Sunday, January 29, 2006

podcast 97

podcast97 MP3 download right here.

Boy is it late tonight..... I have just finished podcast 97.... nice relaxed show with some fab music.

I'll be back to edit the notes in due course, I desperately need sleep....I've even nodded off typing this, seriously.

Some music from PMN, some direct and one from Magnatunes.

Segue, by Curandero: from
Slave, by Nadir: Podcast Music Network
Cobblestone by Deirdre Rodman: Podcast Music Network
Thinking you over by Melissa Forbes: Podcast Music Network
Goldust by Ellie Myles: direct (via Darren (Ellies Guitarist and co-writer))

If you want to get hold of the Roger Smalls ringtone I mentioned, you can get from Adrian's blog




Paul said...

Hi Paul

Great to finally meet you and the guys in London yesterday. There were some really good ideas thrown around which will help bands, listener and podcasters.

Re' the Podshow / money making thing

Well done for airing this Paul as we were all talking about this madness at the meet. As you have broken cover, I think that it's only right that I add my thoughts here as the Calmcast doesn't really give me the right platform to say what I am about to say.

I should say at the outset that I like Curry as a podcaster. He has a great style and a good audio sound. However, this idea that all these podcasters currently rushing into Podshow are going to be able give up their day jobs is barking. The quality of some of those shows is somewhere below average.

Now, I run three businesses and I think that I am pretty careful with my advertising pound. The questions that I would have to ask myself before spending a penny with Podshow are these.

1. Who am I advertising to?
2. Where do they live?
3. How much do they earn?
4. What proportion of a podcast's audience are in my target audience?

Until Podshow can answer these questions (and that’s just for starters) there is no way that I would spend a penny with them. I am a businessman not a charity. When I give my money away I give it to charities that are in alignment with my beliefs not to some scattergun project like Podshow.

The great thing about podcasting is also what makes it a hopeless proposition for all but the largest advertisers. It is that an audience can be anywhere in the world. My listeners are in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece and Japan.

The only people who are going to make money from podcasting (other than Podshow) companies who implement podcasting in business.

There is one other point that I think is worth making. I listen to podcasts because I object to being advertised to when I am listening to music. I hate to hear advertising in podcasts. Am I alone?

Paul Pinfield

The Calmcast

Conrad Slater said...

I agree that the earthlink advert is REALLY annoying. Cheesey rubbish, not the point of podcasting at all.