Tuesday, November 08, 2005

BBC Radio 5 to broadcast the Swazi podcasts.

My heartfelt thanks to Chris Vallance and the Radio 5 Live team for promoting the Swaziland podcasts. I'm ever so touched about the fact that these guys have eked out a spot to promote the news about Swaziland and the wonderful work that is going on there. You chaps really are stars, thank you so very much.

You can hear / download the Radio 5 slot played nationally on "up all night" today at this link here


simontoon said...

Hey Paul, it's a shame that the BBC blew away all the effort you made to scramble the boy's name in podcast 88, but it's really great that they're extending the reach of the wonderful work you've done in Swaziland. Well done mate!

simontoon said...

Sorry, am I getting a bit confused about the boy whose name was disguised? Sorry Paul.

podcastpaul said...

Hi Simon - no confusion - there were two stories - the two are seperate matters, the first didn't need a 'scramble' with the name, the other did.


simontoon said...

It was me that was confused. Sorry Paul.