Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the results are in.....

...and I've passed the last two year course with a commendation!!

I do not find exams easy at all, I never have done, so this post graduate malarky was a real nightmare.

For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time - I'm a lawyer of 22 years - I qualified as a Fellow Of The Institute Of Legal Executives back in '92 after 8 years part time hard graft. I'm gaining my second / dual qualification to admit me to the Law Society and grab the Solicitor's Blue Peter Badge - I've done a Post Grad Dip in Law, whic essentially is maddening because I'd passed half of it way back in the late 80's - crazy academic laws mean that my Qualifications are valid, but spent for the purpose of topping up acadmic bits and bons after 4 years..so I've had to do a lot of it again and more.

Next - I'm grabbing the LPC (Legal practice Course to the uninitiated) over two years and at the end of that getting an LLB (Hons) as well as the LPC and Law Society qualification to see me through the next stage.

Here's the crazy bit.... I've been doing it for 22 years, now I need to learn how to do it? Bewildering eh? I can either complain and stay still, or shut up and get on with it. When that's finished I aim to complete the creme de la creme, a top up Masters in Law MA (Law) . As much as I moan about it, I really do enjoy studying. I'm planning to do a part time Masters after that in Theology...and if I have the stomach for it, I'd also like to do a further degree in Classics - beats watching the TV eh?!

I have to thank Podcasting for helping me pass - I wrote an article about it in this month's Podcast User Magazine If you're ever studying for an exam, preparing to learn a best man's speech or delivering a presentation, have a look, it's entitled "Podcasting for an audience of one"


Anonymous said...

Well done Paul ! I just knew you'd walk it. That's good news indeed. Now you can relax and enjoy the summer...before it all starts up again.


Alex Bellinger said...

Congrats Paul - you deserve it! I simply don't know where you get your deterimination and energy from. Good luck with further studies and look forward to doing a Latin podcast with you in the future ;)

stupod said...

clever you :D

Well done fella


Anonymous said...

well done paul, i did 7 years of uni to be an architect and i entered work....then i learnt something!

i still have to do 30 hours a year of cpd to maintain my royal institute status, oh and pay £400 pound a year for the title. I also have to pay £400+ for the training a year and £65.00 to the architects registration board. Don't get m e started about professional indemnity insurance. At least you don't fee bid and I bet your clients pay you fees. Our practice is owed £1.3m in unpaid fees.

Can you help?

jason manc-oxford

podcastpaul said...

Cheers you all!

..and Jason - yes, of course I can help! send a mail with your phone number and I'll be pleased to help you - I started life in a very large commercial set dealing with huge corporate debts.



Adrian Pegg said...

Just heard the news Paul - fantastic! Well done.