Friday, June 30, 2006

Podcast User Magazine

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Podcstpaul podcast 116 - trying to be serious... yeah right...

- Hello from Paul and Sue late evening 29th June 2006

- Sweating like a fat bird at a disco
- Immaculate Insurance
- Violent By Stellar (PMN) One for Bernadette, she'll love this....
- What on earth is happening in Big Brother?!
- Dream, Alice Smith PMN gets more Beatley as it goes on...great harmonies
- Serious bit, racist murder in prison; Justice Keith's enquiry: Zahid Mubarek
- Discussions of institutional murder - there's actually no such thing.
- What makes a racist murder worse than a non - racist murder? Should there be half the grief and outrage?
- Dream
- Positive discrimination and pc nonsense.
- What are we doing at the weekend?
- Where are YOU listening from? The middle of the sea according to Clustr!
- Watch out for the fab prize in July 1st PUM
- When Mothers Conspire, The Blue Alarm

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


...I can't talk too much about work, but I can talk about it in general terms.

I'm dealing with a seriously injured man who has been comatose for many years, he's been let down by his previous advisers, the NHS, just about everyone apart from a doting family.

Today I spent all day on the file, considering the evidence, re-attending the accident scene, musing, pondering, reconsidering the evidence again and looking at the matter from every angle. This is the biggest case I've dealt with so far in my 22 years in litigation, and a win will mean security, peace and comfort for all involved, though I have dealt with a £4.8 million settlement previously.

I don't even want to consider a loss - insurers have been known in these cases to argue for mitigation through pulling the plug on life support.

Litigation can be incredibly exhilirating, or dreadfully boring - but this isn't a game, the stakes are too serious. What a privilege to be able to deal with the matter though, but, at the same time, what a burden.

Law is a weird old thing over here in the UK, it still is the province of the middle classes, something I'm pleased to say is slowly changing, but still an effective closed shop for the middle classes. Yet law is still so often misunderstood - a growing number of folks love the job for the fact that injustices can be challenged, yet the general public simply see pound signs.

I've had the results of my Extended research Essay - a sort of mini thesis, I passed, and passed well... it's just those awful exam results I'm waiting for. I predict I've passed two well and possibly may need to resit one.

I'm simply bettering myself from the qualification I hold now, but, seriously, how on earth am I able to assist my poor needy client above having passed a further module in land law?

Crazy - yet I sat that Land Law exam.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

podcastpaul 115 - with parky - the lads show.

Download the MP3 for podcastpaul 115 here

PodcastPaul Podcast115
- Hello and welcome
- Paul Parkinson and I chew the fat and have a chat about life, the universe and everything... well, about Music and stuff actually..... one of the most enjoyable shows I've done for ages!
from PMN
Marke La Forme - Someone I used to know
Observation by Agency
Learn to Crawl & Remember - Black Lab
We Got to Plug You In by Heifervescent
Paul can be found at
I'm at

Friday, June 23, 2006

podcast 114 - the one wit hthe really big blooper..

Download the MP3 podcastpaul podcast 114 here directly.

PodcastPaul Podcast114
- Hello and welcome
- The show apparently appeared in the Critic's choice in yesterday's Independent. Does anyone have a copy?
- As ever great and very varied indie music from some very different artists.
- Condolences to Paul and Jan Parkinson
- The weekend, no show, Paul and Sue's exploits
- Hooked on You by Albert Collins from the Podsafe Music Network
- My mate Martin Hunt
- Why do women have more friends than men?
- Women's conversations, complete inhibition
- Anyone out there by Hoverfly, courtesy of
- Back at the Gym, hopefully I'm hooked.
- audio comments Jude and prof steve
- Diets & Willpower
- Your Words by Kelly Mueller, courtesy of the podsafe music network
- What are we reading / watching?
- Brilliant episode of Desperate Housewives, Brie is bril!
- The Colours in Between by Simon Apple - from the lads themselves -
- send an email to us (or leave a voicemail or blog entry)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey there....

