Thursday, May 18, 2006

PodcastPaul - Bedtime stories with Harry and once upon a world

Download the mp3 here directly.

I love my lads - I love my five year old - my five year old loves Bedtime stories.

I don't like the fact that the internet can spew out some harmful stuff for kids, so I am delighted to promote (entirely independently - I have no tie in any way shape or form) 'Once Upon a World' - kids Bible stories read by the enigmatic wonderful and charismatic great English voice of John Le Mesurier (Dad's Army!)

for more info on Once Upon A World - go to their site

I tested this out on Harry the other night, and he loved it - we both did.

A big thumbs up from Paul and Harry!

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Adrian Pegg said...

Thanks Paul, they really are lovely stories aren't they.

It's amazing that they've never before been commercially available either.