Saturday, December 10, 2005

podcast 91 - Part II of the interview in Swaziland - a MUST NOT miss show.

Podcast 91 = you can download the MP3 directly from here

This is perhaps the most worthwhile podcast I've ever done - well, I suppose that, in conjunction with podcast no.88.

I speak to Kevin Ward - the Director of Swaziland Teen Challenge at Hawane Farm during my recent visit a month or so ago in Mbabane, Swaziland. This man just blows me away. Forget David Beckham, Michael Jordan or your favourite rock - star. This man has quietly given his fortune, his life to help orphaned kids with nothing - quite literally nothing, some with no food in their bellies and only the clothes they stand up in. The amazing thing here is that Kevin quietly works away, shies away from any publicity or praise and gets right into the action of saving lives. What a privilege to have met with and spoken to such a person.

The picture above is of the children you can hear playing football during our interview, they're smiling because they were given a whole load of football shirts that we'd taken over. These kids are so grateful for anything they're given - very unlike the children here in the West.

I'm in the top right corner of a very unflattering picture. I've lost about 20 pounds since our trip over there, maybe I should go more often. Joking apart, I am desperate to get back there.

The old line from "Feed the world" rings so true - I've seen it first hand - "The greatest gift they'll get this year is life..."Many of the children are infected - a huge shock to me was the revelation that "....only 1 in 10 children in Swaziland will live to the age of 35 because of AIDS only..." Think about that, this means that 90% of Swazilands future will be taken. That appaling figure is qualified in the interview, please do take the time to listen.

Superb musical interlude from Jami Sieber, the incredible Cellist, courtesy if Magnatunes.

For those of you who have donated, a heartfelt thank-you, I relly do mean that. For those of you who have not, please do not feel any pressure at all to give, but please give your time and listen to this podcast.

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