It's funny, but I'm usually pretty pedantic about the English language... 'Hey there' and 'feeling chilled' are Americanisms that I'm beginning to understand though.

I just feel ike saying 'hey' to all my mates, and, after the heavy academia of the last month, I really am feeling 'chilled'.

I'm really enjoying surfing for new music at the moment, I absolutely love finding hidden treasures - there are some great tunes out there...and some real rubbish too..this is one of my favourite 'chilling times.

I was away at the weekend with Harry, Jack and Christian at a 'Dad's and Lads weekend' - just a lovely opportunity to spend some time with the kids - though it was just a reminder to me about how independent the kids really are. The boys were off playing football, fishing....doing boys things. I'm seeing the children really grow up, Mike's at work, Chris is already talking about A levels and University - and I'm getting grey flecks in my hair.

Getting older is actually something I really enjoy - I do worry about how things seem to click, crunch and how easily I seem to tire though. I'm at the gym doing a punishing schedule and enjoying that as I get to catch up on my podcast listening.

I'm more than happy to accept the crunches, clicks and tiring for the fact that I seem to observe and learn more with each year I gain. Does that make sense? Does this happen to you? I watch and listen much more now than I ever did before. I don't mean that I'm sitting watching the Discovery Channel or sitting with the Encylopedia Britannica, I just.... I don't know...observe more. I love people watching, and I feel as though I take more time to listen, rather than jump in with an opinion.

Show 113 was a little bit of an indulgence, but it was a product of my sitting and just vocalising stuff that I'd been thinking of for ages. Thanks to those folks for writing in - I had some really lovely emails from people who

It's that time now where I'm rambling, so I really should stop typing and get back to some more music searching for the next show.

Speak to you soon.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Download the MP3 PodcastPaul 113 here

Paul unplugged.

Carling don't do mellow shows, but if they did, this would probably be their flagship....


I grew up in Quinton, South Birmingham,a very poor district of Birmingham.

I attended Four Dwellings School, lots of struggles, real strife there. I hated the place. I wanted to go to a better school - this was a toilet - I wanted to go to another school because I was terrified of the reputation.

There were fights outside the school constantly. No one - and I mean no-one wanted to learn.

School was a terribly miserable existence. I remember thinking surely we should be learning here? One teacher didn't even turn up for 9 months and the teachers neither cared nor knew.

Music was a real way out for me - I took to the drums and loved my music, though initially I had to be careful about the music I listened to.

Bullies were rife, expectations were horribly low. You had to learn to fight through the day. That, in some perverse way helped me.

I remember a fateful careers advisor and an absoluely appalling Maths teacher. I was determined to show these hateful people that I was better than they expected. Incredibly a good number of my class mates did well by educating themselves after school life.

Church was a big part of my life - a whole hotscotch of folk from all walks of life - church - and drums....and work - great work ethic.

All's well that ends well, but never think of me as that lawyer bloke with a misconception - hopefully I don't fit the middle class stereo-type.

Class music (as ever from the following artists)

podsafe music network:

Truly by The Fags
Black Heart Blues - Melissa Forbes
Tender by Black Tie Destiny
I found you - Rebecca Haviland ( this is a MUST listen to)

Thanks to Darren and Ellie for Elli Myles - Forget You. Guys it's only a matter of time before you get signed and find your fame and fortune. Remember me on a record sleeve credit eh? ;-)
Thanks for listening , please send your feedback by mail or audio - mail to


Monday, June 12, 2006

podcast112 again....grrr

Download mp3 here podcastpaul112

I'm ever so sorry, aparently the feed may have gone a bit skewiff, here's podcast112 again if you didn't get it - the show notes are at

Sunday, June 11, 2006

podcastpaul podcast112 Who is Marc Bolan?

Download Podcast 112 MP3 direct from here

Podcastpaul Podcast 112 shownotes

Welcome to podcast 112, including a couple of bloopers.... it really has been a while!

