Monday, January 30, 2006

Podcast User - EXCLUSIVE

I'm very excited to tell you that a PDF magazine dedicated to podcasting will be launched within the next day or two.

I've been working with a dozen or so podcasters / listeners. The quality articles touch on various aspects of podcasting - tere really is something there for everyone.

I'm already working ono my next article, I know full well that others are thinking along the same lines.

Watch this space.



Today was a stressful day.

Many of you may know, I go to church. One of my dear old mates lost his wife to cancer in the middle of last week, and I was waiting around at the end of the service to speak to him. I was ever so anxious to just tell him that I was here, thinking about him, he's a much older bloke than me, in his early 70's, but, nevertheless, even in spite of the age gap, a great chap.

I had a tap on the shoulder and was told that I'd better brace myself when I went into the carpark - someone had smashed both front windows of my three day old car, and taken my wallet. I had to clean up the shards of glass that were splayed all over the floor and in the car, embedded in the carpet, seats and ...well everywhere, as kids were milling around. My kids, including my five year old had to sit in that car and I was anxious they wouldn't be cut by the tens of thousands of shards that were everywhere.

I was more angry with the scum that did this to me because the opportunity to speak to my mate; Brian, had been taken away from me.

The next round of five hours of sitting with the police, arranging for fingerprints etc to be taken, dealing with the insurer, DVLA (Driving and Vehicle License Authority), and cancelling all my credit cards just added to the frustration.

Finding that my account and credit cards had been used were just to be expected. At this point I just rolled my eyes skyward and shrugged my shoulders.

It's now 11:27pm - this happened at 1pm. That's over 10 and a half hours of grief because I'm waiting to sign paperwork for the blokes repairing my windows outside (and making a right racket, bless 'em). I'm working out how much I have to pay to repair the smashed post inside the door frame and wondering what other damage they've caused. Yet, the thing that aggravates me is that I've not been able to speak to Brian. I don't think he's at home and I feel awful at the fact I haven't consoled him, after all, he is a really good mate.

Stealing from folks has to be the most vile of all crimes - randomly taking from someone, and not bothering to care about the consequences. It depresses me.

Yet, something relatively trivial has caused so much fuss and admin.

I'm tired and shouldn't really carry on with this post. I'm so ..well, bored, with the situation. Know what I mean?


Sunday, January 29, 2006

podcast 97

podcast97 MP3 download right here.

Boy is it late tonight..... I have just finished podcast 97.... nice relaxed show with some fab music.

I'll be back to edit the notes in due course, I desperately need sleep....I've even nodded off typing this, seriously.

Some music from PMN, some direct and one from Magnatunes.

Segue, by Curandero: from
Slave, by Nadir: Podcast Music Network
Cobblestone by Deirdre Rodman: Podcast Music Network
Thinking you over by Melissa Forbes: Podcast Music Network
Goldust by Ellie Myles: direct (via Darren (Ellies Guitarist and co-writer))

If you want to get hold of the Roger Smalls ringtone I mentioned, you can get from Adrian's blog



Saturday, January 28, 2006

podcast lunch meet in London

I've just returned with Sue from a lunch meet in Covent Garden, London.

What a lovely time!

The following people were there:

Neil and Jen Dixon (A Minor technicality /
Adrian and Felicity Pegg
Paul and Janet Parkinson (Flashing 12 podcast)
Alex Bellinger (Small biz pod)
Paul Pinfield ( Calmcast )
Jon and Rob (Top of the Pods)
Chris Skinner (Simulacrum)

Chris, Felicity, Jen and Neil

Paul Parkinson, Jen and Neil

Rob and Jon

John, Alex and Paul Pinfield

Alex, Janet, Jen, Neil and Chris

Janet, Neil, Chris and Paul Parkinson

Paul Parkinson, Paul Pinfield and Sue

Jon, Adrian and Neil

Alex, Rob and Neil in the foreground

Half the restaurant table, with a very blurry me in the foreground

Paul Parkinson and I in the foreground, trying to figure out my camera, this was taken by a camera phone.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Freedom of speech = freedom to curse?

I subscribe to Adam Curry's website and listen to the DSC.

I don't agree with the vile language that seems to be associated with the so called 'popular' podcasts. I find a tirade of abusive language tiresome, childish and generally uncomfrtable.

OK, freedom of speech means the right to speak freely, but that does not mean the right to swear and curse like a trooper. Stand in the street and do the same thing and you'll be convicted of a public order offence. Don't believe me? Don't try it - you'll find out at your own peril.

Of course folks use language in their everyday walks of life, however, some don't. Isn't restraint sometimes a better tool than no restraint? Does it really add to the message, or, more importantly does it take away?

Any fool can swear, it's often the province of the lower intellect, a four lettered word can replace a comma and semi-colon. I always think that language is largely inappropriate in podcasting. I understand that in some places it has its place - not in my blog or podcast though.

This is the content of the text I put on Curry's site:

One common misconception is the fact that to be on the cutting edge with freedom of speech you have to swear and curse incessantly.

