Friday, May 26, 2006

Podcast Paul - Big Brother 4 - we're bored!

Download the MP3 here

PodcastPaul / Completely Unofficial Big Brother podcast We're Pinfield-less again, bless him, Sue and I postulate as to where he is and whether he's wearing his Navy Costume.

Paul is bored, Sue is tired, Dwn is gone and Lewis Moten wants us to stop! Saying that, loads of great comments again, cheers folks.


All here folks...


Paul said...

Sorry again guys. Just got in. I got a call from my Girlie, and I just couldn't turn her down. Just in case you are in any doubt, Girlie = WOMAN.

Anonymous said...

We understand Paul, girlies must come first. Hope to catch you soon
Sue x

Scott said...

I want to be on an unofficial BB show!!! :-p

Anonymous said...

We want you to be on an ubbs too!!!!
Love Sue

Colin Harman said...

Wheres TCUBBP 5?