Saturday, May 31, 2008

The British Public definitely cannot spot talent.

I watched the finals of Britain's got talent. I'm frankly staggered at the result.

We had four absolutely incredibly top musicians playing some of the best performed classical music I've ever heard in a wonderfully contemporary style, a superb 12 year old with a voice to die for - and the winner was...... a pretty good kid dancer with a sob story? What a pile of festering poo. What an anti-climax.

I'm either incredibly thick or very perceptive and rightfully cynical. The British public either voted for the 'nice poor young lad with the smiley face' or something was really wrong with the voting system.

Whenever I source music, I look incredibly closely at the integrity of the music and the production values. I'm not dictated to in any way by what I think will be popular. I like a fraction of popular music. I think most of it is mass produced carp with all the fishy values attached.

Sorry. Is it me?

Is it?

I need to pinch myself.


Parkylondon said...

Right on the money Paul. I had hoped the classical music girl group would win. Ho hum. I wonder how long it will be before we find out there was a "problem" with the voting system?

I rather suspect the girls will get signed anyway and will be successful and the winner will have a couple of singles and then fade away. At least I hope so.

PS I am in Dubai hence the silly time I am posting London time!

podcastpaul said...

Hi Paul - looks like Cowell has signed the women on a £1 million deal. I think that was always on the cards.

Hope your trip goes well mate. Listened to you yesterday while I varnished my windows and door!

Andy Taylor said...

Yes, it's you

Mark said...

No, it's not you. He's a crap dancer, mediocre at best. I liked the two Asian dudes.

podcastpaul said...

Sue really liked Signature too Mark, I thought they were really pretty original.