Saturday, January 21, 2006

Me, Michael, a mixer, mike and piano

Download MP3 here. This was such a great experience. I sat in my son's bedroom and we just talked about music, and our love for music. The we hit on the idea we'd write a song, so we moved to the piano.

Mike and I are going to write a song, maybe two.. chart our progress on the podcasts over the following few weeks until we get the finished article.

Great eh?!


Paul said...

Paul, the boy can really play. No standing in front of the Beak for him.

Colin Meeks said...

Hey great stuff lads. Can't wait to hear the final results.


Phil said...

What a great show to wake up to, can't wait till it's finished.

Adrian Pegg said...

Great idea again Paul.

What a musical family you have!

Chris said...

Nice show and idea Paul.
You must be very proud.

stupod said...

Nice one fella.

I decided to start blogging again and you guys already feature in one of my posts :D

Check out



Top Of The Pods said...

Mike is one talented musician. (Geek question - whats the keyboard being used?)

podcastpaul said...

Hi Rob (or Jon) It's a Clavinova CLP150 ... nice sound, full 8 octave keyboard and weighted keys.

Jack. said...

Sounds good - I'll look forward to hearing the finished article :)