Tuesday, June 27, 2006


...I can't talk too much about work, but I can talk about it in general terms.

I'm dealing with a seriously injured man who has been comatose for many years, he's been let down by his previous advisers, the NHS, just about everyone apart from a doting family.

Today I spent all day on the file, considering the evidence, re-attending the accident scene, musing, pondering, reconsidering the evidence again and looking at the matter from every angle. This is the biggest case I've dealt with so far in my 22 years in litigation, and a win will mean security, peace and comfort for all involved, though I have dealt with a £4.8 million settlement previously.

I don't even want to consider a loss - insurers have been known in these cases to argue for mitigation through pulling the plug on life support.

Litigation can be incredibly exhilirating, or dreadfully boring - but this isn't a game, the stakes are too serious. What a privilege to be able to deal with the matter though, but, at the same time, what a burden.

Law is a weird old thing over here in the UK, it still is the province of the middle classes, something I'm pleased to say is slowly changing, but still an effective closed shop for the middle classes. Yet law is still so often misunderstood - a growing number of folks love the job for the fact that injustices can be challenged, yet the general public simply see pound signs.

I've had the results of my Extended research Essay - a sort of mini thesis, I passed, and passed well... it's just those awful exam results I'm waiting for. I predict I've passed two well and possibly may need to resit one.

I'm simply bettering myself from the qualification I hold now, but, seriously, how on earth am I able to assist my poor needy client above having passed a further module in land law?

Crazy - yet I sat that Land Law exam.

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