Sunday, July 09, 2006


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- Hello from Paul and Sue on 8th July 2006
- Over it by Kristy Thirsk (PMN)
- Thanks for all your mails and blog posts
- MUST remember 7th July 2006, such a profound thing that happened here in England
- new email, I just cannot keep track of my mail at all
- Google Calendar, I can't organise myself.
- Ewan Spence, mad mad man, I've entered a raffle!
- Celebrity Wedding by Baby Teeth (PMN)
- Andy's best Man speech
- Customary to take the mickey out of the Mother In Law (anagram)
- They're having a cheese cake
- Getting married, is it still fashionable?
- Funky by Melon Farmer (submitted directly, cheers jason!)
- please feel free to submit, please don't be offended if I don't play it
- New set up and studio, really looks the dogs whatsits
- Christian's band - on the website, Video
- We're a musical family (apart from Sue)
- God by Blue Alarm (PMN)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
There are no tax benefits anymore to getting married. If your not religous why bother? I'm sick of people wanting church weddings who never step in side a church unless it for nuptuals or funerals. The chav culture today means that a church marriage is just another item you buy and some women see the dream sequence of a wedding all there life and the expense of the day where people turn up for a free feed and get drunk is always on the agend a as well as a tacky limo.

Jason, divorced, now living in sin with 2 kids and not in any way religous.