Monday, January 30, 2006


Today was a stressful day.

Many of you may know, I go to church. One of my dear old mates lost his wife to cancer in the middle of last week, and I was waiting around at the end of the service to speak to him. I was ever so anxious to just tell him that I was here, thinking about him, he's a much older bloke than me, in his early 70's, but, nevertheless, even in spite of the age gap, a great chap.

I had a tap on the shoulder and was told that I'd better brace myself when I went into the carpark - someone had smashed both front windows of my three day old car, and taken my wallet. I had to clean up the shards of glass that were splayed all over the floor and in the car, embedded in the carpet, seats and ...well everywhere, as kids were milling around. My kids, including my five year old had to sit in that car and I was anxious they wouldn't be cut by the tens of thousands of shards that were everywhere.

I was more angry with the scum that did this to me because the opportunity to speak to my mate; Brian, had been taken away from me.

The next round of five hours of sitting with the police, arranging for fingerprints etc to be taken, dealing with the insurer, DVLA (Driving and Vehicle License Authority), and cancelling all my credit cards just added to the frustration.

Finding that my account and credit cards had been used were just to be expected. At this point I just rolled my eyes skyward and shrugged my shoulders.

It's now 11:27pm - this happened at 1pm. That's over 10 and a half hours of grief because I'm waiting to sign paperwork for the blokes repairing my windows outside (and making a right racket, bless 'em). I'm working out how much I have to pay to repair the smashed post inside the door frame and wondering what other damage they've caused. Yet, the thing that aggravates me is that I've not been able to speak to Brian. I don't think he's at home and I feel awful at the fact I haven't consoled him, after all, he is a really good mate.

Stealing from folks has to be the most vile of all crimes - randomly taking from someone, and not bothering to care about the consequences. It depresses me.

Yet, something relatively trivial has caused so much fuss and admin.

I'm tired and shouldn't really carry on with this post. I'm so ..well, bored, with the situation. Know what I mean?



Paul said...

such a sickener, you have my total sympathy. There'e nothing uou can say.

Paul said...

I really feel for you, Sue and the boys. I made me feel sick just reading the post. Remember what I said about the "I want it all - NOW - and sod the rest of you mentality"? It just makes me so angry.


Colin said...

My sympathies to you and your family Paul. I'm sure your friend will understand, but that's not the point is it? Hope you catch up with your friend soon. All the best.


podcastpaul said...

cheers Boys, all ok now - windows fixed etc. I'll call Brian a little later.

Jack said...

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear about your bad day. It's strange, but the only time my car was ever broken into was outside a church during the Christmas Eve service years ago.

Just listening to your comments on advertising / monetisation (I hate that word) and I completely agree.

Keep up the good work - I'm listening to show 97 and think the music is fantastic.

All the best,


Adrian Pegg said...

That's terrible Paul, you have my sympathies. I know how the hassle this sort of thing causes can be much more stressful than the act itself sometimes.

I hope they catch them.

All the best. Console yourself with the thought that no-one was hurt.

Conrad Slater said...

I'm so sorry Paul.

Still, look on the bright side. Maybe the thief used your credit card to buy an ipod only to later discover podcasting and your own show. That's another subscriber for you. On the other hand maybe he has spent it all on drugs and will die of an overdose shortly.
A win win sitution!

Sorry - I'm in a silly mood.
Kindest regards


stupod said...


Parkylondon said...

Hi Paul

I can't add much more than has already been said. I have had my car turned over and I know how it feels.

It's strange how life is. Last Saturday we had such a great time in London and Janet and I went home with a great warm feeling inside us. 24 hours later and that happens. Sometime I think God really needs a SMITE button.

Take care mate, peace.

Smite button