Sunday, June 11, 2006

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Welcome to podcast 112, including a couple of bloopers.... it really has been a while!

It's incredibly hot here. It's been in the 80's / 90's today. Harry has had the pool out and the ice-lollies have been disappearing like billy-o in the freezer.

Tilly has been shawn, I would like to shave my head (though I won't as I look like a convict). Everyone is stripping off and spending time outdoors.

Music from The Tactitians - London's Alright. Thanks to Alan at Dark Horse Radio for the email suggesting I play them. Tell 'em you like the track and that you heard it here... mail them at

Exams are [hopefully] all over and done with. Another two year course starts September - I can barely wait... saying that I know I will miss studying, that's the weird irony of intense academia.
The way I revised was absolutely superb - with my ipod. I eat, slept and drank murder, manslaughter, Theft, Land, Equity for weeks.

England played their first game against Paraguay yesterday - great first half, appaling second half - it really was like watching paint dry. I can guarantee arguments for the next goodness knows how long Wednesday England play Trinidad.

Podcast reccomendation: Weird Nylon - great podcast I listened to yesterday on Paul Parkinson and his mate in New York - a good fun 'cast to listen to whilst working / commuting.

In Big Brother, Sam got the chop. Grace heard the crowd shouting that she should go. I'm seriously concerned at the psychological effect the progrmme is having on people.

From the podsafe music network:

Dona Oxford - He's my baby - this girl has a superb voice, reminds me of Des'ree. Sue actually likes this one!
High Speed - Tourist - The intro is a bit deceptive, it's not that heavy, and there's a lovely chorus. One for the ipod.
Way out - Seven thousand miles - beautiful summer tune that makes me want to be on holiday, sipping from a tall glass, three feet from the poolside - you'll like this one Adrian and Bernadette!

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