I guess Martin Luther King got it wrong then did he? Poor old Ghandi should have followed the Howard Stern model too eh? Winston Churchill should have thrown in a few four letter words when he talked about fighting to the bitter end and the Queen's speech should figure some street slang to appeal to the masses?

Ok, it's your freedom of choice to curse and swear, but, please don't feed me the nonsense that this makes you 'cutting edge'. I listen to podcasts with my kids around, the only cutting you'll get in that instance is the podcast via the off button.

Adam, I'm not having a go at you, it's obviously prevalent in CSB's mind that foul language = cult status. I happen to think that copious foul language = no restraint, poor and/or little vocabulary and low or impaired intellect.

The Crims swear in the cells below while the Barristers wax eloquent in the court room above. I'm not suggesting we adopt a Barrister's status, I think we should just remember that some of us hate that sort of language

Adam, one of your promo's had a mass of foul language - if there's an audience for that, I just think it feeds the lowest common denominator. I don't mind the odd curse - but please don't machine gun it out. It's just harsh, crude and - well, pretty boring to be frank.

I'll sit back and wait for the tirade to follow...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Me, Michael, a mixer, mike and piano

Download MP3 here. This was such a great experience. I sat in my son's bedroom and we just talked about music, and our love for music. The we hit on the idea we'd write a song, so we moved to the piano.

Mike and I are going to write a song, maybe two.. chart our progress on the podcasts over the following few weeks until we get the finished article.

Great eh?!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oops - broken link - jukepodjury no.3 here now

I'm sorry if you're getting this twice - I hope not. There was a broken link in the previous post, all rectified now.

Downloadable here as an MP3 too - Jukepodjury no.3 with Paul Parkinson.

Juke Pod Jury No. 3 with Paul Parkinson - flashing12 podcast 19th January 2006

Download the link here Today's show is co-hosted by 'Parky' - Paul Parkinson of the flashing 12 podcast.

Great music as ever together with a random track presented from 'Peggs picks' - Adrian Pegg.

*Don't Harrass Betty - Your love is everything
*Francis Jocky - Higher Love
Elana Arian - This time courtesy of
*Dusty Hughes - Oxygen
*Ned Evett - Singing Bowl

*tracks courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

Keep your eye out to vote and please feel free to comment below on anyaspect of the show and the tracks.

Happy podding!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This made me smile...

Adrian Pegg pointed me to a great Blonde Joke that Chris Skinner from Simulacrum found. Not usually my sort of thing - but it did make me smile - link here

On the downside of things I see that I've exceeded my quota of 250mb per month on uploads to Libsyn, so no podcasts posted yet... :-(

On the upside, today I get 20 odd meg free, so I'll get one recorded and up as soon as I can.

I am still getting loads of mail about Juke Pod Jury and ever so surprised to see that shows from months ago are still being uploaded every day. So, if you're new to the site, hello and welcome. We're all mates here, so grab a chair and some headphones.

Adrian is going to be helping me out much more on JPJ, being the organised bod that he is, to the extent he is my other half on JPJ now..... aawww... how topical with civil partnership ceremonies just in the bag. Don't get the wrong idea!

I'm trying to sort out the guests on JPJ, I've quite a few now which is great, so I am trying to organise myself accordingly.

I've a corking Podlawyer to put out - quite a heavy one on corporate crime and corporate killing. Very Lawyer-y but, nevertheless, one you might learn something from. I had to research corporate culpability and thought I'd put the results up here shortly. If you fancy something easy going, nice and fluffy, I'll be doing a podcastpaul / JPJ podcast soonish.

Lots of stuff happening on the home / work / podcasting front so I'm sorry I have been a bit anonymous. Is it just me or is life like a white transit van on the fast lane of the M6 behind you? Constantly pushing you to move, unrelenting, uncaring and spiteful.

I'll post more when I've pulled off onto the slip road and takinig a nap in the Little Chef car park.

Metaphors eh? Who'd have 'em?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Podcastpaul/ JukePodJury number 2 with Adrian Pegg

Adrian Pegg joins me for the second JukepodJury show.

Wonderful music, as ever from:

Cheryl B Englehardt - Complacement Pretending
Hair of the Dog - Mike Viola
Gerry Wall - Your Fabulous Life
Melissa Forbes - Broken Wings
Satya - Silk Route

Adrian's Link for Gerry Wall is here

Vote on todays show at this link here ( )

Please leave a comment on the jukepodjury blog and below if at al possible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Brother / Animal Farm?

I am watching Big Brother - and I have no idea why. I hate the programme, I love to hate it. I hate to love it.

Tonight, I've watched the incredible juxtaposition of Jodie Marsh and her mate being turned on by a vicious had-been comic and an odd politician with the most peculiar agenda side with a foul mouthed fish-faced transvestite.

A Blonde Essex Bimbo appears to have assumed the most grown up role in the one true single, unifying, conciliatory gesture. Galloway appears to me to be the most shrewd, conniving character, adopting a reptilian charm. I remember Jungle Book .... " in me...."

