Sunday, December 18, 2005

podcast 92 - including bloopers!

Show 92 direct from this link here

Hmm. No idea why show 92 was not picked up by Itunes, Juice and the other aggregators.

Never mind, let's try again!


Adrian Pegg said...

Still nothing in Juice Paul.

podcastpaul said...

I'm cheesed off with the feed problems. I don't seem to have done anything else differently so don't understand?


Colin said...

Took a while to appear in my Juice, but downloaded fine now. Thanks for the mention Paul :-)


Marilyn said...

Downloaded fine for me with iTunes, Paul. No problems here.

podcastpaul said...

Yay! Fixed.. it may have been a glitch with Feedburner - phew!

Paul said...


I totally agree with you about the quality of music on PMN. Lots of the stuff on there is trash. Way over produced MOR rubbish.

Paul said...

How cool is this???????

I have a video iPod with a remote control dock which I use to play videocasts on my TV. I subscribe to the TechToys Video Podcast and was watching their latest download last night. One guess as to who provided the backing track for the videocast. You got it, Hollow Horse. The track is Beggerstown and it fits perfectly.

Mail me if you would like the file.


Paul said...

Just one other thing. just finished listening to podcast 92. Three Mice - 10/10. The track reminds me of a really famous Christmas song who's title escapes me.

Paul said...

For anyone without a video iPod who would like to see the videocast featurung Hollow Horse's Beggerstown I have converted the file so that it will play in Windows Media Player and uploaded it to a server. Please copy the this website address into Internet Explorer

This will take you to the download page. You will then see a link called Xbox at Yodobashi.avi. Right click
on the link and select Save Target As... from the menu that appears. You will then see a Save As dialog box.On the left hand side of the dialog box you will see an ion called Desktop. Click on that and then click on the Save button. The video will then download to your desktop.

Once the download is completed simply double click on the file and it will begin playing in Windows Media

Any problems, just give me a call.


podcastpaul said...

cheers Paul, great quality!