Monday, December 12, 2005

random thoughts and a couple of great podcasts

Amdrew Wragg was today convicted of manslaughter for taking the life of his young son; Jacob, aged 10 who was suffering terribly with Hunters syndrome.

Wragg, charged with Murder openly accepted the fsct that he took his son's life, claiming that he was 'driven' to his desperate act by virtue of the fact that he was suffering such an abnormality of mind as to commute the act to Manslaughter by virtue of Diminished Responsibility - a defence open to those charged with Homicide.

I talked about this recently in a podcast - 'mercy killing' as it is called is not recognised here in the UK - the taking of a life 'within the Queens peace' (i.e. not in the course of war) is murder. People often think that 'malice aforethought' is a necesary ingredient - that is an outdated notion in modern law now.

The intent for murder is nothing at all to do with motive, indeed motive does not figure at all in the legal ingredient for murder. The state of mind that needs to present is the intent to kill or cause serious harm. Smothering the face of a child is murder, no matter the motive in the eyes of the law. The 'abnormality of mind' present in this case gave the Judge the power to allow Wragg to walk away.

The whole present system of Homicide here in the UK is an odd series of judicial precedent and tempered legislation.

On a brighter note - I've found a couple of superb podcasts that I've been listening to: Betty in the Sky with a suitcase- mostly real life comedy stories from an anonymous air - stewardess and her colleagues.

Another great podcast from Dr. Chris over here in the UK is The Naked Scientist - I met Chris at podcastcon and only yesterday found the time to listen in. A syndicated show from BBC across East Anglia, this is a real must check out too.

On another note, a great review site I'm looking at is Colin's site: Colin seems to share much of the musical tastes I do - I'dlike to think my show colours his pallete too. Colin's podcast review site; podcast Launchpad is also a good, balanced, informed site.

All in, some great stuff happening on the podcast scene.


Colin said...

Thanks for the mention Paul. It's funny not only do we have similar tastes in music, but in podcasts as well so it seems. Just posted a review of Betty and then I see you mention her as well as me... strange :-)

Cheer mate. Colin
Podcast Launchpad
Indie Launchpad
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*Shamless plug off*

podcastpaul said...


One great happy sharing experience mate - it's great to see the real cream rising to the top though.

How odd that the stuff we both like (and presumably the loyal listeners / blog - watchers) doesn't often figure in the polls.

I take the view that the polls should be ignored - they never seem to express my tastes or the reality of what I know folks I talk to listen to / look at.

Colin said...

I've never been a poll person. In fact I was never a trend follower at school either, especially for clothes. My main factor is whether I like something, not if everyone else likes it.

Even my oldest two kids have like some of the music I've reviewed. They're becoming quite the music officienados, which is fine by me.

If you get a chance Paul, I'd be interested in your views on some of the music reviewed so far, especially if you haven't heard of the band/artists before.


podcastpaul said...

I was exactly the same re: trends etc Colin - I knew precisely what I liked and was, even then, pretty vocal about it.

I was in awe at bands like the Cocteau Twins, and Siouxie and the Banshees, Rush, Magnum and some other very unfashionable bands back in the early mid-80's.

I'm planning on getting a few samples from the stuff you've reviewed Colin - I had an idea to mention your site on the next podcast and take some stuff from there directly.

I'll have to record my eldest lad's keyboard playing - Michael, who's nearly 17 is just blowing everyone away (including his music teacher at college) with his playing and composing. Mike has a very good ear for music and seems to be following in his dad's footsteps with being a discerning listener.

I'm not exactly suggesting that Mike's stuff is to my taste, but, he's got a good ear for production and ability.

Colin said...

I was more the depressing sod, loving to wallow in my own self pity with the Smiths, ah those were the days. In fact I still listen to them and Moz, his last album was pretty good.

The Indie Launchpad is probably the closest I'll ever come to music. I've often been told I have a great voice and always fancied being in a band, but never had the confidence to do anything about it.

A mention is always good :-) Feel free to use whatever you want from the site. I'd been hoping to get the Indie Launchpad podcast launched before Christmas, but it's now looking like it's going to be the new year. Too much to do and way to little time.