Friday, June 30, 2006

Podcstpaul podcast 116 - trying to be serious... yeah right...

- Hello from Paul and Sue late evening 29th June 2006

- Sweating like a fat bird at a disco
- Immaculate Insurance
- Violent By Stellar (PMN) One for Bernadette, she'll love this....
- What on earth is happening in Big Brother?!
- Dream, Alice Smith PMN gets more Beatley as it goes on...great harmonies
- Serious bit, racist murder in prison; Justice Keith's enquiry: Zahid Mubarek
- Discussions of institutional murder - there's actually no such thing.
- What makes a racist murder worse than a non - racist murder? Should there be half the grief and outrage?
- Dream
- Positive discrimination and pc nonsense.
- What are we doing at the weekend?
- Where are YOU listening from? The middle of the sea according to Clustr!
- Watch out for the fab prize in July 1st PUM
- When Mothers Conspire, The Blue Alarm


Bernadette from Australia said...

Hi Paul and Sue

Still listening. Promise. Just been a wee bit busy with life lately.

I don't know if you have them in England but here in Aus we have a category of crime called hate crimes. So, if you kill someone because you want their money that's one crime but if you kill someone because you don'tlike the colour of their skin or the fact they're gay that's a different crime and according to the law a worse one. I think this is the stupidest approach to the law that I've ever come across...another example of the politics of popularity. I fail to see how a person's motivation for doing something should enter into the crime they are charged with or the sentence they receive. Surely the murdered person is just as dead in both cases. ARRRRRGH

But, as always, there's a Podcast Paul episode to cheer me up and help me forget this sad old world for a while. Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to to the PMN I go (gotta download the Stellar song).

Cheers, and thanks again

Glyn Wintle said...

Hi Paul listening to your comments on what makes a racist murder worse than a non - racist murder made me think of this blog post by my local MP. Equal rights for all

Sue does he always pick on you that much? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette, good to see you back on the blog, hope all is well with you.

And Glyn.....yes he does!!

Love Sue x