Thursday, December 15, 2005

happy birthday

Me - aged about 4 in good old 1971. Everyone had one of those jumpers, one of those haircuts and one of these school photo's.

It's my thirty-eighth birthday today - and a real non - event. It is when you pass your early teens is it?

I did receive a couple of cracking presents this morning though - a travel case for my ipod complete with all sorts of leads, wires, adapators and stuff for your car / pc etc... and a battery / direct power input stand alone set of speakers - they'll be put to good use. I'll take some photo's later and put them up on site.

Weird really, I have a love-hate relationship with my 4gb Ipod mini - it's wonderfully versatile and dead good, but the battery life is shocking. In fact, I feel pretty sure that it's been defective from the word go as the battery lasts for just 2 hours.

As much as I love the ipod, I hate the way it's tied to just one machine - a complete nightmare. I have a twenty quid MP3 player from pc world which isn't tied to just one pc and ultimately versatile - the sound quality is great, but the ease of the ipod controls blow everything else out of the water. I would like to invest in an Iriver, I'll have to have a look at one in the New Year.

Speak to you all soon.


Boy am I long overdue to do a podcast! Look out for one VERY shortly...



Colin said...

Have a great birthday Paul. I turn the big 3.8. in March.

Hope you have a great one, have a beer for me.


Phil said...

Happy Birthday mate, hope it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday fella :)


jEN said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Adrian Pegg said...

Happy Birthday Paul. At least pictures of you aged 4 are in colour!

Paul said...

Happy Birthday Paul. My ipod is abit suspect too! Why do they launch these things before the technology works correctly.
Paul R