Sunday, July 30, 2006

podcast 122 podcast paul with Sue

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the famous cheesecake....

podcast 122
Hello from Paul and Sue
- Rock Kills Kid - Raise your Hands
- Fabulous intro - high energy
- Our garden is finished, cheers Les and Dave!
- We hate Gardening.... low maintenance is the way ahead
- Gavin and Kim's fabulous wedding
- Leaane and Ian's fabulous wedding
- The Cheesecake..
- Panic at the Disco
- our talented kids
- Fire It Up - Retro Sean Mormelo
- reminds me of Go West, Howard Jones and Miami Vice
- If you've never seen the Wedding singer - get it on DVD NOW!
- 80's clothes and hair are making a comeback
- We're off on hols!-
- Mike reckins perms are coming back - ooh dear
- the wedge and poodle
- Johnny B Goode - George Fletcher
- postlogue!
- you MUST NOT miss the red light zone - great song from Peter Cox

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