Friday, November 18, 2005

Swaziland Aids Appeal - Swazipod - something for nothing...much

We all want something for nothing, that's just human nature - we certainly don't want nothing for something.

Please navigate to my page; (unless of course you're already here) and purchase the incredible 'Love One Another' from Hollow Horse for just two pounds - the whole sum will go to the amazing Hawane Farm Swaziland Aids Orphanage project - I've christened the project 'Swazipod'. My eternal thanks to Kenny from Hollow Horse for donating the song to the project - what a star!

You can listen to the appeal by downloading the MP3 right here - if you're a podcaster please:

1. download and listen to the appeal - and promote it on your podcast
2. purchase the track and play it - you have permission!
3. Listen to podcast no.88 at, you'll hear more of the work that this appeal supports.

Be sure to visit the Hollow Horse site at - Beggarstown is an amazing album full of real 'podsafe' gems.

More of the appeal: Just 7,500 pounds purchases a building that can house 8 - 10 children that are in dire need - literally a life and death situation. The orphanage saves those children in worst need.

You really, honestly can help, and, in the bargain, you get a cracking mp3.

1000 pounds can cover essential medical supplies for three months for the children in the home, the costs are so minimal it's ludicrous, yet these children benefit tremendously.

PLEASE PLEASE pass this link on to your friends and family. Thanks so much for your support.

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