Friday, June 23, 2006

podcast 114 - the one wit hthe really big blooper..

Download the MP3 podcastpaul podcast 114 here directly.

PodcastPaul Podcast114
- Hello and welcome
- The show apparently appeared in the Critic's choice in yesterday's Independent. Does anyone have a copy?
- As ever great and very varied indie music from some very different artists.
- Condolences to Paul and Jan Parkinson
- The weekend, no show, Paul and Sue's exploits
- Hooked on You by Albert Collins from the Podsafe Music Network
- My mate Martin Hunt
- Why do women have more friends than men?
- Women's conversations, complete inhibition
- Anyone out there by Hoverfly, courtesy of
- Back at the Gym, hopefully I'm hooked.
- audio comments Jude and prof steve
- Diets & Willpower
- Your Words by Kelly Mueller, courtesy of the podsafe music network
- What are we reading / watching?
- Brilliant episode of Desperate Housewives, Brie is bril!
- The Colours in Between by Simon Apple - from the lads themselves -
- send an email to us (or leave a voicemail or blog entry)

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