Sunday, November 27, 2005

Awww Cheers CDogg - and CC - and Lynn Parsons, Steve Lacey..and ... phew!

Bless - thanks CDogg for playing Hollow Horse on - and what a great show too! Cheers too to CC Chapman, Steve Lacey and Lynn Parsons - thanks all.

So, welcome folks, if you're here through either CDogg, CC, Lynn, Steve Lacey - or whoever!

Love One Another can be downloaded on the right ------------->

You'll see there's a suggested donation of £2 - that goes directly to support the Hawane Farm AIDS Orphanage in Hawane, Swaziland.

Thanks again folks who played the promo - you're ace!


Anonymous said...

Can other podcasters play this song Paul?

podcastpaul said...

A RESOUNDING YES!!! that's the whole idea mate - lets get the podcasters really behind this!