Monday, May 01, 2006

How much for face peel?!!??

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Today I went to the shops and bought... New Headphones, a new Sennheiser microphone, assorted cables, adaptors and a new mic stand.

Maplins is Paul's heaven. Masses of wires and a real boys paradise.

Why does Sue love shopping? She almost walked out of Maplins with an electronic translator, fog pool ice, an ice lamp and a fairground grabber!

Harry, Sue and I went to Asda, which has been taken over by Walmart.

Once more I was in paradise and purchashed the headphones. I spent ages going around the electrical equipment and mens clothes - they sell great stuff much cheaper than everywhere else.

I'm told I keep interupting

My sister; Rachel owns a beauty business, she has spray tanned herself and been on the sunbed and now looks orange. Like a sponsor for Radion, she appears to have been rolling around the floor in Wotsits (bright orange cheese snacks for the uninitiated)

Miss Saigon - renowned by lots of peopple for being wonderful, I thught it was ridiculous in places. The singing and acting were great though (especially the women dancers!)

Sue was at Rachel's shop having a face peel. fifty quid! (well. actually there's an online revelation from Sue.. Why do women pay to have acid put on their face?!! You could buy some good cables, adaptors and rechargable batteries for that!

email about the cat - thanks George!

Music from the podsafe music network:

The Aggrolites (on Epitaph) Mister Misery
Betty La Vette (again on Epitaph) Down to Zero
Satori - Losing Time Dub
Calvin owens (Topcat Records) Please Love Me


Adrian Pegg said...

"rolling around the floor in Wotsits " .. classic PodcastPaul ...

Going to listen right now, and finally get rid of these withdrawal symptoms.

Adrian Pegg said...

I wonder if the BBC know you can buy headphones in ASDA?

They could save a fortune!


Adrian Pegg said...

Looks like I'm going to be making comments right through the show ...

That musical technique when the whole piece is sung is called Oratorio I think. It's not my favourite style of musical either. I saw Miss Saigon at Drury Lane when it was previewing in the 80s, and I didn't like it much, or Les Miserable come to that. If Guys And Dolls makes it ooop north you should try to see that, and Billy Elliot - which is the best musical I've seen for many years.

stupod said...

Matey your podcast is far from being stuck in a rut. I laughed my head off throughout show 108. I even got the feeling that this show was going to be a class act from just reading the show notes beforehand.
Top stuff fella. One of your funniest podcasts if not the funniest one you have done.



podcastpaul said...

AAh Geoff you say the kindest things [misguided but kind!] When I listen back to the shows, I just sit cringing, and can't believe anyone would listen let alone enjoy! Thanks anyway Love Sue x

podcastpaul said...


You must have guessed after knowing Paul for a while now that he wouldn't be the type to sit through any musical without giving a running critique! He was painful to sit next to, he tittered and mumbled all the way through. Most of the mumbling bits were aimed at the women in skimpy outfits at the start!! When he says he likes Joseph and the Dreamcoat it's because it's on his intellectual level! Love Sue. x

bpende said...


Give it 'im Sue... Let 'im 'ave it wit both barrels... You've not got deformed ears, he needs to open that tight wallet of his and pay for some quality headphones.

You can tell him that that 6 or 7 quid haircut shows, too... in'nit?

We should change this from the "PodCast Paul" show to "Row with Paul and Sue". You could run with the tag line, "Squabbling since April 2006".

Bernadette in Australia said...

Be kind to people with deformed ears's a curse that us podcast-listening deformed-ear-defected-folks have to be endlessly laughed at for as our headphones fall out all over the place.

FYI (or FSUE'SI) I ended up with in-ear headphones which have an over-the-ear hold thing - Altec Lansing Stereo Earphones. They seem to suit my deformity :)

And as for your other insensitive comments...who'd spend all day shopping for gadgets with wires protruding for them when you could be buying shoes and handbags?

Still love the show even though you're showing your less sensitive side now :) I've officially lost track of the number of CDs or digital downloads I've bought based on your show.

Cheers, Bernadette

Sue said...

Hi Bernadette, I'm so glad someone has ears like mine! I thought I was the only one. As for shopping, you are so right about the shoes and handbags thing. But when I want to shop seriously I wouldn't do it with Paul there because although he says he doesn't mind, he is like a hulking malevolent presence standing behind me and breathing loudly!!! Not helpful when you need a good shop. Thanks for your comment. Sue xx

podcastpaul said...

Have you been reading those books again Sue?

"Hulking malevolent presence?!"

Parkylondon said...

Paul, mate.

Sue's got her own blog????? omg.... double-omg, so's Janet...

Maybe we should get Janet and Sue to do a podcast together - via Skype - and get our shows back... :-D

Cheers for a terrific show..


Anonymous said...


Be afraid.....very afraid..........

Sue ( forgot my password. Doh)

Tim Watt said...


Love the tunes!