Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey there....

It's funny, but I'm usually pretty pedantic about the English language... 'Hey there' and 'feeling chilled' are Americanisms that I'm beginning to understand though.

I just feel ike saying 'hey' to all my mates, and, after the heavy academia of the last month, I really am feeling 'chilled'.

I'm really enjoying surfing for new music at the moment, I absolutely love finding hidden treasures - there are some great tunes out there...and some real rubbish too..this is one of my favourite 'chilling times.

I was away at the weekend with Harry, Jack and Christian at a 'Dad's and Lads weekend' - just a lovely opportunity to spend some time with the kids - though it was just a reminder to me about how independent the kids really are. The boys were off playing football, fishing....doing boys things. I'm seeing the children really grow up, Mike's at work, Chris is already talking about A levels and University - and I'm getting grey flecks in my hair.

Getting older is actually something I really enjoy - I do worry about how things seem to click, crunch and how easily I seem to tire though. I'm at the gym doing a punishing schedule and enjoying that as I get to catch up on my podcast listening.

I'm more than happy to accept the crunches, clicks and tiring for the fact that I seem to observe and learn more with each year I gain. Does that make sense? Does this happen to you? I watch and listen much more now than I ever did before. I don't mean that I'm sitting watching the Discovery Channel or sitting with the Encylopedia Britannica, I just.... I don't know...observe more. I love people watching, and I feel as though I take more time to listen, rather than jump in with an opinion.

Show 113 was a little bit of an indulgence, but it was a product of my sitting and just vocalising stuff that I'd been thinking of for ages. Thanks to those folks for writing in - I had some really lovely emails from people who

It's that time now where I'm rambling, so I really should stop typing and get back to some more music searching for the next show.

Speak to you soon.


Hel Fire said...

did you know that you got a paragraph in the Independent newspaper today, on the "Critics' choice" page of the "Extra" section, under "Download this!"?

podcastpaul said...

Hi Helen, no, I didn't, thnks for sharing that with me. i would love to see a copy if you have it?


Paul Knight said...
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podcastpaul said...

Hi paul,

I am a Brummy lad, working in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Nice to meet you.

Paul Knight said...

Hi Paul,

Were you on the radio 4 programme you and yours a few weeks ago? I am trying to set up a video podcast showcasing bands called the pjkshow, showcasing Nottingham and sheffields unsigneds with live shows and interviews, stay in touch, might need your help.

podcastpaul said...

Paul - not to my knowledge unless it was some audio archive stuff (that happens a lot actually!.

I've done a lot previously with Radio 5, could it be there?

I'd be delighted to help, but do check out - a great site for unsigned bands.