Sunday, December 18, 2005

podcast92 - a live show with a couple of bloopers...

podcast 92 is now up and running - and you can tell it's live.You can download the MP3 from here directly.

One or two real bloopers with one VERY big blooper, I don't mention it, but, see if you can hear it. Like the consumate professional I am, I keep talking and ignore the unedited problem. See if you can figure it out. That'll get you thinking!

I try a different format on the show, I disasterously use my Ipod (if ever you're doing a live show 'on the fly' don't do it!)

Music today from:

Away with the Fairys
Groove Generator
3 Blind Mice

Some music from the Podcast Network...cheers guys!

Thanks to Colin at

I mention my Flickr site - and loads of other stuff too.

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