Sunday, July 30, 2006

show 123 - seriously about the music - and not about the talk

Download show 123 podcastpaul from here

podcast 123
Hello from Paul - a serious music show tonight, all about the music not about the chat (or bangs and crashes from Sue)
Church of the electric soul, robert farrell
The Key - Retro Sean Mormelo
Sweetheart - Soulfege
Different - New London Fire
Art Linton - Anything Goes


show 122 again.... doh!

Download show 122 from here... sorry!

OK, so I messed up the feed, it's late!

podcast 122 podcast paul with Sue

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the famous cheesecake....

podcast 122
Hello from Paul and Sue
- Rock Kills Kid - Raise your Hands
- Fabulous intro - high energy
- Our garden is finished, cheers Les and Dave!
- We hate Gardening.... low maintenance is the way ahead
- Gavin and Kim's fabulous wedding
- Leaane and Ian's fabulous wedding
- The Cheesecake..
- Panic at the Disco
- our talented kids
- Fire It Up - Retro Sean Mormelo
- reminds me of Go West, Howard Jones and Miami Vice
- If you've never seen the Wedding singer - get it on DVD NOW!
- 80's clothes and hair are making a comeback
- We're off on hols!-
- Mike reckins perms are coming back - ooh dear
- the wedge and poodle
- Johnny B Goode - George Fletcher
- postlogue!
- you MUST NOT miss the red light zone - great song from Peter Cox

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

podcast121 podcastpaul - with Andy Baker and Dana Brant

Download the direct link from here for podcast no 121

podcast 121

With Dana Brant and Andy Baker
Another World - Andy Baker ( )
Weight of The World - Simon Apple ( )
Segue - Curandero ( )

covert entries in my pocket pc...

this from Sunday evening....

I'm using the pocket pc again, this time at my brother in law's wedding. Sue is strutting her funky stuff and I'm sitting by the now infamous wedding cake... made entirely of cheese.

Castigated for compiling my email and charging my list of tasks for the next week here in the corner of the room, I have to admit that weddings aren't really my thing.

The day itself has been lovely however, Gavin and Kim are a smashing couple and have a very nice and diverse group of friends, all shades, creeds and from every point of the spectrum in every way.

Wedding parties (celebrations) are things psychologists must have a field day with. It's interesting to just sit and observe folks...depressingly you see the same things at any function:

- kids running around in circles
- a fat uncle, drunk
- elderly folks cupping their ears to be heard over the music
- someone crying / emotional ( usually induced by drink )
- someone dad dancing, blissfully unaware
- an obese person with their plate piled high
- 12 year old girls desperate to look 19
- some women the wrong side of 40 desperate to look 19 ... I call these women pork scratchings dressed as mutton...
- the list goes on.

I really am looking anti-social now,so I'll sign off – cracking wedding though!


podcast 120 podcastpaul - new music Friday...on Monday

Podcast Paul - podcast 120

New Music Friday show...on Monday!
-; the Swaziland Teen Challenge Singers; Malibongwe
- Nadir; All Over You - Podsafe Music Network
- Tree Of Life; Jami Sieber -
- JuiceShack CCA - Podsafe Music Network

Saturday, July 22, 2006

podcast119, the interiew with Mark Hunter

Download the MP3 of Podcast 119 here

- Hello from Paul on 22nd July 2006
- Brain Buckit - Let the Boogie Loose
- It's thundering!
- Colskee is back..
- Trip down to London
- Comedy stuff coming up - with a real difference.....
- Adrian's interview with Tartanpodcast's Mark Hunter pt 1
- Paul Rose, Man of Mystery - bloomin ace too!
- Adrian's interview pt 2
- Oh Face by Beau Hall (PMN)

pocket pc.

I'm writing this entry on my pocket p.c

The pc transcribes handwriting and that's how I'm making this blog entry.

Its been a funny old week and I'm glad the weekend is looming .

The weather has been blistering again and I'm craving the cold air.

Listen out for Adrian Pegg's interview with Mark Hunter over the next few days.

I'm getting cheesed off with the transcriber now so I'll wrap it up.

Here's a pick of the satnav on the pocket pc coming back from London.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

what a day....

Phew, just back in very late evening (around 10pm)

I've been in London all day, save for an 8am meeting this morning - and what a great day it was, but I'm well tired now.

I'm in bed tapping away on the laptop, more to come about London later maybe - but, joy of joys my mate Colin aka Colskee is back podcasting after a year - give him a listen, one of the most refreshing and cool guys around - glad you're back old son I've really missed you mate.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

podcast 118 - it's been a long time...

Download the podcast MP3 right here (simply right click and press "save as")

- Hello from Paul and Sue on 18th July 2006
- Summertime by Brother Love
- It's hot hot hot!
- All the fans were sold out in Makro!
- Mobipod
- My Sat Nav and endless gadgets
- Sue is tired (for a change)
- Endless Summer by Causeway
- I remember as a kid the long hot summer of 1976 and plastic sheets for 6 weeks
- The six weeks holiday for kids is endless, and a complete nightmare...
- why on earth are kids bored?
- The Dangerous book for boys
- Jan Linder Koda, Just what I needed
- I hated Libsyn, now I love it!
- More space,more podcasts, better quality - and that's a promise..
- My trip to London tomorrow
- Some great stuff planned, with some amazing people.
- Seeing Jonothan Ross's agent tomorrow
- Watch out for Adrian Pegg's interview with Mark Hunter
- Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Jonny Copeland - the moon is full

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Libsyn is out of order

I'm sorry for those folks who have been waiting to hear another podcast. My podcast host keeps telling me I've no space left. They're wrong.

