Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And here's the other one.....

I'm singing tenor by the way!

This was a dress rehearsal for a mate's wedding back in 2001 - I'm thje small one in blue,and I'm 6'2".

John (the good looking young bloke) wanted to surprise his wife with a barbers shop quartet - so here you're looking at me, John and his two brothers; Adam and John.

I've another one somewhere- I'll post it later

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life ....interesting at the moment.

I've conciously not blogged anything following someone telling me to watch what I'm saying as people are reading this. Well, of course they are! This is what this is designed for, and quite honestly, life is too short to care what people think.

It's been a funny old time with Mike flying the nest and going off to Theological College. People who aren't 'churched' have very different reactions to knowing what Mike is doing -they're nearly all positive though, and Sue and I are very proud of him.

With Mike gone, the dynamic of the house changes - very odd, but again, all largely positive - life goes on.

I'm concious of my not doing a podcast - one is imminent, I promise!

....and I would like to say more than I do, but, I am concious at present of who reads this. I will have loads more to say, that's a promise.