Sunday, July 16, 2006

Libsyn is out of order

I'm sorry for those folks who have been waiting to hear another podcast. My podcast host keeps telling me I've no space left. They're wrong.

I'm with Libsyn - a fantastic idea and a great solution for podcasters - but absolutely shocking customer support. In fact, I can vouch - there is no support at all.

I'd give the idea and facility 11 out of 10 and the customer service -1 out of 20.

I've been paying for 500mb of space for months - and not getting it, in fact, to add insult to injury I've not even been getting the lesser 250mb of space. I'm told I have 19 mb of space, when in fact I should have 340 for what I'm paying - and even with the wrongly given lesser service I should have 90mb. It's one of the reasons I' mdumbing down on the quality, and not putting anything like the number of shows I want out.

I've written, written, written, written, and written again and received nothing other than a "your ticket number is....... and we'll get back to you....." Yeah, right. They've not got back to me once and I'm getting seriously cheesed off. I'e been getting less than half the service I've paid for for months, and it's so incredibly frustrating not to receive a reply.

I'm thinking of doing a reviw of Libsyn in Podcaster User Magazine, there are something like 16,000 downloads pers issue on average (I think it's more than that now) and if their silence prevails, I'll repeat this there.

Does anyone else know a better service where they actually give you what you pay for and have the courtesy to reply to mail?

Does anyone know of any hosting in the UK?

Anyone else experienced problems with Libsyn, do comment below and let me know.

Libsyn, my account is out of order - and so are you.


Anonymous said...

Ask AC on podshow? I'm sure he will fill you in.

Martin GD said...

Hey Paul

Have you tried getting them on Skype. I used Libsyn for over a year now with very little problem (ok so I don't pay therefore I get an excellent service for the price)

I know they have had a problem with archiving which could be the root of your problem.

Skpye: libsynsupport

Anonymous said...

I would agree about the poor customer service.

The thing that freaked me out a bit was a few months back when they said that Libsyn was something they all did in their spare time. If they're serious enough to want my money then they should be serious enough to make a commitment and provide decent customer service.

podcastpaul said...

Eh?! They do it in their spare time?!

Blimey. I wish I knew that before I signed up.

Bernadette in Australia said...

There I was thinking horrid thoughts about you being lazy and not caring about your avid listeners. Sorry ;)

Perhaps you could train a flock of carrier pigeons to deliver us CDs??

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps it's changed (although you can't exactly tell!) but this is what they said in a customer newsletter in February:

"So the big upgrade actually started last week at this time. I'm pretty sure we've said it so many times already, but currently, libsyn is still a big hobby for all of us here. No one's getting paid and we all have (somewhat demanding) day jobs... just like most of you podcasters, right?"

Sometimes it doesnt' pay to be too honest :-)

Martin GD said...

Here's todays announcement from Libsyn:

Tue, 18 July 2006
Archiving / Quotas
Hi Everyone,

We wanted to take a minute to give you all a heads up about the state of the libsyn network. Your programs continue to grow and accumulate more content and more listeners. To accomodate this we continue to build the network around your programs, growing as you do.

A recent hardware order has been slightly delayed. This has caused a slight disruption in the archive process, which has in turn caused some of your accounts to go over quota. We apologize for the hassle and have in turn disabled quotas until we can get the new hardware configured and in place.

Thanks for your patience, we expect to have quotas turned on and archiving back on a regular schedule by the weekend.

Top Of The Pods said...

Had the same problem with our account - we had 120 megs worth of files, 250 meg quota and had some big warning signs in the admin section. Tried sending an email, they didn't answer skype. Also wanted to use the support boards but couldn't log on - so I tried emailing them about this problem. Not happy either Paul, especially as I've found out these guys do it as a hobby.