Tuesday, January 10, 2006

podcast 96

MP3 Download here

Podcastpaul show no 96. Just four shows from the one zero zero.

Featuring music from *Podcast Music Network and Reactor Home page

*Berman - No One Understands
*Rob Costlow / DJ Justin Haylock - Return to Flatrock (JPJ featured)
Reactor - Electric Love (JPJ featured)

Feauring Celebrity guest(s)including Alex Bellinger (Small Biz Pod) ...and Tracey from Asda Stores, Manchester, Northern England, bless her.


Adrian Pegg said...

'He's getting on a bit!'


bpende said...

Sounds good. Hey!!! You're getting close in on 100...

My daughter is desperately trying to keep ahead of you in playing Berman songs...

Bernadette from Australia said...

Thanks Paul...I haven't had a laugh like that in quite some time...dear Tracey and her oh so succinct "haven't got a clue"...and we wonder why all our call centres are being outsourced to India :)

LEM said...

Thanks, Adrian, for your comment at the top of this list.

My sentiments exactly!

Perhaps the lad could benefit from some age-sensitivity training?

Chronologically challenged, but still dancing,