Friday, June 02, 2006

podcastpaul, CUBB5

Download the MP3 here

Fear not young Lewis and others, a podcastpaul show is on its way! Tonight Paul Parkinson, Sue and I talk about Big Brother, Paul's recent 'goings on' and ...well listen for yourself and find out eh?


Paul said...

Interesting to hear parky on the show!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Parky sounds like a real yorkshire man, and as for him sitting naked on the sofa.....what would Janet say??
Sue xx

Scott said...

Hey Paul,

Did you get my email about coming on the BB cast?


podcastpaul said...

Hey Scott, mate, PLEASE Skype me: podcastpaul

Scott said...

Missed this last night. Can I Skype you later tonight or tomorrow night?