Wednesday, May 17, 2006

podcast 110 I REALLY REALLY HATE taking stuff back to the shops

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Another packed show from Paul (and Sue)
Show notes
- debacle in the restaurant- I hate taking suff back to the shops!- PUM & UKPA
- Sue reading my email
- Big Brother starts soon..listen out!
- Teri Hatcher is haggard, Paul fancies Brie and the working mum with the blonde hair (and of course Eva Longorio)
- other stuff I forgot...including Ofsted


- Regardless by Agency
- Usual Way by Blue Alarm
- Born Again - Mark Prescott
All music from the podsafe music network.
All non music content, completely free for your own use - I'm not a spanner!


Treaders said...

Hilarious as usual. Love the Sooty and Sweep references.

Bernadette from Australia said...

I reckon Sue and I must have been separated at birth - we both have deformed ears and we both love to take stuff back to shops. Stop being such a sissy Paul :)