Friday, December 30, 2005

podcast95 - The One Year Anniversary Show

MP3 Download here.

It has been a year since my first podcast, can you believe it?

This show explores some of the events from last year, I was exhausted just listening to it all! What a fun, packed year it was.

Many thanks for the email and audio contributions. I'd like to thank the following for audio clips / ripped audio:

Adam Curry - DSC Podcast
Brad Penderghast (whole Lot of Nonsense Podcast)
Geoff (Stupod - podcast listener)
Richard Vobes - The Richard Vobes Radio Show
Up All Night (BBC Radio 5)
Paul Hopkins -
Grant - Three from Leith Podcast
Rowley Cutler - podcast
Skinny White Boy - Skinny White Boy Kast Pod
Rob Costlow
Pippa Rogers
Tom - Tom's

Music from:

Dynamo's Rhythm Aces
Hollow Horse
3 Blind Mice

Stacks of other bits and pieces, you'll just have to check the show out!

Thank you to everyone who listened over te last year,it really has been worthwhile doing this. Happy New Year everyone.




Paul said...

Paul, I am listening to the show right now. The segue from the 5 Live interview to Hollow Horse was inspired.

Remarkable show Paul. I hope I can hit this standard one day.

Paul said...

One more thing Paul... The 5 Live interview reminded about your Swazi appeal. I went to make another donation, but the link is gone. Any chance of putting it back up? I think the podcast might spur others to donate again.

I might be a more meaningful way of ending the year than pissing it up the wall.

podcastpaul said...

cheers Paul - will put the link back up straight away

PH said...

I don't have anything of substance to add at this point in time, as I am downloading the show as I type. However, I did want to add my comment as the 3rd Paul to be posting, to add to the over all Paul-ness of the comments :-).
Happy New Year! (to all present Pauls, oh...and those who are not).

PH said...

"Something, Something" is a Maxwell tune, is it not? Cover version? Good sound. Niiiiice. :-)

Paul said...

Paul, I have given you a small plug on the Calmast 003. I played Suicide by Hollow Horse, and, as you turned me on to them, I thought it only fair that you got the credit.

Bye the way, Ken is a really nice guy. He sent me both albums which are stunning. I will be playing three or four other tracks on the cast and I have plugged the band and linked to their site from mine.

I figure that the more bands that see that this is a viable way of drive sales, the better.

Finally, if there are going to be any bands on at this years Podcastcon UK I would really love to see Hollow Horse. Any chance?


podcastpaul said...

Hi paul - I would love to think that Ken could come along - I definitely want to chat to the other lads about the viability of getting some bands in.. I'd love to see, say 3 blind Mice, Ellie Myles etc, particularly as these two are London based.

That would be great eh?

bpende said...

Paul, thanks for the link. My last name usually gives people fits, and you've come up with a pretty close approximation of it there. I generally just put in Brad P. from NJ... more people seem to get that right.

And the show, btw... be-a-yoo-tiful. Congrats again on reaching a year.