It's incredibly hot here. It's been in the 80's / 90's today. Harry has had the pool out and the ice-lollies have been disappearing like billy-o in the freezer.

Tilly has been shawn, I would like to shave my head (though I won't as I look like a convict). Everyone is stripping off and spending time outdoors.

Music from The Tactitians - London's Alright. Thanks to Alan at Dark Horse Radio for the email suggesting I play them. Tell 'em you like the track and that you heard it here... mail them at

Exams are [hopefully] all over and done with. Another two year course starts September - I can barely wait... saying that I know I will miss studying, that's the weird irony of intense academia.
The way I revised was absolutely superb - with my ipod. I eat, slept and drank murder, manslaughter, Theft, Land, Equity for weeks.

England played their first game against Paraguay yesterday - great first half, appaling second half - it really was like watching paint dry. I can guarantee arguments for the next goodness knows how long Wednesday England play Trinidad.

Podcast reccomendation: Weird Nylon - great podcast I listened to yesterday on Paul Parkinson and his mate in New York - a good fun 'cast to listen to whilst working / commuting.

In Big Brother, Sam got the chop. Grace heard the crowd shouting that she should go. I'm seriously concerned at the psychological effect the progrmme is having on people.

From the podsafe music network:

Dona Oxford - He's my baby - this girl has a superb voice, reminds me of Des'ree. Sue actually likes this one!
High Speed - Tourist - The intro is a bit deceptive, it's not that heavy, and there's a lovely chorus. One for the ipod.
Way out - Seven thousand miles - beautiful summer tune that makes me want to be on holiday, sipping from a tall glass, three feet from the poolside - you'll like this one Adrian and Bernadette!

Preparing for the show....

I've been preparing for the show for the last few hours, music picked - loose idea of what I'd like to say, show notes semi - prepped, music all downloaded.

I'm really looking forward to doing the show this evening, I had a wonderful audio email in from Clinton Gaillie from New Zealand - the sun is shining and my postgrad exams are [ on the premise I've passed] all over and done with. I'm even looking forward to getting back to work...

Browsing round the web I saw something I have to point you at - check it out as there's a superb KTTunstall video on there. I remember watching her performance live on Jools Holland and being blown away by how skilled she was. You have to see it to believe it - that girl is absolutely amazing and I'm proud to say that I played her well before she was known. Look for the video, and prepare to be staggered, I think you even get to see another of my favourite artists clapping along; Anita Baker!

..and don't forget to come back a bit later on for the show.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

They think it's all over....

"They think it's all over" ; words from the 1966 World Cup when England lifted the Jules Rimet.

I'm hoping I hear the same thing in mid-July with the results from my exams that finished Friday - two were an absolute dream, the last one was an absolute stinker.

I'm recovering from 3 - 4 weeks of intense - and I mean seriously intense revision.

Right, now, onwards with Podcast User Magazine, Podcastcon UK, Pinnaclemedia and a thousand other thing I want to do, including DIY, and many more podcasts...

Sorry I've been quiet, but watch this space.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Podcastpaul podcast 111. The one with the Skype revelation and minimal Big Brother chat

Download podcastpaul podcast 111 MP3 here

Podcastpaul Podcast 11 shownotes

Hello! It's podcast 111

Sue and I talk about, well, the usual - her heavy breathing, crashing into mikes etc.

I work out, mid show that I can Skype folks and record using Castblaster - that could be a very useful tool.. he he...

Some (limited - because I'm so bored of it) Big brother chat.

Corking music as ever - all from the podsafe music network

Jona Lee - Roomfull of blues (Alligator records)
All the money in the world - Hutch
Carry Love - Hey Mike
This is a way - Loveless.

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Skype: Podcastpaul

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All feedback very welcome.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

podcastpaul, CUBB5

Download the MP3 here

Fear not young Lewis and others, a podcastpaul show is on its way! Tonight Paul Parkinson, Sue and I talk about Big Brother, Paul's recent 'goings on' and ...well listen for yourself and find out eh?