I couldn't help but draw comparisons with Animal Farm, the group turning in unison, the assumed leaders.

See what I mean about hating to love?

Is it just me?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

podcast 96

MP3 Download here

Podcastpaul show no 96. Just four shows from the one zero zero.

Featuring music from *Podcast Music Network and Reactor Home page

*Berman - No One Understands
*Rob Costlow / DJ Justin Haylock - Return to Flatrock (JPJ featured)
Reactor - Electric Love (JPJ featured)

Feauring Celebrity guest(s)including Alex Bellinger (Small Biz Pod) ...and Tracey from Asda Stores, Manchester, Northern England, bless her.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tips I've learnt in podcasting over the last year...

I make no bones about the fact that I'm a little technically challenged.

I am pretty confident that I can make blog entries, I'm very happy with the literary side of things and don't struggle with content - one of the positive sides to ADD (eh Jen?)

Podcasting is not just about technical expertise. I've spent a bit of money on my lovely mixer and have a great microphone, but that really is just the start.

I often get emails from budding podcasters, it's lovely to see that there are fresh faces and talent springing up.

The requests I receive are asking me less about the tech side and more in relation to structure and content. Presenting a podcast actually has a lot of similarities to discussing matters with a client, or presenting in court.

Presentation is key, I find, and I know that I am certainly not Mr. perfection here, but I have used my voice professionally now for 20 odd years and learnt something along the way - my twelve months in podcasting is also teaching me a few tricks in the podcast arena too.

I know that much of what I may say may well be common sense, or not fit your style. Not all will be relevant either. I've cribbed some content from an email I sent a new podcaster who asked for some advice. I hope some may be of relevance to you.

1. I always talk as though I'm chatting to a group of mates in the pub - don't worry about performing otherwise it'll sound stilted. I learnt this while talking to a Judge or Jury - people always warm to you if they think YOU are talking to them and not an assumed persona. It's the diference between fake and genuine.

The master of this is Adam Curry, he's a real pleasure to listen to (I'm not referring to content here, I'm making the point in relation to style) as is Lynn Parsons. Listen to the speed of articulation, you'll see my point.

2. Audio quality goes a long way, both naturally and technically - a clear voice is a much easier experience than a crackly quiet, voice - I've even struggled with good quality audio and a mumbling, quiet monotone voice which makes me immediately reach for the off button.

3. Use limited notes. This is really important, if you've ever mooted or sat in on a debate, this highlights my point.

Just have headnotes rather than an entire script, it'll bring the intonation out in your voice and your personality - another court trick. Headnotes with subheadings keep you on track, written script can straightjacket and impersonalise. Podcasting is about realism, so keep it real.

4. Prepare, prepare, and... prepare. You will struggle if you don't have the material at hand.

5. One of my preferences, but, don't cut out 'erms' and pauses so the sound is plastic and sanitised. When you speak to your friends or family, you don't emulate a BBC weather report, so, again keep it real. If you're new and struggling, you may benefit from a few edits, but don't worry excessively about this.

6. Keep the language simple and clear; I paid £15,000 ( $25,000) for a top advocate / Deputy High Court Judge to present a very complicated Chancery Case recently at court for one day. This chap was the top Barrister in his feld. I was bowled over by his simple use of language and engaging relaxed style, it taught me a great deal.

The move in legal circles of late has been to keep English plain and clear. It's so much easier to deal with, and much more accessible by the public at large.

Folks I speak to professionally want someone who they can relate to, not someone who thinks they're on a different planet. Your listener is no exception.

7. This is really important. Speak slower than you usually do in conversation, particularly for our overseas listeners as they really struggle with some pretty obvious words sometimes. Again, another court trick. It commands the listener to listen and really take note rather than miss bits of speech and glaze over.

I'm sure there are more, but I'm on dire need of a cup of tea. See you soon.

Podcastpaul - it's here, JukePodJury with Rowley Cutler.

I've waited ages for this day and it's finally arrived! The inaugral podcast of JukepodJury is right here - download the MP3 file here
Please feel free to put any podcastpaul comments here - but be sure to leave your comments on the tracks specifically at the jukepodjury blog

The music played today is:

Berman (from PMN)
DJ Haylock / Rob Costlow (from PMN)
Koopa - direct from band website
Reactor - direct from band site
Soul Basement (from PMN)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year everyone..

Another holiday season almost over.. I've been rooting around listening to some new talent and decided to try out a couple of listeners podcasts.

First, I came across the Flashing12 podcast with Paul and Geek Girl from London. I really liked Paul's down to earth style. the Bra story made me smile, Paul is a rugger-head like myself, so I felt an affinity with his rugby mate exploits.

Next, another Paul - this time from the 'Calmcast'. It does exactly what it says on the tin. A short, relaxing podcast with some great ambient sound and beautfiul music. One to listen to while taking a bath I think. ;-)

Tuesday is just around the corner and so is work. Mixed feelings there I think. I guess that is probably the same for just about everyone reading this site - well, isn't it?

My gym membership suddenly seems to be worth it's weight in gold - I daren't get near any weighing scales....