Friday, May 19, 2006

The Completely Unofficial Big Brother Podcast No.1

Download the MP3 file direct from here


- Hello and Welcome to show no. 1

- This is the compleely unofficial show for Big Brother
- Meet Paul, Sue and Paul
- Different Lay out in the house
- Camp Chair
- Lovely Davina
- Bonnie; 20, Careworker. Chav. Is she thick?
- Pete; 24. Poor mans Lee Evans, Does he really have tourettes?
- George 19, student. Mr Posh
- Shabaz Self proclaimed "paki poof" - 80's nut
- Leah 35, plastic surgery addict large....teeth £35,000 on surgery
- Imogen 23, Barmaid. yummy! Very welsh former Miss Wales. Graduate. purrr...
- Mikey 23, model, Liverpool. Chauvanist
- Dawn 38. misery, has no friends, doesn't like people. Shoulder + chip.
- Glynn 18, lifeguard with a figure like a coathanger
- Richard, 33, Waiter, Canadian, muscular gay bloke - "I lack grace with the manners of an inbred dog"
- Grace, 20, Dance Teacher. very tidy... posh
- Lisa, 27, upholsterer. Chinese Mancunian - mental "I get on with the lads and dad owned a chippy" tiny...
- Sezer, 26, entrepeneur. Stockbroker. Bighead. Appears to be a bit of a chav, loves himself.
- Nicky, 24, model & promo girl. Appears to be thick. 'Man mad' Slightly pretty Vicky Pollard. Came 4th in Miss Hertfordshire. One wonders how many contestants there were....

oh dear.


gazuky said...

Blimey Paul, you've surprised me with this one. I thought BB would be a PodcastPaul no-go-zone!

I think you've got the character descriptions spot-on, and I wish you a successful series of podcasts. Just remember when recording your podcast: no naked jacuzzi! I don't want that mental image.

Adrian Pegg said...

Very very funny.

'In the words of L'Oreal - she's not worth it'

Another classic.

stupod said...

lol, excellent stuff.

I wasn't going to bother watching all the big bro's this year, but now you guys (+sue) are doing a podcast on it - I must watch them all!

It would be great to know what audience experience is like so I hope you can get a ticket to an eviction night. Do you think you could wangle a chat with any of the production staff or even an evictee?

podcastpaul said...

Geoff.... bril idea and one that had crossed my mind!

We should try to find out who to mail and deluge 'em with requests... hang on a minute... isn't old Adrian Pegg mates with Davina?!!?

thatguyfromthemightyfrogcast said...

podcast paul, i know that this is very impromptue, and ive only listened to a few shows, but im starting a podcast, the mighty frogcast, and was wondering whether you could do something for it, just, saying "hi, this is podcast paul and your listening to the mighty frogcast" if you could do that, it would be amazing.

podcastpaul said...

sure mate - send me an email and I'll send one asap

Conrad Slater said...

sorry Paul, I really enjoyed it but the music underneath was really distracting and made it difficult to hear old Paul Pinfield

Blaze said...

I love to watch Big Brother in the US but I have heard that BB UK is a lot more entertaining. Does anyone know is there is a way to watch the UK Live Stream from the USA since, according to Channel 4, “The Big Brother Live Stream is only available in the UK and the Republic of Ireland”??