Monday, December 05, 2005

Wow... ITV National News at 10.30pm!

Ricky Gervais has done a series of podcasts, and national ITV Evening News, have, in their infinite wisdom decided to run a feature. They want to show a Hollywood star in his glitz and glamour.. and a very ordinary commoner podcasting - i.e.!

Hopefully the article will run on the national news at 10.30pm tonight - I'm pretty sure that I will be relegated to the cutting room floor, or, at best there maybe a micro second and possible sound byte.

Anyway, in the very unlikely event you've come here through ITV, welcome! How lovely to see you.

This is my weblog, you can scroll down and see what's been on my mind, you can also hear the podcasts on the right hand side--------------------------------------> and enter the amazing world of podcasting. If you fancy listening to some current affairs, select podcast 88 from the list and listen to my broadcasts from Swaziland at an AIDS orphanage. If you love great independent music, listen to virtually any of the other podcasts from the list.

There is a world outside the medicrity of commercial radio - real people playing real bands that real people want to hear - not some suited executive pushing some awful plstic boy-band. Have a look at Hollow Horse, a superb band from Glasgow that blow your socks off - such an amazing sound - and they're unsigned!

If you like what you hear, or, you can't access the blinking thing, try pressing the I-Tunes 'subscribe' button - you don't pay a penny, there isn't a 'sub' - it's all completely free. You can then simply bring Itunes up, press the 'podcast' button on Itunes and you'll hopefully find me there. Every time I do a new show, it'll crop up automatically in Itunes, if you own an ipod, it will download automatically. There's other software such as Odeo or Juice if you own a non-ipod mp3 player.

If you want to access the show a bit later, and can't be bothered with all the Itunes stuff, simply right click on the link and press "save target as" - you can then access the show a bit later.

Podcasting is a fantastic tool, you can listen to all sorts of stuff - have a look at my recommendations on the right.

Podcasting is a fantastic medium, it's been used successfully in education and business alike. One company; Audacious has run a pilot for internal communications within a major household company. These blokes started out as podcasters.

So, want to be a radio presenter? You can be, right here, right now. You obviously own a computer as you're reading this! Hopefully you own a pc microphone - you can buy one for as little as £20 from any high street shop.

Download 'Audacity', a free piece of Software froom the Web, or use any existing MP3 software and you'll be bounded only by your own idea of content

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I really look forward to hearing your show soon!


Paul Nicholls


Anonymous said...


I saw the article on itv last night, took a double take at the setup and your face, thought id check here and it was u!! prime time tv slot :) welldone


podcastpaul said...

Cheers! The full interview was shown at 6.30pm - there was, as predicted, a very edited down 2 seconds at 10.30.


Paul said...

Fame at last. By the way, Adam played Hollow Horse yesterday on the
DSC. Word is begining to spread.

podcastpaul said...

Hi Paul - HH have been played a few time by Adam now - good eh?!