Sunday, May 21, 2006

Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast No. 2

Download the MP3 here
It's day two with Paul & Sue. Mr P is on a date....or, was on a date?
Big Brotherhood - Mancy Lisa and Shabaz, the 'nine stone cowboy'. Obviously divisive
Seza - desperate for Imogen.
Glynn and Imogen talking Welsh - very similar to Sue's old bionic woman club when she was a kid.
George's posh piercing is really annoying me.
Pete's Tourette's is absolutely brilliant. He does a Loony Tunes whistle too.
Seza the geezer, woman teezer - Pete obviously doesn't like Seza - I don't like seeing women grabbed that way.
Nicky ridiculous baby talking
George thinks Richard will be the ring-leader. The daddy of the house.
Selected Big Brotherhood leaders.
Lisa - don't like Sezar and Bonnie.
Bonnie, crying chav.
I most despise Nicky. I have a migraine I need bottled water. IDIOT!! No tears. "I feel like a homeless tramp"
Dawn is about 18 foot 9
Seza - self proclaimed guru and font of knowledge. I hate people like that. I would end up punching him.
Seza - I find Lisa "common"
Shabaz - scapegoat. Reminded me of George Orwell's 1984.
Richard "This is why gay men get bad names"
A rift is developing between Shabaz and Sezar.
Mrs Doubtfire.
Dawn - shows some really lovely qualities. Thinks they are bullying Shabaz.
come and chat to me when you're ready - Richard. Who is he?
Who do we think will be evicted? Who can't we stick? Who should win?


thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

Yay, i would be listening to this now, but my sound card is brocken and awaiting repair (why me???) so ill try and get that sorted and give the show a listen.

thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

erm, paul, if your there, could you give me a hand? im trying to subscribe to the podsafe music network, and ..... what is a feed url?

Paul said...

Hi Guy's sorry I couldn't make the show last night. I HAD to go out. BTW, Sue's accents are all Brum not Yorkshire accents!

Anonymous said...

Love the show Paul, do you intende to keep this up all summer? I hate the delay on the show and have you ever watched BB on E4? It's all dubbed out in case someone is swearing etc which is 99% of the time. If it gets better I may watch the live stream as that who point is to see it live not events a day later, that' s a soap.

Sue give Paul a slap from me when he talks over you, LOL!

Jason (manc-oxford)

podcastpaul said...

Hi Jason, we will be keeping the show up - probably twice a week so as not to bore folks!

Malcolm Mackenzie said...

I think the BB producers have made a mistake this year. They wanted it to be as dirty and 'evil' as last year, but it is already clear that this isn't going to be the case. Dawn was touted as someone with no friends who is going to cause trouble, when in reality she has a degree in psychology, is a nice woman and has admitted that she created a persona and fooled BB into thinking she was nasty. The guy with tourettes is ok, and a good advocate for the condition. The blad gay bloke is a nice guy who also won't be as contraversial as he promised. The plastic lady has also calmed down. Shazbut, or whatever his name is, is in an acting role and has no idea who he really is. Once he has gone, the group will settle down nicely. The rest are a bunch of young people who don't really have much to offer.

Renee Surpliss said...

I think Malcolm meant to say bald, not blad.

podcastpaul said...

Cheers Mr Obrey... I know that sense of humour anywhere...

Anonymous said...


I'd had 4 beers when I wrote my comment - grammer & spelling is terrible (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). The weather is bad therefore no one is getting there kit off outside in the hot tub and therefore no action!
Sezar is a w**ker and reminds me of some of the southerners who I went to Uni with!
Jason (Man-Oxford)