Saturday, December 03, 2005

podcastpaul podcast 90 December 3rd 2005

To listen to the show you can download the MP3 right here

In this podcast I play music from:

Paul Rose - all around the watchtower (an absolute MUST listen to track)
Paul Rose - Hey Joe - and I talk you through the great live drum solo by Richard Newman
Paul Rose - Con trick

Check out Paul's 11/10 album - "Half Alive" at is web site here

I also play Watchstar from 3 blind mice. This band is VERY different and their take on music is incredibly different and a really great refreshing change. their website can be accessed here Thanks to the Podcast Music Network

I talk about:

- The office party in Manchester

- George Best tribute at Old Trafford

- The fact that there's a worrying trend in podcasters who promote themselves and talking about themselves incessantly. Quite honestly I am not in the least bit interested in anything of self promotion. I am however interested in passion for broadcasting. I HATE this talk of "monetizing" - for goodness sake, it's not even a word!

- Eurythmics - amazing podcast by Dave Stewart. A seriously good and very informative podcast on the early 80's Sweet Dreams stuff (everyone's essetial must have album)

- I remembered the Hollow Horse competition! You can hear the winner here too...

- Andrew Wragg's continuing murder / manslaughter trial - a father driven to take the life of his son. Although this was a 'mercy killing' it's still murder in the eyes of the law. What do you think?

I completely forget to review a track from Adrian - ah well, you can tell I did it all live with no fancy post record - edits. I'll be playing the track in the next podcast or two. You get the real deal here folks!

I also stupidly forgot to tell you about the Bill for debate in the House of pariament at the moment to assist those to die with terminal illness. PLEASE remember to leave comments on the weblog below (just use the comment section below folks - it's dead easy. I particularly welcome your comments on (a) the music and (b) the articles: "monetizing" (how I HATE that word) and the Andrew Wragg (Murder / Manslaughter) case that's currently proceeding.


SWB said...

I could have sworn that you said December 5th in the intro... I don't know what time-warp you are in, but in the states it just turned to Dec, 4th, which makes it being 12/5/2005 in the UK impossible! :-)

podcastpaul said...

oooops! It was December 3rd... he he!

Paul said...

I have just come out of the kitchen to listen to The Blind Mice. Does anyone remember Barclay James Harvest? Thats what they remind me of. Very cool.

Paul said...

Mooting... I remember making the horrible error of trying to win one of my moots. Rather than relying on the correct case law and going down gracefully my mooting partner and I spent a night looking for case law that we could use. We ended up relying on some ase to do with fur trappers in Canada. Perhaps thats why I am now a landscape gardener.

Paul said...

And another thing: George Best. It is quite refreshing to here some common sense about George. Of course, he was a great talent, but as Paul said, he was vastly irresponsible.

3 Blind Mice said...

Once again, thank you for your support, Paul. And to you too, Paul (is everyone around here called Paul?) for coming out of the kitchen to write your comment!

bpende said...

A-frickin'-mazing. That drum solo was beautiful. I appreciate your talking me through that. I've heard lots of drum solos, but now I can identify some of the sounds.

I think you hit a point about your concern with PodCasters talking about themselves. Having spent your time PodCasting from Swazi, I'm not surprised you came back with some new personal insights.

For me, that's what travel and doing positive works is all about. I've encouraged my kids to find opportunties to help out where they can, and we're trying to travel at least once a year, now that the youngest is a little older. Too many people, not just Americans, just sit in their little bubbles, and never even try to experience anything different.

Now, I do find time in my PodCast listening to hear people talk about themselves, but I like to think that a lot of the ones I listen to are doing it tongue in cheek. When I encounter people who are solely devoted to self-promotion, I can only find it so funny for so long, and then it just gets sad... and boring.

podcastpaul said...

Hi Brad - cheers for the comments, listening back a second time I do sound a bit self righteous I'm afraid, so it's nice to see that someone agrees with me.

Listened to a couple of your shows over the last few days too - nice, good easy laid back approach mate, and wild hair too!