over a week now - I am itching to do one!

I've been looking at Second Life - I'm on there as Paul Swenson if you'd like to chat. I was in a virtual conference room the other day watching a live stream link on a large cinema type screen with 50 or so other folks - how amazing is that? Earlier I had been lying around a virtual campfire talking to Kosso and a guy sat in Chicago airport waiting for his plane - amazing!

I went back to the auditorium a few days later for a screen grab - I'm the bloke with the wings - you can see another chap seated and us looking at the screen ahead.

Though SL is a bit slow and glitchy, I have every reason to believe that it will be an amazing piece of kit in the next few upgrades - it's excellent now and I foresee masses of applications. I want to build the first virtual solicitor's office so I can get some RL clients... I'll wait and see.

And while I'm at it - have a look at a project Adrian, Jen and Neil have been involved in ' - this looks absolutely amazing. I just haven't got the time until the weekend to check anything out really yet fully, but, good old John Le Mesurier, he of Dad's Army fame with the silky golden voice is reading Bible stories for kids!

The website is gorgeous to look at - and if you listen to the wonderful tones of Le Mesurier this is a sure fire winner. Well done lads.. and girl!

You can check out the site here and subscribe to the podcast.

Very best of luck on this incredibly worthwhile project guys / gal.


jEN said...

Good luck with the essay and thanks for the Once Upon a World plug Paul!
(And I don't mind being one of the guys... ;) )

Oh- and good luck at the Apple Accredited Centre as well. Knock 'em dead!

Lewis Moten said...

I've been doing the SL thing since my wife found an article back in November about it. Just about everything else in my life came to a standstill due to the addiction. My name is Dedric Mauriac in SL.