Saturday, May 31, 2008

The British Public definitely cannot spot talent.

I watched the finals of Britain's got talent. I'm frankly staggered at the result.

We had four absolutely incredibly top musicians playing some of the best performed classical music I've ever heard in a wonderfully contemporary style, a superb 12 year old with a voice to die for - and the winner was...... a pretty good kid dancer with a sob story? What a pile of festering poo. What an anti-climax.

I'm either incredibly thick or very perceptive and rightfully cynical. The British public either voted for the 'nice poor young lad with the smiley face' or something was really wrong with the voting system.

Whenever I source music, I look incredibly closely at the integrity of the music and the production values. I'm not dictated to in any way by what I think will be popular. I like a fraction of popular music. I think most of it is mass produced carp with all the fishy values attached.

Sorry. Is it me?

Is it?

I need to pinch myself.


I've created a movie of the boat trip that Sue, harry, Jack, myself and our extended family took in Polperro just last week.

We bumped into some dolphins - they were beautiful animals that certainly weren't shy.

Have a look at this - I love it! The link is right here

Back from holiday

I'm back from a week away in Cornwall - a great week away with some shocking weather and a real mishap - the wheel came off the caravan on the way down! Luckily there seems to be relatively little damage.

We had one day of great weather and took a boat trip that turned out to be something really special. half a dozen dolphins wowed us for a good 10 - 15 minutes in a rare showing. They seemed as intrugued with the boat as we were with them, coming within a foot or so of us. I've some amazing video of them and when I get chance I'll put up some on site.

Cornwall is just an amazing place, good or bad weather, it's a peaceful place I've loved all my life. I hope to get back to there really soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brand New Podcast show - Ask Harry

Download the MP3 of the show here directly

This is absolutely brilliant!

I asked folks on Twitter to give me some questions to put to my 7 year old; Harry. The results are... well, have a listen

One of my best mates... my little boy; Harry, aged 7.

I love all of my children, right up to my eldest lad; Michael who's 19.

If kids could stay around aged 7, it would be bliss. They're wide eyed, innocent, loving, lovely and really, really funny. I'm seriously thinking about doing a podcast show with him. Some of the things he says just makes me wet myself laughing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Download the mp3 direct from here

Pillowtalk 7 podcast - Sue and I talk about all manner of nonsense all wrapped up in a 5 minute audio show. Produced on Garageband using the internal mac mic. 

Perfect to drink your tea to...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

podcast172 back from burglary

Download the MP3 of podast 172 direct at this link here

Back from burglary...

podcast 172 is now uploadedfor your listening pleasure - corking music and great chat from your host; paul nicholls.

I talk about the break ins, Buma, Iron Man, The Eye, Johnnie Walker, the weird shadow and loads more. Just have a listen eh?!

alll music from the podsafe music network save for Hollow Horse. Thanks Ken!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Great sax

Here's a quick shot of my mate;Steve warming up on the sax.

Steve is a great sax player and fantastic to play along with.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

nuts and sax.

I took this photo at the cinema sweet shop this evening.

Mental... milk chocolate Brazil nuts bearing the warning "products may contain nut traces". Really?