Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This made me smile...

Adrian Pegg pointed me to a great Blonde Joke that Chris Skinner from Simulacrum found. Not usually my sort of thing - but it did make me smile - link here

On the downside of things I see that I've exceeded my quota of 250mb per month on uploads to Libsyn, so no podcasts posted yet... :-(

On the upside, today I get 20 odd meg free, so I'll get one recorded and up as soon as I can.

I am still getting loads of mail about Juke Pod Jury and ever so surprised to see that shows from months ago are still being uploaded every day. So, if you're new to the site, hello and welcome. We're all mates here, so grab a chair and some headphones.

Adrian is going to be helping me out much more on JPJ, being the organised bod that he is, to the extent he is my other half on JPJ now..... aawww... how topical with civil partnership ceremonies just in the bag. Don't get the wrong idea!

I'm trying to sort out the guests on JPJ, I've quite a few now which is great, so I am trying to organise myself accordingly.

I've a corking Podlawyer to put out - quite a heavy one on corporate crime and corporate killing. Very Lawyer-y but, nevertheless, one you might learn something from. I had to research corporate culpability and thought I'd put the results up here shortly. If you fancy something easy going, nice and fluffy, I'll be doing a podcastpaul / JPJ podcast soonish.

Lots of stuff happening on the home / work / podcasting front so I'm sorry I have been a bit anonymous. Is it just me or is life like a white transit van on the fast lane of the M6 behind you? Constantly pushing you to move, unrelenting, uncaring and spiteful.

I'll post more when I've pulled off onto the slip road and takinig a nap in the Little Chef car park.

Metaphors eh? Who'd have 'em?


Colin Meeks said...

Ah Little Chefs, I remember them well. Can you have a gammon steak with pineapple ring for me :-)

Look forward to the new stuff. Talking of which I'd better record a new one this week too.


Bernadette from Australia said...

Anyone recorded the most number of links someone has followed with respect to the blonde joke? I'll admit to three. That was damn funny.

Or maybe it wasn't and it's just that it's 43 degrees celcius here (about 115 F) and my brain has melted.