Friday, December 23, 2005

podcast93 - podcastpaul Paul and his son Mike review some very different music from PMN. 16 year old Mike's podsafe choice

Podcast 93 - you can download the MP3 directly from here.

Today is a pretty cool show, in a desperate attempt to gain some serious street cred, I enrol my 16 year old son; Mike into the show.

To his credit, Mike picked some great tunes from the podcast Music Network and I gave them a really honest listen. Do I like or hate the stuff? Have we got different tastes in music? Does our 22 year age gap make any difference?

Have a listen, you may be very surprised...

Music from:

Berman - Lost Angeles
Brain Buckit - Passion Fruit (Go Bananas)
Anemo - Fall Out Renegade
Uncrowned - Queen of New York
Chiba-Ken - The Distance From Here

All from the Podcast Music Network


Paul said...

Paul, the show has not been picked up in iTunes again.

podcastpaul said...

:-( boo. I'm not sure what I'm up to here!

bpende said...

I'm only in about 3 minutes, and I'm thinking that your son's definitely picked some wicked, rockin' tunes. Remember that Ozzy did a fair bit of shouting as well.

You may have to want your son to mix up some new jingles to match your new style...