I'm with Libsyn - a fantastic idea and a great solution for podcasters - but absolutely shocking customer support. In fact, I can vouch - there is no support at all.

I'd give the idea and facility 11 out of 10 and the customer service -1 out of 20.

I've been paying for 500mb of space for months - and not getting it, in fact, to add insult to injury I've not even been getting the lesser 250mb of space. I'm told I have 19 mb of space, when in fact I should have 340 for what I'm paying - and even with the wrongly given lesser service I should have 90mb. It's one of the reasons I' mdumbing down on the quality, and not putting anything like the number of shows I want out.

I've written, written, written, written, and written again and received nothing other than a "your ticket number is....... and we'll get back to you....." Yeah, right. They've not got back to me once and I'm getting seriously cheesed off. I'e been getting less than half the service I've paid for for months, and it's so incredibly frustrating not to receive a reply.

I'm thinking of doing a reviw of Libsyn in Podcaster User Magazine, there are something like 16,000 downloads pers issue on average (I think it's more than that now) and if their silence prevails, I'll repeat this there.

Does anyone else know a better service where they actually give you what you pay for and have the courtesy to reply to mail?

Does anyone know of any hosting in the UK?

Anyone else experienced problems with Libsyn, do comment below and let me know.

Libsyn, my account is out of order - and so are you.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Download MP3 here

- Hello from Paul and Sue on 8th July 2006
- Over it by Kristy Thirsk (PMN)
- Thanks for all your mails and blog posts
- MUST remember 7th July 2006, such a profound thing that happened here in England
- new email, I just cannot keep track of my mail at all
- Google Calendar, I can't organise myself.
- Ewan Spence, mad mad man, I've entered a raffle!
- Celebrity Wedding by Baby Teeth (PMN)
- Andy's best Man speech
- Customary to take the mickey out of the Mother In Law (anagram)
- They're having a cheese cake
- Getting married, is it still fashionable?
- Funky by Melon Farmer (submitted directly, cheers jason!)
- please feel free to submit, please don't be offended if I don't play it
- New set up and studio, really looks the dogs whatsits
- Christian's band - on the website, Video
- We're a musical family (apart from Sue)
- God by Blue Alarm (PMN)

please send mail to or


Friday, July 07, 2006

Big brother really is mad...

see this?

podcastpaul - video of my son; Christian age 14 (the drummer) and his band - Flight 17

Download the Video here (right click and ress "save as")

My son Christian (14) and his band were chosen as finalists to play at the CBSO centre in a gifted and talent competition as finalists, representing South West Birmingham in front of a live audience.

I watched the band tonight and they were absolutely fantastic, this was some months ago, they are starting to write their own material and they've a really good sound.

Great eh?

..or not so great, you might not be able to get it to work, right... let's try some HTML

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The day we should never forget

The 7th July is a day that we should never forget, I recall being hit with such a profound sense of mortality and shock. The familiar places I'd walked along were devastated, but the reslilience of the Londoners and Brits was amazing.

I'm so proud to be British.

This is my blog entry from 8th July last year:

Before yesterday I cannot remember the last time I cried. Honestly. The scenes where the explosions occurred are so familiar to me, I've walked along the roads, caught the trains and the buses, been part of the busy hustle and bustle of life.I sat shocked to the core, lump in my throat, helpless at the continual feed from the BBC at work. I got hardly anything done. I found out I'd passed the first year post grad exams, I felt....nothing.. I could just imagine the plight of the victims who had suffered bereavement, loss of life, loss of limbs, the loss of a father, mother, daughter, son, grandparent.Why? What on earth does this achieve?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the results are in.....

...and I've passed the last two year course with a commendation!!

I do not find exams easy at all, I never have done, so this post graduate malarky was a real nightmare.

For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time - I'm a lawyer of 22 years - I qualified as a Fellow Of The Institute Of Legal Executives back in '92 after 8 years part time hard graft. I'm gaining my second / dual qualification to admit me to the Law Society and grab the Solicitor's Blue Peter Badge - I've done a Post Grad Dip in Law, whic essentially is maddening because I'd passed half of it way back in the late 80's - crazy academic laws mean that my Qualifications are valid, but spent for the purpose of topping up acadmic bits and bons after 4 I've had to do a lot of it again and more.

Next - I'm grabbing the LPC (Legal practice Course to the uninitiated) over two years and at the end of that getting an LLB (Hons) as well as the LPC and Law Society qualification to see me through the next stage.

Here's the crazy bit.... I've been doing it for 22 years, now I need to learn how to do it? Bewildering eh? I can either complain and stay still, or shut up and get on with it. When that's finished I aim to complete the creme de la creme, a top up Masters in Law MA (Law) . As much as I moan about it, I really do enjoy studying. I'm planning to do a part time Masters after that in Theology...and if I have the stomach for it, I'd also like to do a further degree in Classics - beats watching the TV eh?!

I have to thank Podcasting for helping me pass - I wrote an article about it in this month's Podcast User Magazine If you're ever studying for an exam, preparing to learn a best man's speech or delivering a presentation, have a look, it's entitled "Podcasting for an audience of one"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Piece from the Independent

Lots of people were mailing me and telling me about this - a review in the Independent, wow, & cheers!

Thanks to Chris Frear for sending this through to me.