Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year everyone..

Another holiday season almost over.. I've been rooting around listening to some new talent and decided to try out a couple of listeners podcasts.

First, I came across the Flashing12 podcast with Paul and Geek Girl from London. I really liked Paul's down to earth style. the Bra story made me smile, Paul is a rugger-head like myself, so I felt an affinity with his rugby mate exploits.

Next, another Paul - this time from the 'Calmcast'. It does exactly what it says on the tin. A short, relaxing podcast with some great ambient sound and beautfiul music. One to listen to while taking a bath I think. ;-)

Tuesday is just around the corner and so is work. Mixed feelings there I think. I guess that is probably the same for just about everyone reading this site - well, isn't it?

My gym membership suddenly seems to be worth it's weight in gold - I daren't get near any weighing scales....


Paul said...

Thanks for the mention Paul.

Thom in Oregon said...

Hi Paul,
Thom from Oregon USA here... I have been listening to your show for a couple of months now and think it is one of the best ones out there.
I am thinking of starting my own podcast and hope to be as good over time.
Thanks for the inpiration and great podcasts.
I may have a couple of production questions for you in the near future, hope you won't mind.

podcastpaul said...

Not at all Thom - fire away.

Thanks for the nice compliments too.


Thom Turner said...

Hi Paul,
First things first, congrats on a whole year.. that is awesome. I am a Mac user and have been toying with Audacity (I like it). I think I have the hang of editing and cutting and overlaying, etc. with it...
But some simple questions that have me stumped are:
1.Getting music and voice on the computer can be simple but how do you connect a simple mixing board to your computer? My Behringer 802 is not USB.
2.I have already created a Blogger account and a Gmail account for myself but how do I post my show? And how do I get it to iTunes or PodcastAlley for others to find? What is all this RSS stuff?
I'm at:

podcastpaul said...

Hi Thom,

Connecting your mixer - try an RCA connector from your output into your line in / mic or even RCA to RCA depending on your PC interface.

Posting your show with Blogger and RSS is something I am practically familiar with, but useless academically. Blogger uses an Atom feed, and with some tinkering, is RSS compliant. Don't worry about that, it's a bit of code basically.

How do you post your show? Ok, you have a number of options. If you get Libsyn to host your show - it's all done for you basically on their site - I would tell anyone to go with them and ditch the Blogger account really. All the RSS stuff is immediatly taken care of. Otherwise you need an account with Feedburner.

Try the Libsyn route first, see if it works for you - I pay the lowest fee (about $10 a month I think)

I feel pretty sure that the RCA route will work for you - your Behringer should have RCA outputs, at least, I think so.